St Kitts vacation with 5mo old & 2 year old

Dec 28th, 2017, 04:15 PM
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St Kitts vacation with 5mo old & 2 year old

My husband and I will be traveling to St Kitts with oour 5 month old and 2 year old. Ot is our first time traveling to St. Kitts and I am looking for advice, recommendations & to see if anyone has done this before with cjildren of similar ages?? Is this a good idea?? Thanks in advance!
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Dec 28th, 2017, 05:24 PM
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My granddaughter made her first trip to St. Kitts and Nevis when she was 8 months old - she’s been visiting every year since (she’s now 13) so yes, people travel to the island with children the same age as yours.

The thing to remember at ages 5 months and 2 years YOU will be your children’s main source of entertainment since you won’t find organized activities suitable for children in that age group.

For the most part letting them play in the sand and splash in the water will keep them pretty entertained as children that age don’t really need much else.

Keep in mind that the sun is quite strong so make sure you keep them well protected from the sun’s rays. Check with your doctor to determine if he recommends using sunblock on your 5 month old and what SPF will be OK for your 2YO.

Consider renting a villa or condo rather than staying in a hotel so your children will have more indoor space to play and their own bedroom for sleeping allowing you and your spouse some “free time” in the evenings after they’ve gone to bed. Also, you’ll be able to prepare some or all of your meals “at home” rather then having to pay for meals that they won’t really eat at restaurants. When you do go out for meals you’ll find most, if not all, of the more moderate places will be more “younger” child friendly than the more expensive upscale restaurants.

Have fun!
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Dec 28th, 2017, 10:37 PM
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Thanks for your input Roamsaround!!
Where would you recommend traveling with a 5mo old and a 2yr old? We’re just trying to have a fun low key vacation! In need of a getaway!!
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Dec 29th, 2017, 05:08 AM
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Not sure I understand your question. Are you asking "where" on St. Kitts you should go or by "where" do you mean someplace else in the world that your 5 month old and 2YO would enjoy?

The thing is 5 month old and a 2YO children won't care much where they go as long as they are with you and have a few toys to keep them mildly entertained. Remember at that age their attention span is short. There are few, if any, tourist locations that cater to children as young as yours. They will get just as much enjoyment playing in a sand box and/or playground at your local park as they would in some exotic locale. They are too young to even really appreciate theme parks like Disney World.

Choose a destination that you and your husband want to visit, make sure you bring strollers to make getting around easier, car seats for safety when they are traveling in airplanes (planes are moving at 400+mph) and rental cars and some of their favorite toys.
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Dec 29th, 2017, 10:20 AM
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First, questions.
How long is the trip?
When are you going?
Where are you flying from? Will you have a direct flight or have a layover?
Are you planning to shop for baby food, milk, etc. when you arrive or have someone stock the place before your arrival?
What do you hope to do? Sit by a pool and play with the little ones, play in sand and shallow water, drive around seeing the sights with the little ones in tow, doing some hiking and carrying them?

RoamsAround really is the expert, so remember, this is just my opinion and my experience, limited to visits. My DD lives on St Kitts, so I have been there several times for a week or more at a time, and stayed in three hotels and my DD's different homes.

It would not be my choice for a vacation with babies that age - unless I had a direct flight and could afford a condo at the Marriot, or a nice condo with a pool, terrace and BBQ, and could bring along a Grandparent to help with the babies and give me a break. Rent a two or three bedroom and pay their way

First, some Pros
It is really beautiful!
Locals are friendly and helpful.
English is spoken.
Renting a car and getting around is easy.
Taxis are not that expensive, IMO.
Wildlife is interesting.
Some direct flights from NY.
Direct flights from Miami
One nice beach

Cons - I am struggling with specifics.

It is just that many things are limited or inconvenient. I think looking after a baby and a toddler will just become a chore, more in St Kitts than at home, no break or rest for you if that is what you hope for.

You certainly would want a pool. The variety of beaches goes from a few nice sand to dark and pebbly and some rough water. Example, the Marriot has a great pool, and OK beach, but water too rough to play in with a two year old, just not great, fun water area with a toddler. The apartments at Timothy's are simple, but big and spacious. The beach at Timothy's is too pebbly to be good for really little ones and their pool is pitiful. I love the pool at Ocean Terrace, and the rooms with balconies, but the rest is not conducive to life with two babies. I think they do have some condo apartments though.

