3 Weeks in Germany

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Brian Beutel
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3 Weeks in Germany

I am going on a vacation to Germany at the end of July, I just want to know how much money I should bring (to be converted to DM) some promising sites to visit in the Nuremberg area. If anyone can give me any information possible on Germany's sites and people and currency, please post it for me or e-mail it to me. Thank you, I appreciate all help.
-Brian Beutel (An anxious traveler)
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Hi, We too are leaving at end of July to go to 5 countries including Germany. Saw a travel agent today who showed us pictures of an awesom castle to visit and books to look at. As soon as I sort through them I'll give you more info if you would like to know where the castles are located. She also said Munich is a must and that Germany is gorgeous and she didn't want to come home!
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Glenn Snider
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Brian, In order to answer your question, you need to
know how are you traveling ? Train or Car, How much
traveling around do you want to do while you are in Germany ? What is your travel style ? Small Inns,
International hotels or luxury hotels. These all make a big differnece in what you will see and how much money it will cost you. I can say that the people are very nice, english is spoken in most places, you may encounter a lack of english in smaller towns in the country. I would recommend that you always try to speak in German no matter how little you speak. It will go a long way when you try in German instead of expecting the residents to speak english. I feel that Speaking a foreign language is part of the joy of traveling in another culture. I would recommend that you bring credit cards with you in addition to travelers checks. I brought extra travelers checks with me, you can always cash them in when you get back (hopefully they will be at no cost to get for you). Get in contact with the German tourist office and get info on the areas you might be traveling in, they have lots of good info.
Places that are worth a visit, Munich, the black forest and the Rhine Valley. All are different
and great places to go. You should read some travel books to get ideas on what you should see. I recommend Rick Steves book on Austria and Germany. I agree with his travle style. Again you need to look through a few books and decide what fits your
style. Good luck traveling in August, thats when most of Europe goes on vacation ! Let me know if you need any more info

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We too will be in Germany late July early August. I bought a map at the book store and after reading everything on this website and in a Frommer's guide and planned an itinary to see Berlin as my daughter is 17 and having studied about it in school its a must for her- then we'll drive to Dresden, and Munich. We'll stay in Munich for 2 nites and have got to taste the beer. Another must is to drive the route through the Black Forest and find a B&B there to stay. Frommer's has an excellent guide on the spas's first used by the Roman's in that area. A dip in a hot spring and a massage will probably feel great about then. This website also has an excellent currency converter. Find out if your ATM card will be good in Europe and I've read that the ATM's will convert currency at the wholesale rate which is cheaper than going inside the bank. We'll use ATM cards, credit cards and a little cash to get around. Keep reading. This webside is amazing. Print out Fodor's guide on Germany, more information on currency too! Good Luch!
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I was in Germany last summer and there is one must see in the Munich area: Dacchau! The town of Dacchau is an ironic setting for a concentration camp. The picturesque little town offsets the gloom of the camp. It was Germany's first camp and the Germans have done a marvelous job of turning it into a memorial of the victims of the Holocaust. While it is an emotional visit, it is one that I feel can't be missed in Germany. Also, be sure to speak German as often as possible...even if you have to mix it with English. A few words here and there will help a great deal! Bon Voyage!

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