Sail charter Trip report- Very detailed

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Sail charter Trip report- Very detailed

3/14/2005 TO 3/25/2005
Patty’s Journal

Monday 3/14/2005 –Delta red eye flight – got about 2 hours sleep on the way to Atlanta. Jim & Jan Pack and Ken & I had breakfast at the airport with our 2 hour lay over. Took off on our three hour flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Landed on time to a beautiful sunny day.
Collected luggage then checked into Caribbean Sun Airlines for flight to Beef Island, Tortola. Small duel prop plane, weather turned foggy and rainy and we had to circle about a half hour to sneak down through the clouds for nerve racking landing.
Taxi ride to Road Town Village Cay Hotel. Nice place with bar and restaurant right on harbor. Very nice pool area with rock waterfall. Beautiful boats including our Lionheart docked here. Cruise ships docked not far away. Our room was simple with tile floors and small patio.
We had dinner here tonight in the open air harbor restaurant. I had a delicious large serving of Chicken Pasta Alfredo. Retired early tonight to catch up on sleep.
High 70’s, Light rain off and on. Nice night.

Tuesday 3/15/2005 - Woke up early even with the four hour time change. Ken and I had breakfast at our Hotel. I walked to the cruise ship open air flea market and bought a few things.
We all walked down to Bobby’s Market to check out where we would be getting our provisions. We bought some beer and wine for tonight. The produce and meats looked bad and very expensive. No fresh fish only frozen due to the reef poison bacteria that makes all the fish around these islands very poisonous.
When we got back to the Hotel Steve and Kathy Edde were there. They were staying 1 night before our sail. We all had lunch, Ken and I had a Jerk chicken sandwich, very good & spicy.
We walked to town in search of hats. Very heavy traffic, and they drive on the left side of the road. Saved Steve from getting run over by not looking the right way. Wandered through some shops and most of us bought a hat. Bought some mango tea at the spice shop and Kathy bought some water shoes.
When we returned to the Harbor we met our captain Mobsie. A cute 45 year old Aussie. He was doing last minute clean up for tomorrow’s sail.
Steve, Jim and I went over to Rite Way the other Grocery store to check out their produce and meats. What a difference in quality and price. We decided to buy most everything here including our beer, $18 a case as opposed to $24 a case at Bobby’s.
Stopped by the dive shop to make sure we get the right sizes of wet suits and BCD’s.

The pool area at our hotel was hosting an American Meat federation BBQ and wine tasting for all the local chefs. We met some nice people and they told us they had just cut some meat at Rite Way that’s why it looked so good. They gave us a large BBq Tri Tip for the cruise. Elizabeth Wanderlick is known throughout these islands, just mention her name and everyone knows her. NO, NO not what you’re thinking, she deals with all the stores and restaurants for ordering American Beef.
We all walked to Pusser’s for dinner and had Pizza, drinks and a fun time. They did know Elizabeth!

Mid 80’s day, perfect night.

Wednesday 3/16/2005 – Woke up early and walked down to an Italian café and had breakfast. Went back to the hat shop and bought a floppy Tortola boat hat for Ken.
Gary and Trish were at the hotel when we returned.
Met with Steve at 10:30, we were in charge of grocery shopping for the cruise. Caught Taxi to Rite Way. We bought Baby back ribs, Flanks steak, chicken and hamburger for Mexican night. They didn’t have Carib beer so we had to stop at Bobby’s on the way back. Steve my new shopping partner! We were a bit worried leaving $500 worth of groceries with the Taxi driver. As rude as the Road Town people are I was surprised to here that there was virtually no crime here.
Got back to Lionheart at 12:10 and everyone was loading up. Bobbies delivered their part of the provisions at 12:30. We won’t starve! All aboard and ready to start the adventure!
Mobsie had his ˝ hour orientation about safety, rules, and what to expect on this 48 Ft. Catamaran.
Ken and I stayed in the Starboard, Aft cabin, queen size bed, tiny bath, just about the same size as we had on the cruise in Belize. The Aft cabins had side windows with the beds across the back that made it good for air circulation. The Bow cabins were a bit bigger and had a bigger shower the beds were toward the center of the boat. Mobsie slept in the center bow cabin that had less head room standing but more headroom in bed. All of the cabins had air and a fan over the beds. The Galley was on the port side. Tons of eating and sitting area.