Having to get to the market and stock up on food is a bit of a pain in the neck. Even if you stay at a hotel like the Marriot, you will need stuff. In your own condo or house, you need everything, and if you forget something, it is not as if there is a market on every corner.

Downtown, as with many islands, is small and not that exciting to stroll and/or carry children. Thirty minutes and they will be bored, or if you are lucky, asleep.

If the baby will sleep in a carry seat or stroller, you can be out with the toddler, but if they both need a nap, you probably want to have a place where one of the adults can be inside for naps and the other still able to enjoy outdoors. Ideal would be a condo with a terrace and a "nice" pool with a good play area for a toddler.

Food. Also, IMHO, food on the island, even at so called good restaurants is very hit or miss. I had great fish at a tiny restaurant on a back street near the harbor and absolutely horrible fish at a highly recommended, expensive, place. It seemed to me, the more expensive, the worse the food. We had good sandwiches from a street vendor, but you won't be there to get them early in the day. Some of the beach shack food was very good, some awful. You have to provide most all of the food for your children, packing lunches if you go to the beaches or hoping they eat the burgers. Basically, how much work do you mind on vacation and still enjoy it? If you enjoy hanging out at home, BBQing, etc. it might be fine.

You would need to rent a car.

Every time we go, we see many people at the airport with huge coolers with frozen foods they are taking for their vacation.

I know this is a lot, but if you know going in, you can make a decision about what is good for you.
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Jan 4th, 2018, 11:08 AM
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I am also confused by your qns. If you haven't booked a trip already I would recommend that you pick a destination with a direct flight with your little ones. When my kiddo was 18 months we flew with our parents to Turks and Caicos and stayed at the Sands resort. I think you will find TC more expensive than St Kitts. But I would recommend it nonetheless for you. Most of the hotels are condo style units with a kitchen and living room area - super handy with the little ones. Most of the hotels are directly on Grace bay beach which is stunning (one of the best in the Caribbean). So essentially you take a few steps and you are at the beach. The hotels usually have an on site restaurant - otherwise there should be some in walking or a short drive away. Its recommended that you rent a car if you plan on visiting other restaurants on TC for safety in the late evening hours.
We rented a two bedroom unit and were able to squeeze in a couple date nights while on vaca.
If you rent a car a trip to Taylor bay or Sapodilla bay would be great with the kids because those beaches are just as spectacular and the water is 2 feet deep for 100s of yards so perfect for the little ones.
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Feb 8th, 2018, 04:07 PM
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Four Seasons Nevis

Thank you for all of the input. What about the Four Seasons on Nevis?
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Feb 8th, 2018, 05:05 PM
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Well, what is you want to know about the 4S Resort on Nevis?

It's a wonderful resort, and they are "family oriented". They have one of the best Children's Programs in the entire Caribbean although at 5 months and 2 years old your children are really too young to benefit from it. Getting to Nevis isn't going to be easy as there are no non-stop or direct flights from anywhere in the US. Depending on time of year and day of week you'll have to either fly into St. Kitts via Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte or JFK then take a ferry or water taxi to Nevis or fly into San Juan then take either Seaborne or Tradewinds Aviation into Nevis. Schedules may be such that you could have long or overnight layovers on route.
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Feb 9th, 2018, 06:17 AM
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It would really help with advice to have more info.
How much time do you have total? Time for flights and time on the ground?
Where are you coming from?
What is your budget total, or for airfare and nightly for lodging?
When do you plan to go?

As Roams around says, flights can be an issue to some of the islands. Look for a place with direct (non-stop) flight from near your home.

If you are wanting just some easy time, consider someplace on the Gulf Coast of Florida where beaches are wide and shallow, there are plenty of shops, etc.

Is there any place in the country where you have family willing to help out while you two relax, swim or explore?
If you rent a condo, is there anyone you could take with you who could take the little ones for a stroll to a park or watch them while they nap?

What about a nice hotel with a pretty pool in an interesting town where you could put the kiddies in strollers and walk, then spend the afternoon at the pool. There are many, but someplace like Charleston or Asheville? N.J. shore? Virginia Beach?Just throwing out an idea.

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