Air France or Lufthansa?

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Air France or Lufthansa?

I'll travel to Europe next summer, which airline would you consider has better service in coach Air France or Lufthansa?
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Well Lufthansa is a flying joke in Europe and Air France I don't really know about. I do know I have heard glowing reports from travel agents and travelers on Air New Zealand, now flying into Europe. They have a 34" seat pitch, versus 29-31" on most sardine cans, they have seats that most airline use in business class, and the stewardesses are very friendly and the food VERY good. For preposted fares see
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Air New Zealand is a great choice, but I would make sure that I do not have to change planes in Frankfurt. That airport is a mess. Many planes do not have gates, so you have to check in, and then get on a bus to go to your plane....If you time is short, and your transfer to a different terminal, you will never make it. Also, have flown Lufthansa, and didn't gave for the attitude.
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I think I must have been asleep when I wrote that. Please let me make the following corrections.

Line 8 should be "your"
Line 9 should be "you" and forget the last line.....
It should say, I have also flown Lufthansa and didn't care for the attitude.

Excuse me!
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Last summer I bought a ticket to Paris on AirFrance but the flight was actually on Continental (they are working together). It was ok, the food was good and the flight attendants very friendly. I flew Lufthansa also, and I had no problem with it. Food was better on AirFrance.
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Bob Brown
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If you fly Air France, make sure it is really AF and not a Delta Code Share.
I did not know that little fact and booked what I thought was a flight on Air France from Atlanta to CDG in Paris. The flight was actually run by Delta; it was like a cattle car.. Tighest seating I ever suffered in. I have sworn off Delta except in emergency cases. One poor man, about 6'6" could not sit in the seat the pitch was so narrow. I am not sure where he was during takeoff. But he rode most of the way standing up outside of the rest room where he had some space and was not bothering someone all the time. Gruesome is the word.
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Jose, I have flown on Lufthansa a bunch of time to Germany and have not had any trouble to complain about. They have a nice new fleet of planes and I have had good experiences with the flight crews. I don't know what Tricia is basing her info on ? I have no experience with Air France.
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I've flown numerous times between the UK and Germany and had no problems with Lufthansa, although some of the flights I was on were operated by British Midland. I prefer it to Air France - I thought the food on those flights was awful!

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