7 countries in 15 days, is it possible?

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i have learned that many dont want to soak up atmosphere or really experience a place,
they only want to say " I have been to..."
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Innsbruck has been on your itinerary since the beginning - do you have a specific reason for visiting Innsbruck? If not I would agree with the others to drop this and travel on the sleeper train from Salzburg to Venice. The timing for this train is not very good (depart 01.34) but it would give you 2 full days in Venice and if you think this is too long (I don't but that is my opinion) you have the option of taking a day trip to Verona.

Would you also consider taking the sleeper train from Prague to Vienna which would give you a longer in Vienna especially as you want to visit Melk (the Abbey is lovely and worth a visit but only if you have time as there is a lot to see in Vienna).

If you could drop Innsbruck it will give you a lot more time in Rome. I honestly think when you divide Rome into Classical and Ancient you really don't have time there to see anything.

If Innsbruck cannot be dropped I would seriously consider dropping Florence or somewhere else and adding those days to Rome.

I can't comment on travel cards as I have always used point to point tickets but if you go to Man in Seat 61 and check out point to point verses rail pass you should be able to decide which is better for YOU.

www.seat61.com/Railpass.htm#Where do I start

There is an awful lot to see in the major cities you have chosen and I really do think something has to go.

Good luck with your planning
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We decided to buy Eurail Select Saverpass - 3 countries - 5 days as to flex our intinerary as we move on. Though we love to try sleeper train but the price compares to hotel special room rate we are granted as a hotelier, is more than double!

Why we want to visit Innsbruck/Salzburg? I would simply said that we live in a very busy city so we just want to escape ourselves in a complete different environment. I consider my this time traveling as a jouney.... a collection of experiences!

Once again, thanks evryone for your sharing.. and that Life is better when shared

P.S. my journey is between Nov 14-27, another 2 weeks from now!
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Hello Siri,

I have to say Innsbruck struck me as very busy but we didn't have time to go outside of town when I visited. And we were there in mid-September so perhaps November will have fewer travelers and big tour buses.

I loved the sleeper trains although we waited in a lonely train station until midnight somewhere in Germany in order to reach Paris in the morning. It was worth it. I hope you will share your travels when you return.
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One day in Rome? Why bother. To catch the plane? Skip at LEAST Innsbruck. Lots of train time. The scenery will fly by.
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Some of the people replying are so inconsiderate and harsh. My girlfriend and I just got back from a lovely 17 days in Europe. We purchased eurail global passes and flew into Frankfurt. Frankfurt is a drag, so we took a train directly to Rothenburg and were able to spend the entire day there. We took a night train to Nuremburg, checked in at 9 pm and got some rest. We spent our entire next day in Nuremburg exploring, then took the train to Munich. From Munich we stopped in Garmisch to see the castle then moved on to have lunch in Innsbruck. We moved on to bologna and Florence where we took a 35 dollar flight to Rome from Florence. We spent 3 days in Rome with one of them being a tour of Pompeii (we rode a bus with other travelers that met outside of our hotel). We moved on and did Pisa and cinque de terre in a day then took the train to Milan and flew into Paris for 40 usd. We spent 24 hours. This was my only regret. I wish that we would have spent one more day. We moved on to Brussels for a full day, then Amsterdam for a full day. After Amsterdam, we made our way through the Cologne area. We then went through koblenz and took trains to the cochemcastle and the eltz castle before we flew back out of Frankfurt. We love to be on the go. We had a wonderful trip. It is very doable, you just need to rea search train tables thoroughly. Do not let people discourage you from a packed itinerary. I hope you have an awesome time and decide to load your plate full
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You are six years too late. A full trip report would be appreciated.
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How the heLL did you even find this thread to top?????

(Welcome to Fodors )
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Haha I was just browsing about multi city stops. Even before we went, I read tons of discouraging posts. However, I lived in Europe for 5 years, and grew accustomed to short trips by train. So many people discourage these itineraries. I think for some that are easily stressed by travel, that it could be dreadful. Some people like to spend several days in a city. 1 day is usually enough for me with the exception of Paris, Rome, and London. I have stayed extended stays in many of the destinations that we just came back from. I am a thorough planner and know what I want to see, so I plan according to that. This isn't the first time we've done something like this. Our Southeast Asia tour was the same.
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If you order everything on the menu then just taste each thing you might be worse off than having a really good burger. Sure what you propose is possible, just watch the Amazing Race. My question is, will it be any fun? Don't try to conquer the whole continent in one trip. If you are having trouble deciding, ask a friend or throw a dart. All of the cities you mentioned are jewels and a worthwhile destination. Slow Dow and smell the roses.
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