3 months in Europe


Sep 12th, 2012, 11:50 PM
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3 months in Europe

Hi i'm planning a trip to Europe and was wondering whether my current itinerary is any good.

Nov 21st Arrive in London at 1pm
Nov 21st- 26th London
Nov 27th Train to Paris
Nov 27th- Dec 2nd Paris
Nov 29th Day Trip: Versailles
Dec 3rd Fly to Madrid
Dec 3rd-6th Madrid
Dec 7th Morning train to Barcelona
Dec 7th-11th Barcelona
Dec 12th Flight to Rome
Dec 12th-15th Rome
Dec 16th Train to Florence
Dec 16th-18th Florence
Dec 19th Train to Venice
Dec 19th-20th Venice
Dec 21st Train to Munich
Dec 21st- 23rd Munich
Dec 24th Train to Vienna or Salzburg
Dec 24th-26th Vienna or Salzburg
Dec 27th Train to Prague
Dec 27th-31st Prague
Jan 1st Train to Berlin
Jan 1st – 5th Berlin
Jan 5th Over Night train to Amsterdam
Jan 6th-9th Amsterdam
Jan 10th Flight to Edinburgh
Jan 10th – 13th Edinburgh
Jan 14th Day Trip: Glasgow/Stirling
Jan 15th-18th Inverness/Scottish Highlands/Loch Ness
Jan 19th Train to Edinburgh
Jan 20th Flight to Dublin
Jan 20th – 24th Dublin
Jan 24th Train to Galway
Jan 24th – 26th Galway
Jan 25th Day Trip: Cliffs of Moher
Jan 27th Train to Killarney
Jan 28th Day Trip: Ring of Kerry
Jan 27th-29th Killarney
Jan 30th Train to Dublin
Jan 31st Flight to London
Feb 2nd Train to York
Feb 2nd-5th York
Feb 6th Train to London
February 8th, 2013 Fly Home at 9:15 a
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Sep 13th, 2012, 12:23 AM
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Not sure what might or might not be any good...It really depends on what you want to do/see on each location and on your traveling style. On first glance I think that yes, it is doable. It is fast paced too.
I guess you have decide those areas are your must sees, but personally I think you miss out a lot by not taking the time to explore outside the cities a bit. And I mean the non-touristy areas or not just a quick day tour.Killarney area is fantastic for example but you have only one full day there excluding the Ring of Kerry day and arrival/departure days. I find parts of the trip too fast paced too, such as the Ireland portion. Galway to Killarney is a long way and you seem to criss-cross the country from/to Dublin missing great parts. Personally I could pleasantly spend one week on major destinations such as London,Paris, Rome and at least 5 full days in Dublin, but as I said, you do not mention your motivation for allocating such and such days here and there.
As a side note, have you ever travel that long? I often take 3-4+ weeks trips and on my experience after 2nd week you really need to plan for some down time and take it easy. I take such trips since my early '20s and I am now 31 years old and quite active, so take it for what it is... I would try to have a chill out/free day planning absolutely nothing every 5-7 days of hectic sight-seen/traveling.
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Sep 13th, 2012, 03:33 AM
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I agree with Mariha about spending one week in major cities. You have 3 months, so why rush? For example, we just spent 7 nights in Paris, including a day trip to Versailles, and we still did not see everything. Many years ago I was in Rome for one week with a very rushed day trip to Florence. Never made it to Venice. Make sure to leave yourself some time just to wander around these beautiful places; don't just run from one attraction/museum/monument to another. Slow down a little bit; otherwise, everything will seem like a blur. I also agree, even if you are young, that you need downtime to rest after sightseeing. Travel is fun but tiring, too
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Sep 13th, 2012, 05:55 AM
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You seem to spend about the same amount of time in cities. Is that based on an idea of what you want to do there or on an effort to evenly allocate your time?

London, Paris and Rome definitely deserve more time than, say, Berlin and Dublin IMHO.

Make sure you are leaving enough time each place to do the things you want to do.
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Sep 13th, 2012, 08:31 AM
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i really don't know why someone would think -- without knowing you -- that Berlin doesn't deserve as much time as London, Paris or Rome. It's a very complex city that is deeply rich in history and contemporary German life, and has more than a week's worth of fabulous museums.

Your current itinerary has you going very far north in some of the coldest and low-light weeks of the year. Can you reverse your itinerary so you see places like Amsterdam and Ireland in November and Italy/Spain in February?
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