Caribbean Hurricane Season

Jun 28th, 2004, 11:00 PM
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Caribbean Hurricane Season

My friends and I are first time cruisers looking to go on a 4-5 night cruise sometime in late July or early August. I have heard that August is the beginning of Hurricane season in the this correct? Can any one share with me their experiences cruising to the caribbean at this time of the year? Thanks!
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Jun 29th, 2004, 05:43 AM
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I have been on cruises to the Caribbean in mid-August and never had a problem. If there is a problem with the weather, the captain will change the route to another island in order to avoid the hurricane. Believe me, the cruise lines best interest is the safety of the passenger and their assets, they are not going to take chances.
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Jun 29th, 2004, 05:55 AM
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Syren.....Officially, hurricane season is June 1 thru November 30."Peak" season tends to be Aug and Sept.But Mother Nature follows only her own rules.I would not avoid this time of the year out of anxiety for the weather.Go and have a great time.
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Jun 29th, 2004, 06:01 AM
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I cruise a lot an actually, hurricane season in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, runs from June 1 to November 30 each year (source-NOAA).
The cruise lines do a good job of working with all types of weather and no ship will head into a hurricane. Most Captains will tell you that unlike a hotel that cannot change its location, he can move the ship as much as 500 miles in a 24 hour period. What you may want to prepare for is a change in the ships route. All cruise lines contain language in their contract with you that says for reasons of safety, the captain has the right to take you to a different location to avoid such weather. They try not to do this, but I've been on cruises that went to different islands, etc. without notice.
Perhaps the most serious inpact on your cruise would come from the hurricane hitting the port you sail out of. This could affect the cruise and or your related air travel to/from the port.
Hope this helps.
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Jun 29th, 2004, 04:30 PM
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One thing to keep in mind is your ports can change. Don't get your heart set on getting to a particular island. Go with the flow. I have sailed in the fall and have had this happen.
Sometimes they will just switch a island, other times cruises can be switched from the Eastern Caribbean to Western.
Last year there was a Bermuda cruise or two that went to New England instead, because of the hurricane that hit Bermuda. There were lots of angry people that thought they were entitled to get their money back. Cruise lines do not give you your money back. If you book in the Fall you have to except the possibilty of port changes. In the above case it was drastic change, but in the Caribbean they will just take you to another island.
I went to the Mexican Riviera in the Fall. Believe it or not I did some research on ports North of San Diego, like Seattle. This was just in case a hurricane or two decided to hit. We were fine but a hurricane was in the area. We were going South and it was going North. We only had some bad wind. All deck chairs were taken inside and the water was rough. It lasted through the day but all was fine the next morning.
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