5th or 14 th arrondissement in Paris

Old Nov 9th, 2000, 02:56 PM
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5th or 14 th arrondissement in Paris

It's my first trip in Paris. I found two inexpensive hotel, one on the 5 th and the other on the 14 th arrondissement. Which one is the best location for tourist?
Thanks a lot!
Old Nov 9th, 2000, 03:11 PM
Bob Brown
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I think your choice depends on where in the 14th you found a good, low cost hotel. I stayed at a hotel that was on Boulevard Raspail, but close to two different Metro lines and several bus lines. If you are near either a bus or a Metro line, nothing in Paris is all that far away, except possibly some of the northeast sections, where there is a limited number of tourist attractions.
(Not counting Disney.)
I cannot argue that the 5th is closer to the river and perhaps closer "to the action." But I found the 14th along Raspail to be interesting, while Boulvevard Montparnasse was a short walk away. It bustles seemingly all the time.
I am curious, which hotel in the 14th did you identify??
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It depends on the exact adress, the 14th is quite large.... But I would said that you have 90% chance to be in a more charming area in the 5th (concerning convenience, I don't think it'll make a important difference).
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Bob Brown
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OOPPS. I meant to say
I cannot deny that the 5th is closer to the river and perhaps closer to "the action."
I am not sure I would want a hotel in the 5th, but it is sure a lively place to visit!!
Paris is one city that can be just about all things to all people. Not quite; but close.
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Response to Bob!
I found on the 14 th arrondissement: The Fiat Jean Monnet on 30 Cabanis .
On the 5 th, it's the Familia Hotel, 11 rue de l'école.
Do you know these hotels? Is the Fiat Jean Monnet also good for adults(40)?
Thanks !
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I stayed in the 14th on my first trip to Paris and compared to subsequent locations I have stayed in, I found the 14th to be, relatively speaking,
less convenient, more time consuming in traveling, certainly much less convenient in terms of being able to walk to most of the places I wanted to visit.
The Familia hotel has been very often praised on this forum, I don't think I've ever read a negative comment.
You can Search here on this forum for past comments, and also check both hotels at www.paris.org for comments from past guests.
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I don't know these hotels. But rue Cabanis, you'll be quite away from the downtown. The area is not awful at all, but it's not really touristic, either (you'll find 3 hospitals and a prison within 500 meters of your hotel, and you'll be just in front of the main parisian psychiatric hospital). If the second hotel is rue DES ecoleS, as I suppose, you'll be on a busy avenue, but
in the center of the latin quarter, and very close to the Seine, Notre-Dame, the Cluny museum, the Luxembourg gardens, etc...Without other informations, I would choose immediatly this one.
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Bob Brown
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Louis: I don't know either of those hotels you mention. My concern about the Fiat Jean Monnet would be whether or not any of the desk staff spoke English! If you speak a little French,then there should be no problem for you. I don't speak French, so I must seek hotels where someone on the front desk can help me.
The closest Metro stop to hotel in the 14th probably is Glaciere. The line you can take there leads directly to the big interchange station at Montparnasse-Bienvenue where several Metro lines intersect. I don't know the buses routes in that area. It is quite far away from where I stayed on Boulevard Raspail.
I think you would be more in the center of the action if you were in the 5th.
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Dear Louis,

Without question, stay at the Familia in the 5th. It's definitely the best location for a first-time tourist. You'll have a wonderful time, I'm sure.
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Louis, I gave you specific details and info on the FIAP in the 14th arr. in another post that you had on this topic yesterday. I told you it was not a hotel; it is a student residence, similar but better than a hostel and mainly for longterm temp. residents, such as people taking French classes at private lang. schools, although I guess you can book there for only a few days if you wish. They have lots of international residents so definitely speak English. If you are just there for a few days as a tourist, a budget hotel closer in would be better, such as the Familia. However, if you have a lower budget than even a 2-star hotel allows for, the FIAP Jean Monet would be superior to most of the hostels in Paris and a good bargain as doubles are only about 300F for a private room (even less in a group room); also, for long-term stayers, it is more convenient than a hotel as it as onsite services such as laundry facilities, tourist office, cafeteria, etc, and you would meet lots of other people there. But, for a short touristic visit, go with the Familia for convenience.
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TO: Bob Brown. Do you have any info on a Best Western hotel called
Hotel di Colise. Looks to be on Rue di Colisee about one block off of the Champs de Elesyees and about 2 blocks from the Arc .
("Pardon my French")

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