What is the Nicest Destination-Bahamas

Oct 2nd, 2002, 12:15 AM
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What is the Nicest Destination-Bahamas

I am traveling from OH.I am just curious to hear about some great destination options in the Bahamas.I am hoping to spend about $1000 for air and hotel for 7 days.I quess Nasaau and Freeport are the big attractions?I'm not really to picky.I quess I am looking for the same thing as most people.Nice clean beautiful beaches with plenty to do.I am definetly a nature lover and have done some snorkeling.Any advice on where to go/stay would be greatly appreciated.
Oct 2nd, 2002, 09:40 AM
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Kevin, I would suggest talking to a local travel agent about package deals. Since it is off season right now, you should be able to do that at one of several hotels on Freeport or Nassau. You also might look into some of the "Family Islands", like Abaco, Eleuthera and Harbour Island.

Harbour Island and Eleuthera have some of the best beaches in the world, beautiful pink sand and most of the time the beaches are empty, especially on Eleuthera.

Hope this helps have a great time.

Oct 2nd, 2002, 10:05 AM
Atlantis Fan
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The best in the Bahamas is Atlantis, no contest. An elegant, high class resort. Excellent value for your money.
If you're a nature lover, you'll love Atlantis.
Oct 2nd, 2002, 10:34 AM
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You think Kevin can do the Atlantis for $1,000 dollars for air and hotel for 7 days???????? I don't think so. Is this including food???
Oct 2nd, 2002, 10:53 AM
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Uhhh Hellooooo Atlantis Fan
Its more like $1000.00 per day!!
What did you do sneak in and sleep on the pool chairs for a week?

High class and elegant - NOT

Nature lovers will love Atlantis, are you kidding me the entire place is MAN MADE, FABRICATED and FAKE, it's a nature lovers nightmare!
If you like cheeze, glitzy crap, crowds and high prices then Atlantis is for you. Just bring lot$ of ca$h.

I don't know any place you can go for $1000.00 for air/hotel 7 days. Is this for 1 person or 2? Airfare will most likely use up close to 2/3 of your $1000.00 for 1 person.
Check Expedia.com for hotels/airfare prices.
Good Luck
Oct 2nd, 2002, 11:10 AM
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Please settle down. You've got your panties in a twist beacause someone posted something positive about Atlantis.
Kevin I think that you should definitely keep Atlantis on your list of possibilities. Visit your travel agent to see about packages. But with airfare and accomodations you may still need to up your budget a bit to be more realistic regardless of where you decide to stay.
I loved Atlantis. My husband and I thought it was very romantic and private. There were lots of nooks where we could be alone. If you go to the dig there is lots to see and learn about undersea wildlife and the beach is gorgeous.
The rooms at Atlantis are spacious and lovely, the service is friendly and excellent and the food is reasonably priced and delicious.
Oct 2nd, 2002, 11:52 AM
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Atlantis IS the Las Vegas of the Bahamas.
Oct 2nd, 2002, 12:39 PM
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Are you talking about ATLANTIS??

I would love to know where the "romantic private nooks" are. When on vacation I don't think one should have to look for a "nook".
Atlantis is none of the above. The food is equal to Red Lobster/Outback Steak house/olive Garden with triple the price. If you enjoy that kind of food with very high prices in a man made cheezy setting then you will love Atlantis like some do.

By the way the high priced rooms are comparable to a Holiday Inn, definately nothing special. The "DIG" took approx 10 minutes to walk thru, again nothing great. Go to Disney/Universal you will have a much better time for much less $$
The only thing that was fun was the casino, and we don't gamble but it was beautiful and we had a good time. If you like to gamble this is the place for you. If you want to relax, snorkel, have some peace and quiet and a relaxing vacation go elsewhere.
Even Sandals is better than Atlantis!

Kevin, I would suggest Compass Point, sounds like what you are looking for- although it may cost you more than $1000.00
Oct 2nd, 2002, 06:23 PM
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Whomever it was that stated that Atlantis is the best the Bahamas has to offer NO CONTEST (Atlantis Fan) is just plain uninformed and his or her advice should be ignored, since this person has not a clue.

Atlantis isn't even close to being the best on Paradise Island, let alone Bahamas as a whole!!!
Hello? Ever heard of the Ocean Club?
Check the website at www.oceanclub.com and see for yourself.

Elsewhere in the Bahamas, Pink Sands is so much better than Atlantis that it's like comparing a Yugo to a Rolls Royce.

