Yucatan Suncoast and Ixtapa

Old Nov 22nd, 1997, 10:42 AM
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Yucatan Suncoast and Ixtapa

We are considering a vacation in late Jan. or Feb. 98. We are interested in snorkling, ruins,and bargin shopping. What do you think of the Yucatan or Ixtapa? Any helpful hints?
Old Nov 22nd, 1997, 12:35 PM
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I am not real sure but I think Ixtapa does not have the best snorkeling because it is on the Pacifric side. Caribbean side such as Cozumel or Cancun have better snorkeling. Both are great places, more to do in Cancun though. We have snorkeled in Cancun right by our hotel and it was fantastic. Another island good for snorkeling is Isla Majures, a short ferry ride or boat ride from Cancun. Good luck.
Old Dec 2nd, 1997, 07:42 PM
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I have been to both Ixtapa and Cancun in the last three years. Cancun is better for snorkeling but is louder with more of a younger crowd. Ixtapa is more enjoyable for quiet surroundings with far better food. Also the area is surrounded by mountains which adds to its beauty. Zihuatanejo is adjacent to Ixtapa and has remained pretty much like old Mexico. The shopping is pretty good. If you go eat at Beccofinos in Ixtapa. This is the best food I have had on any trip anywhere in the world. Good luck.
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Paul Soracco
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What are some of the gotta-do snorkeling sites for a day trip into the Cancun Area? Any specific reefs, beaches, boats, etc?
We would appreciate any suggestions, guidance; we would hate to get home and learn that we missed the best snorkeling in the world because we failed to ask.
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Where are you staying? If you are staying along the suncoast you should try a day trip to Cozumel or Isla Majures (spelling).
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Cozumel!!! It has the greatest snorkeling we went on a day trip from Cancun just to snorkel, there is really only one good spot in Cancun and that is by the Club Med--so if you really want great snorkeling go to Cozumel. People go there just for the wonderful snorkeling, the city itself I would have to say Cancun is much nicer.
Old Dec 5th, 1997, 04:52 AM
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Going to Playa del Carmen in Feb. 98. Staying at the new resort of Porto Real. Just opened 11/97.
Any info on the hotel, area, side trips to the ruins (been to Tulum) prices, food, snorkeling--- the works would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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