Sailed over to Salt Island and anchored in a beautiful Cove. Broke out the drinks, put in 10 CD’s on the random mode and we were in heaven. I had advised Jim to bring a sock for his glass bottle beer. He brought a sock, A regular foot sock!
An array of cheese and crackers for appetizers. Steve and I were in charge of Dinner tonight BBq’ed Flank Steak, fresh green beans, baked potatoes, salad with pine nuts and feta, garlic bread & Red wine. A great dinner!
Watched a beautiful sunset. We were down 2 cases of beer by the end of the night. The boat rocked us to sleep.
Mid 80’s, sunny

sday 3/17/2005 – Happy St Patricks Day! Heard what sounded like a baby crying on the island. Turned out to be wild goats. Fresh Pastries and Yogurt for Breakfast.
Ken, Jim, Trish and I suited up for our first dive. Mobsie dove with us in about 25’ to 30’ and went over some refresher training. Did a 40 minute dive and saw a lot of colorful fish. Everyone else snorkeled. Water was warm and calm.
Pulled anchor and sailed to The Baths on Virgin Gorda. Approaching The Baths was breathtaking, huge boulders sticking out of the crystal blue water and white sand beaches. Many boats around, found an open mooring and tied up. Trish and I made tri tip sandwiches for lunch.
Mobsie took us in the dingy over to the beach and left us with a 2 way radio. Snorkeled around the boulders. Gary snorkeled to the other beach, the rest of us hiked through the boulders, climbing ladders and rope walks, walking through water and caves and looking through peep holes out to the ocean. The waves and the light flickering through the holes in the rocks made an awesome sight. We arrived at the other beach and Gary wasn’t there. Trish went looking for him. Mobsie picked us up; we scanned the beach and finally found them.
Off to Long Bay, Virgin Gorda for the night. One of Mobsie’s little secret places. We anchored in a cove and there were 2 reefs we were able to snorkel to. I saw a large conch shell and sea cucumber close to the boat. We all saw a bunch of colorful fish, coral, a turtle and a huge lobster!
What a busy day! We all showered off the back of the boat (not together, not this time). Steve played his Irish music CD’s. Fixed cocktails, the hard stuff tonight (JD,
Gin & tonic, Scotch, rum drinks) & watched the gorgeous sunset.
I made spinach dip for appetizers, salad & garlic bread, Steve grilled the chicken and Jan fixed chicken
Alfredo pasta with broccoli. We had enough to feed 20 people! It was so good… saved some for another dinner. Jan brought 2 St Patrick’s Day table decorations to help set the mood.
I fished off the back with salami and caught a foot long little fighter reef fish.

Mid 80’s, sunny with occasional cloud, calm water.

Friday 3/18/2005 – Pulled anchor and headed off to Anegada Baby! Sail up, a little wind, a beautiful day.
Mobsie yells WHALE, as we all looked the whale breeched out of water a couple of times. It was a mother and calf humpback. Watched them swim along the top spouting for a while. Another Highlight!
After 3 hours we were at Anegada, a very flat island surrounded by a large dangerous reef. This is the 3rd largest reef in the world. I’ve been to the 1st largest, The Great Barrier, the 2nd, Belize Barrier reef, now the 3rd.
As we approached it was postcard pretty. Moored up, fixed sandwiches and chips for lunch. Mobsie took us over to Neptune Treasure to order dinner for tonight. They were out of fish! I ordered stuffed shrimp, Ken ordered crab cakes others ordered lobster and chicken.
Took a taxi to the other side of the island. Kathy not feeling well, but still came along. Paved road soon turned to dirt. Very dry and flat, cactus, Aloe, and brush landscape.
The Beach was lovely and went on forever, waves were breaking out on the reef in the distance. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect!
Snorkeling was difficult because of current, and the water was not as clear as Long Bay. Hit the beach bar for Painkillers! Kathy & Gunner found a hammock.
Taxi picked us up and we had him stop at the local neighborhood store for some Coconut extract to make Painkillers.
Trish, Jan and I walked a couple hundred yards near Neptunes to see the Pink Flamingo’s on the huge lake. They were on the other side and you could see the brilliant pink in the distance. Trish was waving her pink wrap to attract the birds over this way, unfortunately it didn’t work. 10-4ed Mobsie to pick us up.

