airline connections

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airline connections

Hi. Can anyone tell me whether Olympic Airways flights from the islands back to Athens tend to run on time? I'm trying to figure you whether I'll have enough time to make a connection back to the States. The Olympic flight is supposed to get in at 10 a.m., and my flight back to the U.S. leaves from the other terminal at noon. In between, I guess I'll have to claim my luggage from Olympic and then re-check in at the other airline. Thanks.
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Hi Tom,

I certainly wouldn't recommend that. I have seen too many people miss their flights that way.

There are several possibilities that might hinder your arrival on time:

1. weather, maybe flight doesn't even take place because of strong winds.

2. not punctual. Greece is not the most organised country ;-)

3. traffic - there is quite a distance between the east and west terminal (it's not the same airport for domestic and international flights!)

So, the way you're thinking, you are most likely to miss your flight. I wouldn't risk it.

If you like, check out my web site for more info on traveling Greece: (go to chapter "AROUND"

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you may be fine. Call Olympic and ask them if they can cross-check your baggage to your other airline. Then call your other airline and ask them the same. If it is a major airline I am sure they will do that. I have often flown two separate airlines back from Europe and they will almost always cross-check baggage, but make sure ahead of time. This will save you time and energy in the airport.
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Olympic is notorious for running later. That is when they fly. I wouldn't chance it.
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To the nice folks who took the time to respond to my question about airline connections, thanks!

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