100 Great things to do in Paris

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100 Great things to do in Paris

Wow, I was plesantly surprised when I received my "Gourmet" magazine in the mail today. The March collector's edition issue features Paris!! Its has great info, photos, and wonderfull recipes. This issue will definitely find a home along side my other Paris guides. Its a Keeper!!
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Thanks Desiree, when I go to the store this afternoon I will look for it.
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thanks desiree i am also off to buy a new gourmet and i will be bringing it to paris with me in april
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Geeeeee... I thought this would be *our* list of the 100 great things we have done. Before I go out to nab *my* copy of Gourmet Magazine I'll toss out a few.

1. Sit in a cafe with a glass of wine, some bread and pate and watch Paris go by. Rain or shine it's fascinating.

2. Walk along the Seine on the Left Bank from Pont Alexander to Ile St. Louis.

3. Take the 3 hr Canal St. Martin cruise that goes from near Musee D'Orsay to Parc de la Villette.

4. Attend a ballet performacne at Paris Opera Palais Garnier and stare at the Chagall ceiling. Also at the ballet too

5. Visit the Arab Institute [not the correct full name] and see the building and what exhibit is on. Maybe the small craft fair will be there too!

Who's up for numbers 5-10 here?? Only 95 to go
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No. 1 is my personal favorite minus the pate, but I have a few to add.

6. Stroll the Champs Elysees for hours and just people watch and go in and out of shops, cafes, etc.

7. Sit in the Tuilleries with your feet up and a good book or magazine or just watch the people.

8. Spend hours and hours in the Louvre just relishing in all that wonderful art!

9. Take the boat ride down the Seine on a warm evening.

10. Have a wonderful expensive meal at a great French restaurant and just enjoy it for hours and hours and hours.

11. Take the trip to Versaille when the fountains and music are on and just imagine what Heaven is like!! That is it!

12. Spend a Spring or Summer afternoon in Giverny and see why Monet painted some of the most gorgeous paintings around! It is a most breathtaking display of flowers ever!

13. Take pictures and more pictures and bring plenty of film, because there is never a time when you won't want to snap something! Paris is magnifique!

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14. Take a Saturday morning jog in the Luxembourg Gardens.

15. Stroll around the Carre Rive Gauche, window shopping for antiques.

16. Spend the day in Chartres and wander the streets of the town (a mini Venice of sorts) after touring the cathedral.

17. Spend a cloudy afternoon in the Musee D'Orsay or the Musee Marmottan.

18. Sit in the park behind Notre Dame while lunching on a fresh baguette sandwich, an eclair chocolat and an Orangina.
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19. Take a seat in a chair at Jardin du Luxembourg and watch the children push the sailboats around the pond
20. Enjoy the world's most 'artful' packaging and display of anything (designer clothes, pretty pastries, fancy cheese...)
21. Picnic in Parc Monceau and watch the joggers (Parisians or tourists?), the kids out of school, beautiful flowers
22. Go into the garden at Musee Rodin and "line up" the Thinker, Napoleon's gold dome and the Tour Eiffel
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23. Sit at the counter and have lunch with the neighborhood workers and shoppers in the food halls at Galleries Lafayette.

24. Buy French Sea Salt at the Bon Marche department stores food halls.

25. Buy one of those little Eiffel Tower replicas to always remind you of Paris.

27. Learn one good sentence in French you can always use. I like, "Je voudrais une verre de vin rouge.", translated, "I'd like a glass of red wine. It breaks the ice!

28. To see Paris from a different level, take a ride on one of those ferry boats on the Seine from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower.