Watching another beautiful sunset, drinking Mobsie’s delicious Painkillers! He makes a gallon at a time. Recipe 1 large can of pineapple juice, same amount of orange juice or orange mango juice, 1 can coconut extract then fill up the gallon with light and dark rum. No hangovers yet.
Headed back over for dinner at 7:00. Kathy still wasn’t feeling well and stayed behind to sleep. Stopped at another restaurant & bar on the way with gift shop, did a little shopping bought some post cards. The phone wouldn’t work to call the U.S. Took the Dingy back to Neptunes for dinner. Vegetables, rice, bread and cole slaw served family style and plenty of it. Some people had Lobster very big, delicious & pricey. Mondovi cabernet wine too. We enjoyed our dinner. Paid for Mooring on our dinner tab. $344 Total for everything. Steve slept in the sail sack tonight!

80’s sunny

Saturday 3/19/2005 – Another perfect morning and flat calm. We all woke up early; Steve said he had a great sleep in the sack.
We had to motor back across to The Dogs. Saw the whale and calf again. Mobsie shut off motor and we were watching for them to come up again. Very quite and peaceful. Then they surfaced about 250 yards from the boat, Mobsie jumped in the water and said he could here them. In just a few minutes we were all in the water floating on our backs listening to the whales. Mobsie was talking back to them . What an incredible experience! At first it was quiet then it began to get real loud, we all thought someone was blowing the conch shell on board, we couldn’t believe how loud they were. I rose up and starting swimming toward the boat, it was a little scary. Mobsie was so happy, he had never done this before and all the conditions had to be just right. After getting back on the boat we were still looking for them and they finally surfaced on the other side of the boat about 200 yards. We think they actually might have gone by right below us and that’s why it had gotten so loud. This experience we will never forget, a very magical moment!
Continued to Great Dog Island. We got a fish on while trolling, there was a big hunk bit out of him probably from a Barracuda.
Tied up to a mooring and when Jim was getting ready to dive his BCD and tank fell into the water, he jumped in with his 25 lb weight belt on, Mobsie came to his rescue. The current was strong here. Mobsie, Tricia and Jim dove through a plane wreck, how exciting!

Motored over to Great Camanoe Island – “Throw your wife away Bay” What a beautiful Gilligans island! Palm tree lined white sand beach and turquoise water cove.
We did a dive here and the others snorkeled. Jan got tangled up with some coral and got cut up in a few places. We all got to the beach and Mobsie, Steve and I hiked up to a Vista Rock. A pretty steep hike, we saw a goat skull on the trail. What a gorgeous view over most of the BVI islands in the distance.
Gunner got his money wet swimming over to the island so Trish hung the bills up to dry. Talk about money laundering!
We had Chicken Alfredo Pasta again for dinner and still had some leftover. Sunset was behind the island and still had a bright orange sky.
Jim, Gunner, Trish, Steve and I played poker. We used pasta shells for nickels and pull tab beer tops for dimes. We played every weird game under the sun. It looked like I came out the winner by beating Jim in a big hand toward the end. Hey guys you owe me! What an incredible unforgettable busy day.

Flat calm 85

Sunday 3/20/2005 – Woke up to another perfect morning. I was the first up and made coffee. Steve cooked “fisherman’s breakfast” eggs, bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, onions all in one skillet. Great way to start the day.
Off to Pusser’s Marina Cay to fuel up, get water and dive tank air. Pulled into dock, many boats moored around protected cove. Beautiful water surrounded small quaint 8 acre island with a Pusser’s general store, large happy hour bar, single story cabana style villas with views from all rooms, and restaurant. This would be a great place to spend a few days or a honeymoon. Some of us made our first calls home from here. Hotel prices here were high $230 per night.
The Pusser’s General store had a great variety of very nice clothes, accessories and gifts. Prices were not as bad as I would have guessed.
Set the huge spinnaker sail on our way to Little Lambert beach Tortola Jim, Steve, Ken, Trish, & Gunner helped with the sailing chores.
Little Lambert beach another one of Mobsie’s secluded secret coves. Everyone swam and kayaked into the beach. Heavy surf here compared to the other places. Trish and Steve Kayaked into the beach, a perfect landing. The others tried and the surf flipped them.
I stayed on board to read Mobsie’s around the world adventure Journal. Very interesting, I traveled to Sumatra, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, not bad for an hour’s trip. Sadly not enough time to read all of his journal.

