Tortola or Anguilla?

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Tortola or Anguilla?

Hi all, I'm considering a late August trip of 5-6 days to either Tortola or Anguilla. Seeking beautiful beaches and water, nice accommodations. <BR> <BR>1. Will it be unpleasantly hot in late August? <BR>2. Do I need a place with A/C? <BR>3. Most importantly - Tortola or Anguilla? Which is better? <BR> <BR>Thanks for the advice!
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Having been to both twice, I vote for Anguilla. The beaches are superb, the people are wonderful and it is a very safe island. Driving around is much easier than Tortola. The Tortola roads leave a lot and a few clutches to be desired. The only thing you have to worry about in Anguilla are speed bumps and goats! <BR> <BR>The place we stayed at in Anguilla didn't have a/c, just a ceiling fan and I was comfortable most of the time.I would think in August you would need one tho. (We were there in Dec. and May.)
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I was on Tortola last year and would go back in a heartbeat! Loved it because it was not commercialized. Stayed at the Frenchmens Cay and thought it was the best place on the island. Only 9 units, a restaurant and beach all to yourself. Who needs tourists??
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That is a hard choice as they are both nice and safe islands. I would tend to pick Tortola as it a way to get to places in the BVI that we like better than Anquilla. If beaches is your main thing - perhaps Anguilla is your best choice. Particularly if all you want to do is sleep, eat and go out and lay on the beach. It does have a lot of beaches and a lot of sand. In contrast I think Tortola is a more intesting island with a larger variation of activities. <BR> <BR>AC or not. In August, the water temperature, air temperature, and humidity is apt to be about the same, around 80. The tradewinds are needed to make it delightful. Thus you need be on the leeward side of the island and some elevation from sea level helps. Of course you need screened cross ventilation and a ceiling fan. This gives you the best of all world since you can smell the outside and hear the sounds of nature. In this regard Frenchmans Cay is an excellent location. <BR>Some people need A/C so that is a personal problem. If so, I would stick to the warmer parts of the USA as you lose a lot of charm of the Caribbean when you are closed up in A/C space and the quality of A/C is not very good in the Caribbean. <BR>
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"Better" is in the eye of the beholder. Frankly, if you enjoy beaches ... long lovely and white with Caribb-like water, head to Anguilla. If you prefer jeeping about to seek out the nicer beaches on Tortola or daytripping and/or sailing (it is wonderful!) to the other islands for the beaches, head to Tortola - many on Tortola are rough, rocky and not easy to get to). For food, Anguilla ... But Tortola is lush, hilly and green while Anguilla is not. a/c or not is personal preference ... but make sure you will get a breeze if not! Tortola. make sure there are screens especially if no a/c ... or you can choose a/c or not when you get there! Frenchman's Cay would be my choice ... on Anguilla, hard to choose but my favorite choice, Cap Juluca, has not reopened yet. Might want to check CuisinArt ... but there is so many other choices ....
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Hi Jen: <BR> <BR>I have been to both and loved both and this is my two cents: <BR> <BR>It depends on how little or how much you want to do. If you are content to sit on the beach for hours and do nothing (save for some snorkelling, eating,drinking and swimming) then Anguilla would be right for you. <BR> <BR>If you are the type that gets restless and likes to explore, then Tortola. It's more work than Anguilla because the driving is more challenging and it is more hilly. Great to visit neighboring islands though. <BR> <BR>If you like your creature comforts and a posh resort then Anguilla would edge out Tortola. The hotels on Tortola are simple for the most part while Anguilla has some of the most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean!!! <BR> <BR>It's going to be hot either place. Tortola gets more of the trade wind effect.

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