Renaissance cruises: lack of info


Mar 14th, 1999, 05:25 PM
Jill LeMay
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Renaissance cruises: lack of info

I am finding it somewhat intimidating that there is so little info on Renaissance cruises. It seems like their relationship with travel agents (or lack thereof..) must hurt them. But I still find myself fascinated with their itineraries, minimal structure, open structure and relaxed dress code. Is there ANYONE out there that has been on one of the new ships - we are especially interested in the Tahiti-Moorea etc. trip? Is it unusual to pre-pay for the entire cruise?

I have visited other cruise sites and read what ever limited reviews I can find but, have found very little on Renaissance in general and nothing on the particular cruise we are interested in.

Thanks for any info - Jill.
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Mar 16th, 1999, 01:38 PM
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Did you try for
info? I haven't been on this line but
I also have been looking into cruises
that travel the south pacific and was
more impressed with Radisson. Try for info on most cruise
lines or if you would like
to check out Radisson. I have also
noticed that select cruise lines do ask
for prepayment. Hope this helps.
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Mar 17th, 1999, 10:49 PM
Paul Therault
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Hi Jill,
Thinking of cruising Renaissance. Good Luck.

I am a travel agent. Naturally I can not give you a positive insight.

I hope you realize, cruise lines only require a deposit that is fully refundable if you would like to cancel for any reason. Why prepay? Why have the line use your money.

They state "save money by booking direct." No way. Most travel agents discount by reducing their commissions. We also receive coupons for bonus commissions for many sailings that we can pass on to you.

You mention great itineraries. There are also many places to visit offered by 20 or so other cruise lines that are backed by Cruise Lines International Association. I'll bet you will find an itinerary similar. Check out their website.

I am now looking at a fax from Holland America: 12 day European Cruises, Maasdam & Rotterdam. Six dates offered. $1,999, port taxes included WITH FREE AIR. This price is before a travel agent commission reduction. How can you go wrong? Best cruise line, best prices, backed up by a travel agent if you have a problem. You can't loose.

See what I mean. Don't listen to Renaissance, you may find out things look too good to be true.

Hate to give you all this bad news, but for peace of mind, go with the lines that work with you and us.

Try Radisson and Princess for your particular itinerary. You may pay a bit more money but you will have a cruise line that helps with your problems. That is, if you experience any.

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Mar 18th, 1999, 08:57 PM
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I to like you questioned R cruises. I am going on my first one 4/17 Med. Riviera. The payment in full policy is strange but it affords you a very upscale cruise line reasonably. My friends who rave cruised with R was the greek Islands with istanbul. We were attracted because of the casual dress. They cruised with 436 people which was a pleasure they said compared to the 2000 some odd people aboard royal caribe.They loved the fact that the ship was not like a city less walking. They thought flight was marvelous as they flew on one of their exclusive flights(not all cruises offer this) seating at tables for meals and every other row was removed for very comfortable seating.
The ship was very laid back which we enjoy. The cruise we are taking in april is only 150 people and each room is a suite approx. 250sq. feet which is big compared to a standard room of maybe 150-175. My friends also said the food is very fine We have been talking with friends about the inaugeral Tahiti cruise which I guess is the one you are referring to. Have no fears about R. linesfrom all the feedback I have gotten from people who have travelled. Book with R direct to save lots off of brochure rates. If you have not contacted anyone at R yet ask for Earl he is very nice to deal with. Do not listen to travel agents they are not making commission on R lines. Have fun.
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Mar 29th, 1999, 07:41 PM
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I have booked the R-1 to Greece and Turkey this May. I've read dozens of wonderful reviews -- most are on AOL. There are also 6 or 7 on My service with the Renaissance agent has been wonderful and they have been very accommodating in making changes. Most travel agents badmouth them but I have never had a travel agent successfully intervene when a trip was ruined or messed up anyway.
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Apr 5th, 1999, 07:39 AM
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I understand your concerns. I couldn't find enough info from past guests. I hope this helps. My family just took the Athens-Istanbul cruise on R1 March 19. This is our 5th cruise and our 1st with Renaissance. I was very impressed, especialy with the service! We had concerns with the initial bookings direct with the head quarters, but all that was made up by the shipboard staff. They are so organized, everything was taken care of including, hotel transfers tours, shore excursions, immigration, disembarkation..everything was so smooth. We also felt very safe, being in the Middle East when they had security alerts. I highly reccommend this cruise especially if you want to visit the Holyland. Feel free to email me if you have additional questions. I spoke to alot of passnegers on board (especially about their booking concerns), and they were also very satisfied. The ship was beautiful and I am planning taking several more cruises with this line.
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Apr 6th, 1999, 05:26 PM
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We have just returned from the R2 coastal Spain and west. Med cruise - our first Renaissance trip - we LOVED it. The ship is wonderful and the service great. It is easy and relaxed and the cabins are lovely. We are looking forward to doing the South Pacific when the R3 comes on line this fall. We met many people that were veterans of other Renaissance cruises and keep coming back. No more of those huge ships for us - we are much more interested in destinations than Las Vegas-type shows or gambling casinos. If you feel the same way you will love it, if the ship is the "destination" for you, you will be disappointed there is not enough going on. All cruise companies require payment 60days ahead - you can do that with Ren. as well, so generally you pay $500 more to do that - your choice.
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Apr 10th, 1999, 07:30 PM
Jean Kripitz
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We Cruised the Mediterranean on Ren.v111 last May & we were very, very pleased with EVerything!!!We are booked on R1 May 29 Athens to Istanbul.We hope things have settled down over there.
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Apr 17th, 1999, 02:34 AM
Kalos Orisate
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I'm also looking for impartial information on Renaissance R-class ships. On some forums, travel agents are so hostile they lunge to the length of their chains at the very mention of the Renaissance name.

I'm told by Travel Agents that Renaissance holds passports for ransom if there is a problem with on-board payment; that Renaissance prices are lies or gross exaggerations; and that Renaissance cheated travel agents out of part of thier commissions, and that Renaissance will confiscate ticket money at the slightest opportunity.

What's the truth here ?
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Apr 17th, 1999, 05:13 PM
eric r.
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Kalos, I can give you some input on Renaissance. First, the prices are exact, unless you book at an online auction, then it's even cheaper. I was told to expect my cruise documents in 10 days, and it only took 5. I've been in contact with them several times and my questions have always been answered quickly. As for the trip, I'm going to Tahiti in Nov. For more on Renaissance, check out for a review by Arthur Frommer.
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Apr 20th, 1999, 12:10 PM
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Hi Jill - I also searched for months for info about Renaissance - when I found it, it was mostly very good to excellent! I know TA's don't have a high opinion of them, but I must admit that I've been very pleased with what I've found. Check out for an objective review. My husband and I plan to do Coastal Spain in June 2000! I've been in contact with them via phone and E-Mail and have been extremely pleased with their quick and complete response to my questions - and they were many! You can E-mail is you want. I'd be happy to share my communication experiences with you. Good Luck, but I just feel that you would enjoy!
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