Trish and Steve got back with Kayak, as they were pulling up, the Kayak flipped and Trish went under, as she tried to come up she kept hitting here head on the kayak. She had a head and neck ache for a while.
We had a Deli lunch spread and headed to Cane Garden Bay, Tortola. This is where Mobsie lives with his wife Sarah and 2 year old daughter Lucy. With Spinnaker sail up we were gliding through the water, very peaceful and quiet.
What can I say without being repetitious, another beautiful bay with many boats. Mobsie, Trish and I went to shore right away while everyone else choose to relax till dinner. We met Sarah and Lucy and their tiny baby chick at the dock. Lucy ran to her daddy for a hug. Mobsie is very lucky to have such a beautiful family and to live in such a gorgeous place.
Trish and I walked down the beach shopping all the small stands. I bought a beach sack for Lana and a bright yellow orange outfit from ‘One Love’ (the name of the seller) for myself.
There were about six different restaurants right on the white sand beach, with steep green hills as a backdrop. Mobsie said that the singer “Sting” was building the big house on the hill. Trish and I found a bar and both had a “sex in the bush”. Everyone was so nice here compared to Road Town. Road Town is just a 15 minute drive over the hill to the other side of the Island. This would also be a great place to spend a couple of days & nights.
Met everyone at the dock at sunset. What an incredible sight with the boat silhouettes and orange and reds dancing off the water.

Mobsie recommended a couple of places to eat and we chose the Sunday night beach BBQ at the Elm. Ribs, Chicken and Mahi Mahi with vegetables and curry rice for $15. Total came to $201 for everything! Great meal, Jim spilled most of it on himself. Steve and the Waitress Elthina both sang for us, I have to say Elthina sang better than Steve. Steve sang “Waltzing with Bears” a catchy tune that Jim, Jan and Kathy chimed in on. Kathy made friends with an island dog then made him cry by stepping on his tail.
A live band was playing good island music and most people here were locals including some of Mobsie’s friends. Jim and Jan danced, while Trish and I tried to figure out if the man we were looking at was David Letterman. ‘One Love’ showed up and was flirting with us girls.
Gunner and Jim went to the store for a beer run. They came back pushing a shopping cart they looked like the homeless.
As we walked back on the beach, on another gorgeous night, we stopped at a Karaoke bar. Steve and us girls danced on the beach. Tonight was a fun time for everyone, full of jokes and laughs.
Called Mobsie from home to tender us back to the boat. As we were getting into the dinghy Trish did a twirl flip a solid 8.2 point value, with some deducted for the landing.
Haven’t had to use air conditioning yet or the fan, very comfortable at night with windows open.

86 sunny some clouds…

Monday 3/21/2005 – The Usual breakfast spread consists of pastries, yogurt, fruit, granola or Raisin Bran, coffee and juices. Oh yeah, & Steve’s Bloody Mary’s.
Off to Sandy Caye and White Bay on Jost Van Dyke Island. Some clouds in the sky but mostly sunny in the 80’s. Seemed that the water was a little cooler over here.
Got to Sandy Caye at 10:00 am. The most picture perfect island I’ve ever seen. Very small with different shades of blue water, palm trees and white sand beach. We all swam to the beach. This is where Mobsie and Sarah got married. Some of us thought about getting married again. No pastor in sight! As we all walked the beach we thought about how lucky we were to be here.
Trish and I saw about four different kinds of fish, snorkeling by the boat. Kenny Chesney filmed one of his latest video’s here.
Got to White Bay at 1:00. Sandwiches for lunch then Mobsie took us over to ‘The Soggy Dollar Bar’ birth place of the ‘Painkillers.’ A very popular day party spot for boaters. There is also a motel here called the Sand Castle. Kenny Chesney also frequents this place, in fact his yacht was here today but he was on tour.
The beach bar also had a nice little shop where Kathy bought a tee shirt that read “My next husband will be normal”. I was tempted, but bought a great shell bracelet instead.
We started a bar tab and of course had Painkillers. We played an array of games and puzzles. Kathy made friends with an island dog again. Jan, Kathy and I walked the beach to a few shops. After paying our $80 bar tab we tendered back to boat.

Gary fixed dry baby back ribs tonight with a sprinkling of jerk spice and Steve fixed the rice. Good dinner and wine.
Steve, Trish and I stayed up late fishing. I caught some small reef fish on salami. Trish would call them by swishing the water and I would catch them. You could see them in the water the moonlight was so bright! It was almost a full moon and the stars were glistening. Trish though she had a fish on and found she had casted into the dingy and didn’t know it. Trish and I got up into the Sail sack to check out the comfort, very comfy. Fun night full of laughs.