Warning to anyone who is new to Bahamas research: watch out for people who tout Atlantis without telling you "the rest of the story"!
Oct 2nd, 2002, 06:25 PM
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Atlantis is not a nature lover's retreat. I only hope the sewage system handling human feces and general garbage is allows only clear water flushed back into the surrounding coral reefs, which are in danger by the huge influx of people. Robert
Oct 2nd, 2002, 06:45 PM
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I agree with Compass Point off season based on your budget. While there are many more luxury properties in the Bahamas (not Atlantis), you may be able to come closer to your budget off season with Compass which is on a nice beach and is a "funky"choice
Oct 3rd, 2002, 05:06 AM
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WHILE THEY ARE BICKERING BACK TO YOUR QUESTION. If you want to stay at the $1000 price for air and hotel--without food or entertainment there are several places you can enjoy. The suggestion for a travel agent is excellent and you can also check travel section of the Plain Dealer and the Columbus Dispatch (the library has copies). After you have some ideas then go to the boards for comment on specific properties.
Food and drink are expensive (food is imported) and most places have an automatic tip added to your bill. When you go relax and remember the Bahamian's have there own pace (you are not in the USA).
Suggestions to look at in Freeport would be "Our Lucyan" beautiful property but high cost or the old "Bahamian Princess" now remodeled with a great pool and called "Royal Oasis" It has a Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn.
The out island suggestion is also excellent. They are more laid back with less attractions (casinos etc).
I have stayed in Nassau a fun place but my least favorite of the islands because it is so commercial.
Some other websites would be as follows Tripadvisor, Bahamasvg, Geographia, and Caribbean-on-line of course proceeded by the www and followed by .com

Remember one thing "Everything is better in the Bahamas"


Oct 3rd, 2002, 06:49 AM
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Another message for Kevin.
Although you will find cheaper places in the Bahamas, there is no place else with the atmosphere and the grand surroundings of Atlantis. We were blown away by this place. We're from Nebraska and it was my husbands first time on a beach. I cannot imagine that there is anyplace in the world that's better than Atlantis.
Oct 3rd, 2002, 07:08 AM
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How about an objective viewpoint of Atlantis, since everyone else seems to love it or hate it?

Good things: friendly staff, beautiful beach, great water slides/day-time activities, resort atmosphere, The Dig, spacious casino

Bad things: small rooms (can't believe someone said "spacious" earlier), VERY overpriced, congested, antiquated slots and video poker in the casino

Good and bad: food quality (some places great; others lousy)

Depending on what YOU like to do, Atlantis can either be a dream destination or a waste of time and money.
Oct 3rd, 2002, 07:24 AM
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There is a Quality Inn just opened recently at the west end of downtown Nassau,they were advertising room rates of $39 a night I am sure that does not include the relevant taxes,it is midway between Cable beach and Paradise Island which would be preferable places to go beaching as the beach opposite QI is pretty average.If the prices are correct it will be hard to beat in Nassau.Also,it has just been completely renovated.Restaurants within walking distance,Chinese, Indian also Conch Fritters and Mc Donalds, there are obviously others a little further into town.
Oct 3rd, 2002, 07:40 AM
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Yes, you can find inexpensive hotels, like the Quality Inn. There are others, too, inclucing some older motels/hotels. You can eat inexpensively in downtown Nassau at Dunkin' Donuts and McDonalds, on Bay Street by the British Colonial Hotel. Also, have you tried the Bahamian Cultural Exchange(?). I don't know the exact name of it, but maybe you could stay with a Bahamian family on New Providence, who participates in this cultural exchange. If interested, I could find the correct name for it. Who knows, maybe you could stay in Nassau for free room and board, and hot Bahamian meals served at their home!! A new paradigm to consider. Robert
Oct 3rd, 2002, 10:53 AM
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You can definitely do the "Out Islands" of the Bahamas a whole lot cheaper than the touristy places (I don't know anything about Atlantis so I have no opinion). The are very remote islands, most uninhabited, that are gorgeous. Check out the Green Turtle Club or anything in Marsh Harbor.
Oct 3rd, 2002, 11:22 AM
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God are you people gullible. Can't you see that "Atlantis Fan" was just being facetious? Fan is probably having a great laugh over this one!
Oct 3rd, 2002, 11:31 AM
Atlantis Fan
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Pulling your Leg,
You win the prize! It's pretty funny to watch how overheated people get when someone says something glowing about Atlantis.
Kevin, sorry to waste your time, Atlantis is not what you're looking for, it really is 'Vegas By the Sea'.
Ick and double ick.
Oct 3rd, 2002, 12:20 PM
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Au contraire, "pulling your leg".
If you only read thru the archives you will find that there are indeed people literate enough to read this forum who have posted all the same things Atlantis Fan did.
If you're from Arkansas or North Dakota and it's your wedding trip to Atlantis, haven't been to the big city or beyond US borders, Atlantis can seem like the world's best destination. At least that's what some people report.
Thus, it's hard to make assumptions about people who post glowing comments about Atlantis. Some people defend the place to the hilt....even it's 'naturally beautiful' surroundings.
You know what they say about people who assume....

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