Majesty of the Seas

Oct 15th, 1998, 07:04 AM
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Majesty of the Seas

We will be going on the Majesty of the Seas in December. We were wondering what some good choices are for shore excursions. In Ocho Rios, we plan to do the Mountain Biking/Dunn's River Falls (is this as 'dangerous' as they make it sound?), but in Georgetown, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico, we're not sure what to do (at Labadee, we just plan to relax on the beach). Are the Mayan ruins worth the money? And is the water going to be warm enough to snorkel in December? Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
Oct 30th, 1998, 02:50 PM
Monica Richards
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Haven't been to many of the islands you mention, but I have been to Dunn's river falls. Sure, it's dangerous (they would never allow it in the US because of liability) but I thought it was a lot of fun. Basically, you are walking up through the falls on slimy, mossy rocks. Clearly, the potential of slipping is pretty great. But you are risking scrapes and bruises and maybe broken bones not death (it's not that steep). I only slipped once and fell on my butt--not graceful but it didn't hurt much either. In the party of 10 I was with nobody was injured past a couple of bruises. You always have the option of walking out of the falls and taking the path on the side anyway. Don't do the "guide, hold hands" thing because I think it's easier to use your hands when climbing than being part of a big chain. You also don't want to wear shoes unless you have the water sport kind with grips on the bottom--it will be too slick otherwise. But I definitely thought it was fun--reminded me of being a kid and climbing trees and stuff.

The water should still be pretty darn warm. I think the water stays a constant temp pretty much year round--with that volume it would take a considerable amount of energy to change the temp.
Nov 16th, 1998, 05:14 AM
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We have done this itinerary on Carnival, and taken several Royal Caribbean cruises too, so have also been to Labadee. Dunn's River Falls is somewhat dangerous. A friend travelling with us fell on the way up and seriously injured his neck. This was two years ago and he is still hurting. I would just advise you to be careful on the falls.

We did the Mayan Ruins in Tulum and just hated the trip. Most of the time was spent on the bus. The ruins were beautiful, as was the setting for them, beautiful rocky clifs and ocean to see, but we felt like we wasted a whole day. We barely made it back for our afternoon snorkeling excursion on the catamaran called "The Fury." This excursion was wonderful snorkeling off a great boat with a fun crew. It was one of the highlights of our trip.

We wished we had swum with the stingrays in Grand Cayman, judging from the input from others on the cruise who did.

Labadee is a great place to just relax on the beach. I would not waste time trying to snorkel there; the place they take you is very rocky and not much to see.

Have a great cruise. Any more questions, just email me.
Nov 24th, 1998, 12:07 PM
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We have been on this cruise 2 times. Once as a couple and once with a family of 10. The concensus on excursions was: Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios, Snorkle with the stingrays at Stingray city in Grand Caymen, The beach at Chankanab park on Cozumel. I agree the Tulum Ruins trip is a long day. If you are into shopping, Grand Caymen is the place. For a unique store don't miss Bernard Passman Jewelers there (he specializes in Black Coral). Avoid shopping in Ocho Rios. The "bargains" aren't. You do just as well at discount stores here. You also shouldn't venture on your own in Jamaica. You will be hasseled. The place to get hair braids, however is on the beach in Jamaica or in Cozumel.
This cruise, we think, has the right balance between at sea and in port. Great activities on the ship at sea. Don't miss Bingo, Horse racing by the pool. The day ashore at Labadee is great for water sports. There is also a local craft market that is cheap.
If you have any other questions, e-mail me.
Nov 24th, 1998, 12:10 PM
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Marisa, my first e-mail address was wrong. And as for "safety" at Dunn's River Falls, "NO PROBLEM". You ascend the falls hand in hand led by your guide. Wear water socks. You can rent them there if you don't have them. Plan on getting soaking wet (part of the fun)
Nov 29th, 1998, 04:33 PM
Marisa Kamin
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Thanks for all the pointers. I still have a few questions though!!!

Where is the best place to snorkel? We are beginners, and I'm nervous about all the fish in the water!!!! We were thinking to go in Cozumel. However, I've heard that Labadee is good for beginners (but I've also heard there isn't much to see there). I'm too afraid to snorkel with the Stingrays in Grand Cayman (even though everyone says it's so great).

When you snorkel on an excursion from the ship, they give you all the gear. How clean are the mouthpieces? I've heard of these sterile things you can buy that cover the mouthpieces on snorkel rental equipment. Is this worthwhile? I don't want to go out and buy my own snorkeling gear until I know that I like snorkeling!

Aside from possibly snorkeling, I think we are going to do the mountain biking/dunn's river falls excursion in Jamaica. I hope it is safe (the downhill mountain biking part)!

By the way, everyone talks about water socks for climbing Dunn's River Falls. Are the teva sandals just fine? Yes, they are sandals, but they do have pretty good grip for climbing.

Thanks in advance for all comments!
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