85 Sunny

Tuesday 3/22/2005 – Happy Birthday Mom, and no place to make a call. Steve and I watched the sunrise this morning. Today was the windiest day so far and the waters were choppy.
We got under way at 7:30am and tacked back and forth to The Indians. It took about 2 ˝ hours to get there. The Indians were two huge rock islands just off Norman Island.
Trish’s head still hurt from the kayak incident, so Jim and I suited up for the dive together. Incredible fish, coral and colors! We dove around the rocks, down to about 45’. We saw the others above snorkeling. This was the best diving I’ve seen and couldn’t get enough. We swam through a cave tunnel and saw a school of large Jack, trumpet fish and a turtle. Jim knocked my air out of my mouth and I had to make a quick recovery. Did our safety stop, we were down about 45 minutes and seemed like 15.
Motored over to the caves and found a mooring. Three caves that you could snorkel in quite far. We had lunch then Trish, Mobsie and I we took the dingy over to Angel fish reef to dive. We dove following Mobsie he gave us a good tour and would write down on writing pad all the names of the fish and creatures he was pointing out. We saw a huge pair of angel fish, huge crab in a cave, parrot fish cocoon, a curious turtle, slipper lobster, jaw fish, and a Donkey slug to name a few. We were down about 45 minutes at about 45’.
We had lunch and Mobsie made more Painkillers we had to substitute plain orange juice with mango orange juice. We came up with a new name for it “Painlicker”. Because when Mobsie was hungry he said “I’m so hungry I could lick the stripes off a Zebra”.
We snorkeled into the caves, which got darker the deeper you got. This spot had huge rocks and sheer walls that the marine life attached itself to. Some saw the head of a large barracuda cleanly cut off. Mobsie was beside himself furious and said that the barracuda was friendly and couldn’t believe some one had killed it. This was a National park and it was against the law to kill or take anything.
Moved over to Water Point for the night. I made hot artichoke dip for appetizers. This mooring was also a good snorkeling place with fish and turtles right under the boat.
Mexican night for dinner, Jan & Kathy fixed super burritos, chips and salsa. We could have gone ashore but we were all tired tonight. Bedtime for everyone tonight at 9:45pm.

Breezy 85 choppy a.m.
Wednesday 3/23/2005 – Our last day, up early. Ken spotted a huge spotted Sting Ray swimming near the boat. Trish, Steve and I snorkeled near the Indians and saw schools of bright blue fish. We got under way to Peter Island to fuel up.
We were busy packing and trying to figure what food and drink to take to St Thomas. Pulled up to Peter Island and no fuel, Mobsie estimated usage and we arrived at Village Caye Marina at 11:30am. We were off the boat by 12:00.
We all wrote in Mobsie’s guest book and said our goodbyes. We really appreciated everything he did for us, and with us, especially the diving, the secret places and the making of the ‘PainKillers’.
Ken caught a taxi for all of the luggage and the rest of us walked to the ferry terminal. We purchased tickets for the 2:15 ferry to St Thomas and walked across the street to an Italian Café for lunch.
Boarded Ferry, a very fast ferry, only 50 Minutes to Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas. There were 5 cruise ships in port, quite a difference in the amount of homes and people compared to the BVI’s. Went through customs we were back in U.S. territory now.
Caught a van taxi for all of us. They dropped us off at the Island Beach Comber hotel. Gunner and Trish were leaving for home and went on to the airport. We said our goodbyes to our great new friends. We checked in to the best rooms in the house, right on the beach.! What a nice place with tropical gardens, beach bar & restaurant and a gorgeous white sand beach! Each room had a fridge for all of our beer, wine and left over food. The Airport was right across the street and once in a while you did hear the planes, but I would stay here again. Cost about $190 per night with taxes. Get Room 100 or 200 again.

We all took a real shower and enjoyed drinks and appetizers on the patio. I took my first nap of the trip. We had dinner in the open air Restaurant and brought our own wine. Large selection on menu, Ken & I had fish. Very good but small portions.

