Tweedy--Can you help me?

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Tweedy--Can you help me?

Tweedy--I am getting married in the Bahamas in May--we are staying at Compass Point and honeymooning for a few days at Pink Sands--we are then returning to Nassau because my fiance wants to golf and apparently there isn't any golf on Harbour Island--plus a little more action on Nassau--where would you recommend we stay for 3 more nights--I'm afraid I'm going to be disappointed after Pink Sands--I would love to stay at the Ocean Club, but have been quoted a rate of about $800 per night--too expensive--I'm afraid of Sandals--what do you think of it?--and what are your thoughts on Graycliff? I really appreciate it.....
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Kim, don't worry about leaving Harbour Island, once you get there, I promise he won't want to leave.

If he wants to golf, there is a course on Nassau near Cable Beach so he can do that just before the wedding then head on over to Pink Sands.

Staying anywhere in the world after staying at Pink Sands will be a let down.

The only other suggestion I have is to stay at the Atlantis, which is amazing, lots of people, but the place is so huge you won't feel trampled on.

I do have to say once you get to Harbour Island, you really won't want to leave, and I have to admit, I only leave kicking and crying, lol, yes the place is just that beautiful. The people are warm and welcoming and I would be happy to introduce you to some folks before you leave so when you get there you are already family.

Compas Point is also wonderful and your guests will be amazed, but shhhh don't tell them Pink Sands is even nicer, they will be hopping on the ferry with you to go over and check it out and then you won't be able to get rid of them, LOL.

Make reservations for dinner at Runaway Hill, and there is a good chance Paul and I will be there in May so maybe we will cross paths.

If so, the Kalik is on us.

HOpe this helps and if you need more info email me at [email protected] or go to the Harbour Island website which is

We even have a chat site and yahoo club for Harbour Islanders and get together each Monday night to chat and answer questions. If you go to the "briland" site you will find the address of the "club".

Have a wonderful trip.

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Now you've really gotten me excited for Harbour Island. Hopefully I will be able to sell my fiance on it. The sales rep from Islandoutpost mentioned that there is a golf course on Eleuthera, but from what I've been reading, I'm wondering if it has closed down....the Cotton Bay Club or something like that. Do you have any information on that? You will definitely hear from me soon.....thanks again!!!!! Kim
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Kim, the Cotton Club is indeed gone as is the Windermere, which was where Prince Charles and Princess Di spent their honeymoon.

Yes there is an area on Eleuthera which is referred to as a Golf Course, but after the beating Eleuthera took from the Hurricane last year, I don't know how the course is now, or if anything has been done to make it really playable.

Also going over to Eleuthera you have to have a car and the course is about an hour to two hours driving down the island, not sure if all that would be worth the trip.

I would suggest rechanneling your interests to water sports while there, diving, snorkle trips, and just relaxing.

If you want to go Exploring on Eleuthera you can rent a car for the day and drive, there isn't alot to see, but there are some spectacular beaches all the way down and a few small communites. Govenours Harbour is the largest "town" on island, and to give you and idea of the sleepyness, there is only 1 traffic light on the entire island in GH.

Have you tried the website yet for HI People there will probably know more about the golf course that I do and of course any other questions the folks there are happy to answer.

Yes please keep in touch,
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Kim you asked about Greycliff and I forgot to answer that one. Greycliff is one of the best restaurants in the Carribean, 5 star, and white glove service and the food is EXCELLENT, but it is expensive. Figure a nice dinner with wine will cost $100-$300, depending on the wine you choose, and the wine list there is one of the biggest in the world. Looks more like a novel. lol.

IF you go, a must is the Lobster Bisque, (if I weren't embarrased, I would have liked the bowl, lol) it is the best I have ever had.

Take care and if you have any more questions, please let me know.


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