US Dollars to Pesos

Jul 8th, 1998, 02:16 PM
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US Dollars to Pesos

I would just like to know how many pesos in a us dollar ....thank you very much.....
Jul 9th, 1998, 05:30 AM
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Last week in the Dominican Republic, we got around 14.60 pesos for 1 USD.
Jul 9th, 1998, 06:29 AM
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There is a currency converter on the Yahoo( travel site that will give you the current rate. Use this as a guide. The exchange rate changes daily. You will probably get less than this at the casa de cambio(money exchange). You get a better rate by using your VISA/MasterCard at an ATM, but you also need to figure in the cash advance fee. If you use a credit card to pay for meals and other expenses you will get the best exchange rate.
Jul 9th, 1998, 06:38 PM
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What country's pesos do you want - each exchange rate is different. Plus, the rate you see in the paper [or on Yahoo] will NOT be what you get, since these are rates reserved for big banks. It is a good ballpark figure though, what to expect. Besides, in most Caribbean areas, you will do just as well in US dollars and won't need pesos. If you are talking Cancun, I'd get a few pesos for the bus, but everything else is priced in US dollars. Interior Mexico may need pesos. Any Caribbean port city will take dollars. Mexico last April was approx 8 pesos per dollar. Also, the dollar sign [$] means pesos in Mexico - ALWAYS ask. US money usually marked USD in Mexico.
Jul 10th, 1998, 07:04 AM
Jean E. Bowers
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In Mexico your best exchange rates are in the malls. You will also get a very good rate when using credit cards in Mexico. The rate changes daily so wait to exchange money until you are there. Even if you pay for things with dollars your change will be in pesos, so get used to them. At an exchange window in the mall ask for a rate card. This will give you at a glance how to convert dollors to pesos. You should not exchange huge sums at a time, because exchanging the pesos back to dollars will be at a lower exchange rate. Looking in any major newspaper on Sunday will give you the rate for that day. Mexico is a very good value, because of the good exchange rates.
Jul 10th, 1998, 09:06 AM
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Be forewarned that if you use American dollars and get change back in pesos, they give you 8 pesos to the dollar, whereas most banks and money exchanges are giving around 8.6 to 8.8. That may not sound like much, but when you spend hundreds of dollars on your vacation, it adds up.

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