6th Arrondiment - hotels- Paris

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6th Arrondiment - hotels- Paris

Hi Everyone

I have to book a hotel by tomorrow and the 3 that have been offered to me by Eurostar are :
1 Le Jardin de Cluny at 9 rue de Sommerard
2 The Aramis Saint Germain (Best Western) at 124 Rue de Rennes
3 Hotel Trianon Rive Gauche at 1 bis et 3 rue de Vaugirard

Could someone please help me decide as to which one is the better location and also if anyone has been to any of these, what they were like?

Your help and input will be most grateful.

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We stayed at Le Jardin de Cluny in 1992. It was fine -- the 5th is a bit nosiy, but the hotel is on a quiet street. It's a Best Western also. From the websites it looks as though they have renovated the rooms since then.
I have fussy friends who swear by Aramis, but there have also been comments on this board that it is dreary.
Both are good quality three stars.
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Those hotels are probably of equivalent quality. I've only stayed at one, the Jardin de Cluny. Didn't like it at all, my room was pretty terrible although the staff were nice--rooms on their web site look 10 million times better than mine, so if you stay there I will advise do not get an interior room, that was the biggest problem (also I had a single room and they are usually terrible)--I'm not that picky but this was the noisiest hotel I have ever stayed at in Europe from within the hotel, not outside, as the street is quiet. The have an interior courtyard (web site even brags about it) that is very very noisy, the staff of the hotel used it to bang around equipment, dishes, etc until very late at night, also I think some loud-mouth guests were in it talking at a very loud volume until very late (maybe there are chairs in there, they call it a garden). So, book a room on the outside; also interior rooms get practically no ventilation as there is no breeze on the inside. From location standpoint, I'd stay at the Trianon definitely, it's right near Luxembourg Gardens, very near main drag of St-Germain (or bd St-Michel which isn't that attractive around there, but convenient) and several metro stops. I don't like rue de Rennes where Aramis is, it's a big noisy, dirty street IMO, although convenient for transportation options. The Trianon is down a side street off the main blvd of St-Michel so seems more isolated. I didn't like the location of the Cluny that well, it seemed kind of out-of-the-way to me, and there weren't any good restaurants or cafes right near the hotel, it was dark around there at night, and that part of Latin Qtr is hilly so you had to hike to get up to the next street (rue des Ecoles).
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Thank you for your quick response. All very informative and am leaning towards the Hotel Trianon Rive Gauche or the Aramis. Could you please let me know what sort of walking distance would these hotels be in relation to St Sulpice/Saint Germaine Blv/Rue de Buci as by researching this forum, it appears that this is the most popular area to be in.

Your response would be most grateful.
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Jardin de Cluny isn't in the 6th, it's in the 5th so much farther away--it's about 4 blocks to east of St-Germain/St-Michel intersection which is about 6 blocks from rue de Buci, I guess. Place St-Sulpice is about 4 blocks from Odeon stop which is near rue de Buci at bd-St Germain. The Aramis is right near St Placide metro stop, I think, so that's about 5-6 blocks from place St Sulpice, then another 4 blocks or so to Buci/bd St Germain. The Trianon is right where Sorbonne Place faces bd St-Michel which is about 3-4 blocks from the Odeon metro stop at bd St-Germain, rue de Buci is about a block from there. However, the Jardin de Cluny is very near a metro stop on the line which runs through St-Germain, so it is convenient to go throughout the Left Bank. You can get on at the Maubert metro stop (only about 1 block from the Jardin de Cluny) and the Odeon stop is the next stop west, it only takes 5 minutes probably (once you're on the train); it goes to the Mabillon stop after that which is fairly near place St-Sulpice. The Aramis is near the St-Placide stop which is one stop away from place St-Sulpice and then Odeon near Buci is just two more stops (also there's a stop near Cafe Deux Magots which is convenient). From a metro viewpoint, I think the Aramis is the most convenient, as it is near two lines and that line goes across the river to the ile and elsewhere; the line the Jardin de Cluny is on only goes on Left Bank. The Trianon is nearest the RER line that also goes N/S and across to the iles, but it's only a short walk to the Odeon stop which is versatile.
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Bob Brown
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The Aramis is near the intersection of Rue de Rennes and Boulevard Montparnasse. The Montparnasse Tower is not far south of you. Quite a few bus lines pass along Boulevard Montparnasse and Rue de Rennes. The Montparnasse area is alive at night with many places to go.
My favorite hotel is near there, but technically in the 14th -- just far enough away from the action to be relatively serene.

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