Access Problems with web site

Feb 28th, 1999, 11:32 AM
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Access Problems with web site

anyone else having problems accessing this web site? It seems to be down alot lately or takes forever to load the messages. What's up Fodors???
Feb 28th, 1999, 04:30 PM
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Yes, I for one have found accessing this site a very SLOW business of late, especially in the evening. It was so good when the new board first went into operation--and I hope Fodor's can get back to that level. Joan
Feb 28th, 1999, 04:57 PM
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Ditto the above. I'm glad others have noticed, I thought I was going to have to spend lots of money to get faster! Now maybe someone else will have to.
Mar 2nd, 1999, 04:06 PM
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Ditto the other replys. If the information here wasn't so good, I would have left this website a long time ago. It is SOOOOO SLOW. Hope they can improve it.
Mar 3rd, 1999, 07:00 AM
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"Web site found. Waiting for reply..." is a constant message on my screen when I try to access information here. Two thoughts: 1) This is NOT the case for any other part of the Fodors sites.
2) Perhaps we should tell Fodors instead of one another!
Mar 3rd, 1999, 10:51 AM
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I CONCUR---and it is more than just slowness. What is this thing with all of the people with hiccups-is that just
lack of expertise or a technical glitch?
Also, I have tried to post responses
several times recently and nothing has
happened. We need to tell Fodors !
Mar 3rd, 1999, 10:57 AM
Bob Brown
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I agree with the above comments, fully.
I made slightly more provocative comments on United States side of the aisle, and got told to cool it.
You might like to take a look over there at what I had to say. I promised myself to cool it, not because I was told to, but because my frustration was growing out of proportion to the importance of the issue.
I think there are four parts to the discussion: (1) The Forums are provide a beneficial service that costs us only time and effort. (2) Most of us are limited on time so when a half hour or more is wasted because a carefully thought-out response never reaches the rest of the world, we get frustrated. (3) Many of us who respond provide a wealth of information to many travellers for free! (4) Fodors has no obligation to provide the Forums.
So, as a logical double question: Does a slow, frustrating forum, even if free, enhance Fodor's image among the travelling public? And, as the flip side of the first question, would not a highly efficient forum enhance Fodor's corporate image?
I wish someone at Fodors would enter the discussion.
Mar 3rd, 1999, 11:06 AM
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Lori and other posters:

I'm sure that Fodor's is aware of the problem. I am uncertain if anything more can be done.

I started visiting this site just about two years ago. At that time, they were experiencing some problems with their server so they have since upgraded to "bigger, beefier" servers. This really helped. Now, the sheer volume during certain periods appears to be inundating the system. Generally, it's nearly impossible to either post or read any messages, especially on the "Europe" forum, particularly around 5:00pm EST.

Since the entire function is free, we have to wonder just how much money Fodors is willing to put into it for further expansion and upgrade.

It seems that we are getting more than what we pay for. I suppose that I can't complain.
Mar 3rd, 1999, 03:40 PM
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I've also had problems posting replies to people's messages. I have found that if I click "Post my reply" at the end of the message, it does not go through, but that if I click it at the beginning of all the messages, it will.

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