first time cruiser.....

Apr 30th, 2000, 07:51 PM
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first time cruiser.....

I am going on the Commodore Enchanted Isle 7 day cruise (Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica) for the first time. It'll be a girl thing: my mom and i, my aunt and my 91 year old grandmother (who acts 65!). Anyone been on that cruise? I'd like some excursion suggestions and prices (approx). We can't do a lot of walking with my granny, although she says she can keep up, we don't want to wear her out! Are there wheelchairs available? What is there to do on the ship? What is the dress code like? did you get seasick? can you feel the boat moving a lot? Any suggestions for medications for that? I heard about a patch.... I'm very excited, but also nervous. I've never left my husband and child that long! What about phone calls? How outrageous are they? Is it cheaper to call from land when we dock? any suggestions would be appreciated. What about the shopping? Can you get good bargains? I heard jewelry is cheap there! I guess that's enough questions. Thanks for any help I can get!
May 1st, 2000, 11:51 AM
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I was on this cruise 4-5 years ago. The first day at sea they will have a talk about the excursions and can let you know how much walking is needed. If you think a wheelchair is necessary for the tours, you should bring one on board. The elevators were a little small when I was there; they barely handled 5-6 people. They will also give you some ideas about shopping. I usually shop in stores that are recommended by the cruise line. Be careful about Grand Cayman. If memory serves, you must tender from the ship. It doen't actually dock.

The dress code is alot less formal on Enchanted Isle, even on formal night. I wore pants and a dressy top and felt very comfortable.

Since you are coming out of New Orleans, it will be a little rocky coming out of the river into the Gulf. It doesn't last very long. Did not get seasick, but you should bring something. I have heard people swear by the patch.

I would not use the phones on the ship except in an emergency. There are phone booths right on the dock at every port.

In the evening, there is always a show. Get to the lounge early to get a good seat. Usually dancing follows. I usually hit the piano bar after the show.

Have a good time and if I haven't answered all your questions, send me an email.

May 23rd, 2000, 06:47 PM
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I am not familiar with this ship nor the itinerary, but wanted to provide some suggestions if you're concerned about seasickness. My husband and I are pretty sensitive to seasickness (me-I'm often subject to any type of motion sickness), and we brought along several forms of relief for our first cruise. We had heard that the patch had side effects like drowsiness, fatigue and lighheadedness, so that was the last resort. We also bought some Bonine (a form of dramamine, but taken only once a day), but this also tended to make us sleepy, especially being out on the water and under the sun. We bought some ginger pills at a nature food store, and took 2 pills twice a day with meals. This worked fantastically as there were no side effects at all. No problem with the taste, either, as suggested by some. The pills we took were pretty big though, so if this is a problem for you, they may not be the way to go. I also bought the candied ginger at Williams-Sonoma ($13), but found the taste of that to be awful. I couldn't stomach the idea of eating those every day! Ugh! Finally, we bought SeaBands, some type of accupuncture/pressure point elastic bands that you place around your wrists. They cost about $5 at CVS ($10 on the ship), and found that they worked well when the ship was particularly rocky (in addition to the ginger pills). I also used the bands on one pretty hairy bus ride, but that's another story... The SeaBands were not exactly the most current fashion statement, so I opted not to use them for formal nights or anytime they would look really goofy, i.e., sunning on the deck, and they can reportedly make your hands swell if used for too long but neither my big husband nor I found that to be the case. There are many options out there, and it is best to be prepared even if you don't use any of it. Enjoy the cruise - sounds to me like a fun time with the girls!
May 24th, 2000, 06:26 AM
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I am also a first timer - or rather a potential first timer. We are thinking about taking the kids on a cruise for their Christmas present - 3 teenagers - ages 15, 13 and 13. We live in N.O., so I know we can leave directly from here, but I have heard from people who recommend leaving from a different point b/c of so much time spent getting out of the Mississippi. Any suggestions or advice? Any particular cruise line? Thanks in advance.
May 24th, 2000, 03:10 PM
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I can not answer any of your questions but we have booked a cruise with Commodore also this is our first cruise.
When is your cruise ours is in September
May 25th, 2000, 03:57 AM
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In the case of sea sickness. My wife who is VERY prone to sea sickness uses the patch and has no problem with them and they really work. We have been on 3 windjammer cruise and on 2 of them life got really rock and roll for a bit and she came thru it wihout a single empisode (if you know what I mean)

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