Nov 28th, 1998, 04:24 PM
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We would like to plan out first cruise but August would be the time we would go. This is hurricane season done there. Would this deter you? I am absolutely horrified about nausea. Is it that if you are carsick you will have nausea. I remember taking the ferry from Gibraltar to Tangiers many years ago and had no difficulty. My husband has done scuba live aboards and he had no problem. Any help here would be appreciated.
Nov 29th, 1998, 06:49 PM
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I can tell you about cruising in
august since I am a travel agent and have taken many cruises in the fall. First, and foremost, the prices are so very reasonable. Also, is there is a hurricane, the ship will either not leave the dock (take the ship's air and they will put you up overnight at no cost to you) or, the ship will vary it's itinerary and you will visit ports well away from the storm. Hurricanes are quick to come and quick to go, therefore the seas calm very quickly also. If you are not at ease about cruising due to motion sickness. Call your physician and ask him for the "patch." This is a little dot that goes behind the ear and is called Transderm Scop. My wife cruised many times and got deathly ill. The patch stopped all sickness since it was developed. It does not have all the side effects as other meds. So there you go. Do cruise in August. If you have any additional questions, you may E-Mail me [email protected]. ave a great trip. Paul
Nov 30th, 1998, 08:17 PM
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If you are thinking about the Caribbean in August and are worried about sea sickness I would suggest you to choose a different destination. Even if there aren't any hurricanes the water during August is rougher than usual.
Dec 18th, 1998, 06:50 PM
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There is an interesting looking cruise we are considering that goes from Alexandria, VA to Nova Scotia and Quebec City, with a stop on the way up in New Port, RI. It is a week cruise, with a flight back to DC area.
Dec 22nd, 1998, 12:54 PM
John Cuttino
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Agree with above. To beat the hurricanes pick an itnerary that heads south toward Aruba. Usually from San Juan. As for seasickness: the big ships are better and avoiding the Atlantic Ocean is best. Aug is so cheap its worth the risk. The Cruise ships won't go "in harms way."

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