St. Thomas...will I love it?

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St. Thomas...will I love it?

I have tentative reservations for St. Thomas in late June. How is it? We're planning on staying at the Wyndham, all inclusive. 7 days. Looking for lovely beach, snorkeling, relaxing, safe place, good food, fun fun fun.

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated for this newbie traveler.
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It all depends what you like and what are looking for in your vacation. Many people love STT and think it is the be all end all and absolutely love it.

For me it is too crowded and there is too much traffic and congestion. The shopping is magnificent tho.

The best part of STT for me is taking a snorkel trip to St. John or a day trip over there. Be sure to do this.

Have a great time!
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I am not a big fan of the all-inclusive anywhere but St. Thomas, as well as nearby St. John and the BVI's, have many restaurants and beaches to explore, you may want to reconsider that option. Each resort is rather isolated and the only crowds and congestion that you will find is in and near Charolette Amalie - especially when there is a gagle of cruise ships in port! Sugar Bay sits hilltop and overlooks the water and you definately will want to take advantage of the ferrys or trips to St. John and the BVI's! You make your vacation - but St. Thomas is a good place to start exploring the Caribb!
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Parrot Mom
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Spent one week at the St. Thomas Wyndom a year ago....Very nice resort, we found that most people were off the resort all day. The best that can be said about St. Thomas is that you can get to St. Johns and the shopping in C.A. is great.. Stores close at 5:00 p.m. The downside is the traffic.. Now I know why cruise ships go there for one day only.. For info write me off board...
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I stayed at the Wyndham in July and really enjoyed it. You made a good choice.Since you are going in June it will be low season and the island wont be overcrowded which is a bonus. Check the cruise ship schedule when you get to the island and schedule any downtown visits and shopping when the cruiseships arent in town and you will have a great time. St.Thomas is a lovely island, but make sure to take the ferry(6$ roundtrip from Cruz bay ) to St. John for a day and see that island.There is good snorkeling off the right side of the beach at the Wyndham by some large boulders.You get the snorkeling equipment free from the resort for use only at the resort. Have a great trip.
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I just love St. Thomas. If you like to shop for jewelry go to Cardow's, I got some great deals.We rented a 7000sq.ft. Villa, Fantasia, in Red Hook. Wow, that was the ultimate pad, waking up to the beautiful waters, seeing St. John and all the British Islands, while your still in bed(floor to ceiling windows).
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Anchrista, I would not say the following except that your reservations are tentative. As others have noted, St. Thomas is crowded. I used to go regularly, but had my room broken into and several times ran into some very tough characters. Many will disagree, I know, but I feel safer in major US cities. When two tourists from my state were murdered on St. Thomas about 5 years ago, I said never again.
Here's an alternative. I starts by understanding that the Virgin Islands, US and British, are real close to each other. You can easily visit them all using the reliable ferry service that exists 7/52 (not to mention that the scenery is beautiful). So you could stay on a less stressful, less densely touristed island like Tortola, and zip over to St. Thomas for a day of shopping (the only real reason to go there inasmuch as the other islands are as or more beautiful). You do need a birth certificate, but a passport is better. St. John is another option. If you stay on Tortola the resorts are small and intimate. There is no crime. The people are very friendly and you can go all day without seeing more than a dozen tourists. The better resorts are: Frenchman's Cay, Sugar Mill, Ft. Recovery, Sebastian's, and Lambert Beach. As to St. John, I don't know the hotels there very well so can't make a recommendation.
My comments about St. Thomas will bring the St. Thomas fans out of the woodwork, but I've told you what happened to me. Prior to that I proposed to my wife there and later married her there, so I have some pleasant memories that had to suffer a lot of damage to make me decide to not go back.
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An all inclusive is like a cruise ship on land. It is a destination. And whether or not you will like it is the all inclusive you pick as is the case of the cruise ship you will pick. Everything you are looking for is relative to what you have experienced in the past. However, if you have known the best in anything don't expect to find it at an all inclusive. They work on turnover. They are an enclave and often fenced in to keep the bad guys out on some islands. There are many interesting places in St. Thomas and interesting places to stay. However it is not the safest place for the unwary and it is a long shot from what is was 50 year ago. BVI is more like the what the U.S. Virgins were at one time. This is slowly changing also. I think you are ok if you are looking for a single vacation destination. I don't know about the fun fun fun bit. With each other that is ok. With others, who knows. If this is the case, I think you might be disappointed. Again, who knows. If you have never snorkeled before and see a fish you will be happy. The food will be OK and you will be safe as long as you don't take the family jewels with you. Others suggest other things but you have to start somewhere and the Wyndham is not a bad name. I don't know where it is, but if it is nice it will not be in near anything.

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