Where to go???

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Where to go???

We're planning a week's vacation in Feb, 2001 and have never been to the Carribean. We love outdoors, snorkeling and clean beaches. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
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It really depends on what you are looking for, relaxzation, vegging on the beach go to Sandals Negril Jamaica.
The resort is great and the food is wonderful, the beach is 7 miles long you can walk for miles and the snorkling is the best of anywhere we have been.
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Before spending alot of money on one Carribean location and maybe not likeing that particular location, you may want to try a cruise. In my opinion it is the best way to first learn about the Islands. Granted you only spend a short time at each location but you can then choose one you would like to spend an entire week at. I would highly recommend Celebrity line. We had a great time. Good luck.
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Hi Margo,
Our first ever Caribbean vacation was to the Bahamas many years ago. The water was so beautiful flying over them my wife became mesmerized & completely forgot about her fear of flying. The water there will probably be a bit chilly in Feb. though.

Given what you wrote in your post, I respectfully disagree about a cruise being what you'd like, though. You will be dropped off in the shopping district of the port cities, which are often the worst an island has to offer. If you opt for an excursion, you'll almost certainly be crowded & rushed. Even if you have an entire day in port, so much of that can be spent waiting on tenders, going to & from, waiting in line, etc. Cruising can be great, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it's what you're looking for.

Cayman is safe, clean, great snorkeling. Very westernized

St. John & the BVI is the same but more pristine. Not as crowded.

Turks/Caicos & Bahamas (esp out islands) are wonderful for laid back.

Anguilla would be a really good choice for beaches. Antigua has wonderful beaches. Both have mediocre snorkeling. Barbados has wonderful beaches, but not much snorkeling & is a very, very busy island.

Aruba (overun w/ tourists but still nice), Curacao & Tobago would all be good choices for Feb because they'll for certain be warmer. In the upper areas of the region, it could just as easily be in the 70's as in the 90's. Feb is not prime snorkeling in most of the Caribbean.

I believe Tobago or Curacao would be your best bet for warmth, snorkeling & beaches in Feb.

Hope this helps.
Happy trails,

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Hi Margo:Nathan gave you great advice. I just want to add Febuary is high season and school break,many families book way in advance so you may need a few options.
I have to agree about a cruise, it is not the true measure of the caribbean. Many fantastic islands are not cruise ship ports.
I would also suggest you read about the islands,there are many different guide books and they have good info
Our favorite islands are ST. John, Virgin Gorda,Barbados and Anguilla. We have found the best snorkeling in ST. John,all have fantastic beaches and each one has a different personality. Anguilla and Barbados are warm is Febuary.
Hope this helps!
Nothing beats the turquoise water!!!!
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There is some really good advice here, but I, too, am against cruising for the reasons listed above. Usually, on any island I go to, I avoid the port areas for several reasons since it really doesn't give you a very good feel for an island! Plus, How much shopping do you really want to do, and after a while they all seem to offer similiar things. I would suggest the following:

BVI (Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke) - my favorite in the caribbean, lots of good snorkeling excursions available and the british charm is lovely!
Turks and Caicos - great water, beach, laid back
Caymans - a good choice, many tourists, snorkel with sting rays
St. Vincent - very exotic but far away!
St. John - beautiful, but small and seemingly crowded
Anguilla - havn't been but have heard it is great

I tend to like more out of the way places with fewer tourists, but snorkeling and a great beach is always a priority! We don't need active nightlife, like discos and casinos, and prefer the beach bars and steel drum bands for our night-time activities.

I hope this helps!

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