20 Days in Greece


Feb 24th, 2016, 12:47 AM
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20 Days in Greece

Where do I even start? What can I see? Where should I go?

I want to set aside roughly 20 days to travel Greece. I will be flying into the country, but I would prefer to travel around the country by train and/or bus. Is that possible?

My guess is that I should fly into and out of Athens. Correct?

What route do you advise is the best to go around the country and back to Athens smoothly?

To give you an idea of what I enjoy doing, so that we're both on the same page. I like...

- BIG excursions (zip lining, jet skiing, cliff jumping, atv'ing, wildlife encounters, hiking to spectacular views, etc.)
-Night life! - In my 20's and would love to go to a celebration, foam party, music festival of some sorts.
- History! I really enjoy Greek Mythology. So visiting architecturally beautiful temples, churches, buildings, etc.
-And beaches of course!

I am so lost with planning this trip, and I have no idea how to start. It would be wonderful to get your feedback and advice. Thank you in advance, I appreciate it very much. <3

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Feb 24th, 2016, 01:51 AM
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I would start with a good guide book or two - maybe check out your local bookstore and see what jumps out at you.

When we were in Corinth they were bungee jumping over the famous canal - you may want to check that out:

Before you book flights, map out your itinerary because it may make more sense (and save you time/money) to fly open-jaw into one city and out of a another.
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Feb 24th, 2016, 02:58 AM
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My guess is that I should fly into and out of Athens. Correct?

In your profile you list your current location as "YVR" - Vancouver? Unless you are arriving in Greece from another European airport, your only real option is Athens.

As jamkins wrote, you need to start out with a good guidebook or two before asking detailed questions on travel forums. Among other internet sites, a good source of general info is, but don't pay too much attention to the businesses the author plugs.

You have 20 days for Greece, which is more than most travellers have, but you don't say what month of the year you will be there (that makes a big difference). In general I would say aim for a mixture of mainland and islands. You will probably end up travelling the mainland by bus and the islands by ferries. Some islands have airports with flights from/to Athens.
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Feb 24th, 2016, 04:08 AM
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If you are going to use this site for free, it could help if you go to Fodor's Destinations section to read the sponsor's suggestions.
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Feb 24th, 2016, 08:57 AM
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Stefanie I agree with jamikins ... a guidebook is the way to start. Vancouver has an excellent library; why not start there? Take everything that's on the shelf, and if 1 or 2 speaks to you most, look for used copies on Amazon. NOTE: OK to look at editions a couple of years old, because u are not using them for hotel/meal prices - u want the overview and highlights & major sites dont change.

Why books rather than straight to online as your generation does? Simple: the books are a FILTER they strain out some of the hype & commercial promotion. Just using online is like trying to get drink from a firehose -- you get drowned in data but end up still thirsty. Comments on some guides:

• LET'S GO GREECE - aimed at 20s age; good bargains, partying advice.
• GREEK ISLAND HOPPING= ditto (disc. in 2013 but library prob still has) This gives u good visual idea of whats feasible using mainly ferries
• EYEWITNESS The GREEK ISLANDS (+Athens) - The BEST visual overview of each islands highlights
• ROUGH GUIDE to GREECE - most thorough over-all: buy used copy, & Pull out & take only the sections of areas you decide to visit (Cyclades etc)
• FODORS, FROMMERS - Good commentary but more upscale, older folk.
• LONELY PLANET - Not what it used to be alas.

This ferry map shows major ferry routes (somewhat outdated - omits a great ferry Santorini to/from Rhodes) but it will keep you from newbie mistakes like wishful thinking about connecting 2 islands separated by 500 miles of water.

As for your "likes" - West crete is great for hiking, ATV safaris - the other stuff (jet ski, zipline) more for resort area$ - Festivals? Most frequent in July-August -- some are regular feasts, festivals around each ares's saints day, some are totally under-30 party events (here's an example) but that's also the time of most crowds/expense.

PLEASE do check some reliable guidebooks that are truth-tellers (i.e., will tell you when an island has bad/mediocre beaches instead of the sandy ones you dream of). Then as the above experts advise, rough out a fairly realistic itinerary (at least 3-4 nights per isle, and count on most of a day to switch isles). Then come back to us with your tentative travel dates, the budget range you have for lodgings (in Euros; use online currency calculator). That way, we won't feel we have to do a "Greece 101" course, and can concentrate on our Best tips for the destinations you want most. We want you to have an unforgettable trip -- Happy Planning to you!
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