Grand Princess Bad Rap

Jul 26th, 2001, 04:27 PM
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Grand Princess Bad Rap

I have been on a couple message boards and are seeing messages that the food on the princess grand is only fair, the ship rocks and you can feel vibrations!! The cabins are small and there is no space for clothes. My husband and I are booked for November 2001. Has anyone gone on recently??
Jul 27th, 2001, 04:31 AM
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My husband and I took our first cruise on the Grand Princess from Istanbul to Barcelona. We liked it so much we booked it for the following winter in the Caribbean (LOVED their private island). After that we booked the Mediterranean again for the following summer. It's a great ship--very big and full of things to do. The food was good to excellent in the big dining room as well as the alternative restaurants, the service was outstanding,and the entertainment was terrific (several different venues each night). Our cabin was fine (we had a balcony, which I would highly recommend), and there was plenty of closet and storage space. I might mention I'm incapable of packing light. I know some people don't like the big ships, but we do. We've also been on the Voyager of the Seas--even bigger than the Grand-- but food, service, etc. were not nearly as good. We've also cruised on the Zaandam and Celebrity's Galaxy and so far, the Grand and Galaxy are our favorites. Hope this was helpful--have a wonderful cruise.
Jul 27th, 2001, 06:16 AM
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Having sailed Grand Princess in March, I concur with Denise's reply regarding Grand Princess. You and your husband will have a wonderful cruise!
Jul 29th, 2001, 12:49 AM
Paul Therault
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Hi Linda,

I beleive the Grand and Golden Princess are the most beautiful ships in the world. I could not get enough of the lighting, design, flowers and trees.

I agree with Denise that the food is average and the service is great. The cabins are long and skinny since the ships are wide.

Sail Princess first and then work your way up to Celebrity.

And yes, always go center ship or near an elevator near center. It is a heck of a long walk to anywhere on these ships if you are forward or aft.

Have fun,

Jul 30th, 2001, 09:19 PM
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Depends...are you that much of a gormet that you'll dislike the absolutely wonderful food served on Princess? I don't think so...nobody is, are they?

We're sailing Princess for the third time...wouldn't think of wasting my time exploring other ships...if it ain't broke don't fix it....

Does the ship rock? You bet--each night you'll be rocked to sleep'll wish they had 'rocking beds' when you get home ...all ships are on the ocean--get a cabin mid-ship or in the front....Are the cabins small? Not ours....I've been inside and outside...plenty of room for my stuff and hubbys....

When you see the ship at port you'll be amazed....and glad you are travelling with Princess...everytime they are docked, they are a sight to see...all other passengers look to 'your' ship and admire it...

What message boards are you reading?
Jul 30th, 2001, 10:39 PM
Paul Therault
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Let's define "average." This means 1/2 of the passengers like the food and the other 1/2 do not particularly care for it. The food is NOT terrible! If you do not care for an item you can always send it back and choose another (this is what is so nice about cruising).

Most pasengers that have sailed many cruise lines do rate the food as average. It is also the industry consensus. I call it experimental gourmet. Many different types sauces and gravies. If you like shrimp you will be in heaven. If you are a meat and potato person you will not particularly care for the food (especially the buffet where creations abound). But remember, beef is always available and it could be ordered without the sauce or gravy.

And most important, Princess is a great cruise line. There is always something on the menu that will fill your tummy.

Aug 6th, 2001, 01:22 PM
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We absolutely loved the Grand Princess. We got a balcony cabin on the Caribbe deck which was twice the size of other balconies. The food, the service, the activities, the private island, everything was wonderful. We would gladly go again. We never noticed any rocking, my husband always gets seasick but didn't this cruise. I've also sailed on the Radiance of the Seas which was elegant and beautiful but the food wasn't quite as good as what we enjoyed on Princess. You'll have a great time.

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