Tipping Transfer People?

Old May 2nd, 2002, 08:51 PM
Booji's Mom
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Tipping Transfer People?

Are you supposed to tip the transfer people? My husband and I will be transported from the airport to our hotel and the next day, taken from the hotel to the ship by the same transfer company (and so possibly the same driver) at the beginning of our trip and the reverse at the end of our cruise. Are we expected to tip? If so, how much? What currency is best appreciated? We will be in Greece and Turkey. I know the Turkish economy is not strong so I'm betting American bills will be looked upon favorably but what about Greece now that they've gone to the Euro? I will also post that part of the question on the European forum
Old May 2nd, 2002, 11:33 PM
Paul Therault
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A general rule of thumb in most countries is to tip if that person is handling your luggage. Occasionally if your driver gives you a mini-history of his city and country and shows you points of interest on your way to your destination.

I believe most would rather have local currency since if you give them American they have to pay a fee to exchange it. The natives in some third-world countries would rather have American since their currency is worth practically nothing.

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Booji's Mom, I worked with a woman from Greece a year ago, she always sent american dollars back to her relatives. She said they have more value then if she'd exchange them to greek currency.

Also when she visited she'd pay with USA currency getting rates below exchange. But I guess you have to speak fluent Greek for this.
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One thing you will learn is that eveyone has their hand out. Tip what you think is appropriate
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It is always good manners to tip service personnel who help you in some manner. If the baggage guy throws your stuff ten feet into the trunk, then perhaps use your own judgement, but that would be the only reason not to tip. I've always been horror stricken when people take a guided tour and don't tip the driver or tour guide. Give it up, these people work very hard to help make our vacations nice. Only truly bad service (not something beyond his/her control) justifies not tipping. In my opinion, but then I was raised by a lovely woman who made me afraid to wear white shoes anytime before Derby Day.
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If I PAY for guided tours then I always tip the driver...I saw a cute sticker in the last bus I was in - "TIPPING IS NOT A CITY IN CHINA".

It got the point across, however, when my transfers are included in the price, of the cruise, and it's a 10 minute drive to the airport, which I basically had to carry my own luggage to the bus, then I have a problem with the guy automatically taking it upon himself to give me 'his' version of a 10 minute information session - en route to the airport, and expecting a tip.
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Paul Therault
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Certainly. Don't throw your money away. Tips should be earned.

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