Airport security restrictions?

Feb 21st, 2007, 05:08 AM
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Airport security restrictions?

I apologize in advance if this topic has been discussed a million times before, but this will be my first international trip since the restrictions on liquids went into place.

I understand that leaving from the states, I can bring an "unlimited" (in my case 4oz) amount of lens solution in my carry-on as long as I declare it to security first for inspection.

Will this same rule apply in the main airports in Paris and Rome? What have your experiences been?

Sure, I could wear my glasses, but 1. They're an old prescription and 2. I really like to be able to put my contacts back in towards the end of the flight.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Feb 21st, 2007, 05:14 AM
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100ml bottles of fluids from European airports
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Feb 21st, 2007, 06:11 AM
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Is it like in the U.S., where if it is saline and more than the allowed, I can still have it checked in seperately through security in order to bring it in my carry on luggage?
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Feb 21st, 2007, 06:14 AM
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But if you are just flying from the uS to Europe, concentrate on the US rules.

If you are flying within Europe, check out the European rules.
Feb 21st, 2007, 06:33 AM
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Just be sure to drink some of it in front of the security staff.
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Feb 21st, 2007, 06:50 AM
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The limit is 100 ml. 3.4 oz in the states ( the 100 ml was institued by GB, US had 3 oz., 3.4 should not get you in trouble. You can check a large bottle in baggage. All small bottles of lotion, contact solution and such must fit in a 1 qt. clear plastic (ziplock best) bag. This must be declared at security. Check the TSA website for exact info.
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Feb 21st, 2007, 07:29 AM
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Hi B,

You might not be aware that they sell contact lens solution in Europe.

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