7 days in Norway - where to go?

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7 days in Norway - where to go?

Our friendly Norwegian Fodorite, Bjorn, has been helping me with this but I can't decide, so I'm hoping some of you can help. We have 7 days to spend in Norway. Our airline options are to either fly into Bergen and out of Oslo, or in and out of Oslo. We want to see the highlights of the Nutshell tour but aside from that, I don't know. We'd really like to see some of the natural beauty, small charming towns and...? Are Oslo and Bergen worth a few days each or should we skip one/both and spend the time on the coast or around the fjords? I don't really like boats so I'd rather not take the Hurtiguten (sp?) and in order to keep our expenses down we'd rather not rent a car. Any suggestions? Which little towns are good for overnighting and hiking? Thanks! And thanks to Bjorn for all his help so far. He really ought to work for the Norway tourist department or something.
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Hi Paige!

From what I think gathered from other posts you and I seem to have parallel lives (both living in German speaking central Europe, no children?, the last place I lived in the US was Seattle, like hiking, and we both seem to be taking full advantage of seeing Europe while here) and we seem to be going to all the same places.

I'm planning our 2-week trip to Norway for July/August and after a lot of research and recommendations from one of my husband's Norwegian mountaineering friend this is what I've come up with.

Fly into Oslo for 1 night
then fly to Leknes for 1 week in the Lofoten Islands for hiking, bird watching, sea kayaking
2 nights Stamsund
2 nights Reine
2 nights Aa

Fly to Aalesund for 1 week in the Fjords, pick up rental car.
1 night Aalesund
1 night Aandalsnes (Troll Wall/Troll Road)
2 nights Geiranger (hiking, ferry to
2 nights Stryn (hiking/glacier walking in Jostedelbreen National Park)
1 night Aurland (do the Flam railroad and ferry to Gudvangen portion of Nutshell Tour)
1 night Bergen
Fly out of Bergen

As you can imagine we did end up spending quite a bit on Airfare but we wanted to see as much as possible. I'm curious how are the Airfares out of Munich? We fly out of Zurich.
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If you fly into Oslo then out of Bergen it gives you more time to explore Oslo. The city is great because you do not need to rent a car. There are many things to do and see. YOu can also catch a train north to Lillehammer, and other smaller towns around the area. Then you can get on the Norway in a Nutshell tour on your way to Bergen and then spend a few nights in Bergen. THe tour, straight through will take almost a full day (0600-2100). The airport in Bergen is quite a ways out of town. Make sure to take the bus and leave plenty of time to get their on the bus. The bus ride is about 150Kr. And is worth it. have fun.
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Hey Christine! I've seen your posts and thought the same thing. We don't have any kids either. How long will you be living in Europe? Our contracts will be fulfilled in September, so who knows after that. So now we have to go while we can! We haven't bought tickets yet but I was quoted 750dm roundrip nonstop on LH, or 630dm on KLM with a transfer in AMS.
Back to our Norway trip...I've been thinking about it today and have a few possible itineraries. If anyone has an opinion on them, I'd appreciate hearing it. Keep in mind we only have 7 days.

* Fly into Bergen, spend a few days there, do the Nutshell tour and stop overnight along the way, spend the last few days in Oslo and fly home from there.
* Fly into Oslo, spend a few days there, fly to Alesund, spend a few days there and in that area, then fly back to Oslo and home.
* Fly into Bergen, do the Nutshell tour one day while staying in Bergen, take an overnight Hurtigruten (hopefully the seas would be calm!) to Alesund, spend 1 day there and 1 in Andalsnes, take the train (5 1/2 hours) from Andalsnes to Oslo, spend a day there then fly home.
* Fly into Bergen, Nutshell tour, a few days in Oslo, then fly to Trondheim for a day or so, back to Oslo and home.

Too many choices! Any opinions or advice? Thanks!
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Christine, are you renting a car in Alesund? Can you tell me the company, price, etc? Thanks!

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