Voltage at Rendezvous

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Voltage at Rendezvous

I fly to Rendezvous in 2 weeks, and after hearing that the hairdryers aren't too good (and it's my wedding while I am there so have to look my best), I have decided to take my own. However, all the info I have on voltage says some resorts have 2 pin plug, some have 3 pin and some have both! Of course 2 pin sockets are far lower voltage, so I need to knowwhat Rendezvous has!

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Contact the hotel where you are staying. They can give you the info you need, and they also may have whatever converters you will need.
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Have already tried, they don't reply to my emails
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I took my hair dryer to Rendezvous and it worked fine. We are from the U.S. If you are from the U.K. I'm not sure then.
If I remember though thet have both.
Try E mailing lesport. They are the same company maybe they will be the same. Have fun you will LOVE it there.
Take the jeep safari adventure. very cool.
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Emma: Typically, you will find 110-120V in the western hemisphere. In Europe it's 220-240V.

The "two pin" plug has two blades, not pins, like Europe, so if you are from the UK, you will need an adapter for your 220V (I'm assuming) hairdryer. If it is 220V, you not only need an adapter to plug into the outlet, but a converter for 110V, otherwise your 220V dryer will run slow (about 1/2 speed).

Twice the voltage is twice the current, meaning less power at 110V. The third pin is for grounding purposes and not absolutely necessary to use.

I would rely on the dryer at the facility where you are staying.

Best of luck!
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I am from the US and needed a converter at LeSport (all sockets were 220). You can buy one at Magellans.com and have it FedEx'd to you.

Have you tried calling Rendezvous directly?

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