29. Try an eclair in every shop that sells one.

30. Buy some sweet smelly French soap to use in your hotel room.

31. Buy some french toothpaste. It seems silly, but its fun.

32. Rent a car, drive to somewhere outside Paris.
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Stroll Pere Lachaise Cemetery, map in hand, on a sunny Fall day when the leaves are turning.
Visit the Cluny Museum & drink in the richness of the tapestries, preferably when there's hardly anyone around.
Go to the Rue Mouffetard Market when it's in full swing.
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Ooops! Should have numbered them - that's #s 33, 34, & 35.
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A visit to sacre cur is a must. (I probably just mispelled that....). Then sit in the little plaza with all of the artists and have a nice lunch and glass of wine. Visit the underground tombs near Notre Dame.
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39. Visit St. Chappelle on a sunny day.
40. Return to St. Chapelle on a cloudy day and absorb the difference.
41. Buy a crepe in rue Cler (this is a MUST).
42. Visit the tippy-top of the Samaritaine department store. Enjoy the 360° view.
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43: Take the Metro to Abbesses (rain (take an Umbrella) or shine (sun-glasses)) and walk upwards to the Sacre-Coeur (follow the Fodor's Exploring Paris Walk)
44: Have a wine/beer and a crepe (don't be rude!) in the Maison Rose 45: Resist buying truly awful paintings in, what is incorrectly called, the "Artist's Square" , but enjoy nonetheless
46. Explore the little church between the Maison Rose & the Sacre Cour
47. Enjoy the view from the top - all of Paris is before you
48. Walk to the bottem of the steps and enjoy a good meal in one of the great local ethnic restaurants
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to the top
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49. Go to Place des Vosges (Marais) and have a glass of wine there.
50. Have a cup of tea or brunch at Mariage Frères (THE tea salon), Rue du Bourg-Tibourg (4th arr.).
51. Buy a macaron at Ladurée (Rue Royale, Champs-Elysées or at Printemps Dept. Store)
52. Stroll around Rue du Cherchi-Midi (6th arr.) and around Place St-Sulpice (6th arr.) and just watch the nice little shops, art galleries and bistrots.
53. Go to street market Rue de Buci (6th arr./also open Sunday mornings) and buy some strawberries or cherries.
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Desiree: GREAT THREAD!!!

54. Walk Paris at night - magical. Ride the large ferris wheel.
55. Go the Degas pastel room at the Musee d'Orsay and see the bronze sculptures as well.
56. Try different cheeses for lunch from a frommage shop and buy breads from the boulangerie to accompany them along with wine from the vin shop. Then take it all and sit in the gardens at Invalides to eat.
57. Go through the Hermes shop to see the lovely selections of scarves. You don't have to buy one, just touch one.
58. Ask for free samples at the cosmetics counters - many times they're things we can't get in the US.
59. Be in Notre Dame at Christmas Eve - even if you're outside - the music and the bells are wonderful!
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60. Go to Saint Chappelle in the evening for a classical music concert
61. buy a bread in a small boulangerie and eat it before you get to your hotel
62. when in Tuleries give your partner a passionate kiss regardless what age you are
63. on Wednesday afternoon when children are off from school go to Champs de Mars and watch them playing
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The "biggies" may be covered already, but we're not done *yet*...

64. Go grocery shopping! Not only is it nice to have fruit and cheese at the hotel, but it's a little taste of what your life might be like if you *lived* in Paris... sigh...

65. Walk along the Champs-Elysées. Look for the metal street-corner posts that have been pushed over (do those things have a name?), and set them back up as your little contribution to keeping Paris beautiful.

66. Hang out at La Defense during lunch hour on a weekday. Sit on the steps at the Grande Arche, getting some fresh air or having lunch, along with all the office workers who are doing the same.

67. Get pictures at a photo booth in the Metro, preferably with your friend/family member/sweetheart.

- Quicksilver -

(P.S. Did #37 and #38 go AWOL?)
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68. Do but a painting near Sacre Couer. You'll treasure it forever.

69. Take a day trip to Reims to see and taste the world's truly great champagne.

70. Walk, walk, walk. Try that small side street for true serendipity

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71. Go to a neighborhood brocantes/flea market at Place St. Sulpice or Rue Mouffetard and buy as many things as you can carry.
72. Some Sunday, hang out with the accordian player at the base of the Rue Mouffetard market, and join in the singing and dancing.
73. Spend an afternoon at the Musee Carnavalet, dreaming of being an aristocrat in the France of Louis XV and living in one of the exquisite rooms.
74. Don't be a snob about the Beaubourg, take the exterior elevator to the top floor and marvel at the permanent collection, especially the Matisses, and at the extraordinary views of Paris.
75. Take a ride on the Vedettes Pont Neuf at night--magnificent and very different from a daylight experience.

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