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My travel agent has scheduled my return <BR>trip from India through London. I am scheduled to arrive in London from Delhi at <BR>7:35AM on a Friday at Heathrow. I am <BR>scheduled to depart from Gatwick at 10:45AM <BR>the same morning. After reading the boards, <BR>I am worried that I will miss my flight. <BR>Is this a reasonable amount of time to get from Heathrow to Gatwick? Also, my flight <BR>is 10 hrs.from Delhi to London, then 3 hrs. <BR>in London, then 11 hrs. from London to U.S. <BR>(home). After this many hours on a plane, <BR>I may be ready to jump out over the Atlantic. <BR>Should I stay overnight in London for a break? I am a woman traveling alone. Any <BR>advice and recommendations would be greatly <BR>appreciated.
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My advice would be to book your own flight directly through an airline website rather than relying on a travel agent.
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Rosie: as far as getting from Heathrow to Gatewick: assuming your airline checks your luggage all the way from Delhi to the US, you should take the train (!) and you'd be OK. The Heathrow Express to Paddington station trip is very fast. Then you would need to reach Victoria station for the Gatewick train. On the other hand, should you need to collect your luggage and go by bus or taxi, you may be delayed by traffic. <BR>Your idea of staying over in London is the BEST option. Personally, I would do it every time.
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Rosie, <BR> <BR>Traveling from the Middle East to the USA I've done the Heathrow / Gatwick transfer, via express bus, several times. You will need every bit of the 3 hours-- even if the M 25 is at it's best. The express trains are a better but more expensive option. <BR> <BR>If at all possible I would spend an extra day or so in London. Take the Heathrow express to Paddington. There are several good small hotels in the area (London Elizabeth at Lancaster Gate is good value). In a day or two get the Gatwick Express from Victoria to Gatwick. Depending on your airline you may be able to check in at Victoria. <BR> <BR>Enjoy! <BR>
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Rosie-Why in the world did your agent book you at 2 different airports-Heathrow has a lots and lots of flights to chose from.I would recommend stay overnight or change your flight. That could be a busy time -through customs etc. as alot of evening flights from the US arrive early morning.
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Rosie, I would break my flight in London. After a 10 hr flight (and arriving at that early hour), the rush to get from Heathrow to Gatwick to catch ANOTHER long flight will afford you no time to stretch your legs and relax a little. Either stay overnight (there are several hotels in and around Heathrow, or you could go into London) or try to book a flight later in the day. Just the thought of your schedule makes me want to cry.
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We had a flight in to Gatwick and a flight out of Heathrow to AMS with 4 hours to spare, in May. We took the bus (airlink or something) that goes every 15 minutes from Gatwick. However, we had perfect timing--luggage quickly; customs, no problem, and were on the bus within 1/2 hour of our arrival and at Heathrow within 1 1/2 hours of arrival. But , this was on a Saturday AM and there was not the traffic that is seen during the week. I'd stay overnight, or book another flight. You would not want to be sitting on the bus in M25 traffic, when your plane is departing.
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Stay a few days in London, see the sites, then continue on your way! I wouldn't chance missing my plane or missing the chance to see a bit of London if I'm already there!
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This is why I'd never book through a travel agent. Talk about a killer trip. Your schedule will only work IF (big IF) everything happens on time - one delay and you are out of luck. <BR> <BR>You would be better off laying over l day in London - while it may cost a few dollars it's the only sane thing to do I think. There is a bus that goes between the two airports but if traffic is bad you can be out of luck. Why didn't the agent book you in/out of the same airport -- is it too late to change this? If you have an 11 hr flight to the US I can only assume you are coming to the west coast - you can certainly fly from Heathrow to most places on the west coast (Phoenix is from Gatwick tho). Do yourself a favor and stay over one day - I'd take the bus from Heathrow to Gatwick and get a hotel down there so you are close by for your return flight tho.
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If it were me, I would sit down and sleep for an hour and not take a chance. For xxx, I am not sure if you are the same xxx who is quick to respond and offer sharp comments to everyone---without thinking. Did you ever think that Rosie used her travel agent through work and it is a requirement. Or wants the best price so an she doesn't want to try to go through every overseas airline web site?? Your comment offered no value, except to make you feel better about yourself.

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