85 sunny

Thursday 3/24/2005 – We slept in this morning. I walked the beach and checked out the Best Western hotel next door. Nice place with most rooms overlooking the water. Cereal and coffee for breakfast. Took a swim then got ready to go to downtown shopping.
I walked to the open air $1 taxi and rode with the locals to town. I was looking for a gift for mom and an anniversary new wedding ring setting for myself. After seeing a lot of beautiful jewelry I settled on a Caribbean topaz for mom. Found a couple of settings I liked before deciding on a very artsy 18 karat white gold ring with 1 carat of princess diamonds. They set the prong for my Marquise diamond.
Bought Isabel (Jim & Jan’s Grandbaby) a Caribbean alphabet poster. I bought a map of the Virgin Islands for myself. I was startled, as someone grabbed by ass, it was only Jim. They had come down to shop also. They came with me back over to the Cardow Jewelry shop. Kathy bought a beautiful thick gold necklace with a gold and diamond slide. They served us beer while we shopped. Could have gone crazy here with the cheap prices. We all caught the local taxi back at 5:00pm to get ready for dinner.
Cleaned up, had more drinks and appetizers then caught the taxi to ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’ for dinner.
Nice place the locals come to on the Harbor. Very good food and large portions. I had the best stuffed yellow tail ever! Everyone enjoyed their meal and best of all Jim picked up the tab! The Beachcomber was hosting a wine tasting and art show tomorrow night, Steve and Kathy were staying an extra night and would be able to enjoy. They were also going to explore St John. I really wish we had an extra day to explore St. John. Good reason to come back.

Friday 3/25/2005 – Up at 7:00 to pack. Had coffee, said our goodbyes to our wonderful new friends Steve and Kathy, and we were off to the airport. We checked in and had breakfast at the airport café. Jan and I had an island treat called Johnny Cakes. They were like a plain cake donut filled with cheese and ham, so good and cheap $1.60 each I got a few to go.
Boarded small prop plane and headed for San Juan. Many islands all along the way and what a great view from the plane windows. Short 20 minute flight. Landed and checked into Delta with our bags.
Caught taxi, wanted to do some shopping and have lunch. Little did we know the whole country shuts down for Good Friday, even the Casino’s. We ended up at the Ritz Carleton by the pool and beach, just relaxing and listening to the band. Very nice place but too crowded for me. Jan and I managed to find a deli place open down the street and brought back wraps and flat bread sandwiches for lunch. Stayed for about 3 hours.
Caught our plane on time to Atlanta, watched the ‘Incredibles.’ In Atlanta our plane was 2 hours late. Got home at 2:30am, fell asleep with the rocking motion of the boat. Had Tropical dreams.

One of my best vacations ever with some great people!

Everyone’s ailments

Jan’s attack Coral
Patty’s bug bites
Trish’s kayak head and neck ache
Jim trying to drown himself
Ken the buoyancy bobber
Steve’s broken glasses, & birth control glasses
Kathy calling for Ralph
Gunner’s tight braids
Steve’s diagnosis as a liberal
Patty’s swollen ankles
Ken’s bruised foot
Mobsie’s broken toe that Jim stepped on
Kathy’s broken rib, from Jim’s bear hug
Trish’s 8.2 twirl summersault into dingy
Jim’s chapped feet
Steve’s obsession with ‘Waltzing with Bears’
Jim’s bad poker play
Gary’s sunburn
Jan’s 2 hour seasickness
Steve’s fast growing hair
Patty’s oven burn blistered hand

Diving around Norman Island
Swimming and hearing the Whales
The Sunsets
The Hike up to the Vista
Poker night
Late night with Trish & Steve
Dancing on the Beach
Garden Cane Bay
Sandy Caye’s Beauty
Soggy Dollar Day
The wonderful on-board meals
The Great music
Shopping with Steve
The Great friends
Beach BBQ
The Jokes & Laughs
Pink Flamingo’s & Trish’s pink wrap
Island Beach Comber
Hook, Line & Sinker
The Lionheart
Steve’s taste for Baaluut
Kathy’s island dogs

Comment’s and notes
Didn’t drink as much water as we thought, used most of it to make coffee. Bought 24 gallons, used 19.
It did cut down on cost to bring some items. Next time I would still bring cheeses, snacks like trail mix, nuts and granola, spices and coffee. I would buy everything else at RiteWay.
Bought 11 cases of beer, 10 would have done fine. All bottles!!! We didn’t drink any Tequila, we had too many other choices. Would need more bottles of Rum and some coconut for Painkillers. Bought 17 bottles of wine 8 white, 9 red. Only drank wine at dinner. Next time 8 red and 4 white should do. Not much food left over. 3 or4 dinners on board and the rest on shore would be good. Even having a big lunch on shore and appetizers for dinner would be good.
Total costs for food about $335 per couple for the week and $136 per couple for eating out twice. Not bad!

Price went up by $400 per couple for the exact trip in the future.

Total costs for trip $1700 per couple boat
$335 food
$136 dinner out
$56 water & fuel
$17 for moorings
$20 Soggy dollar bar
$386 dive gear
$1440 flight
$185 Hotel 1 night
$4275 total

We stayed 4 extra nights total, took taxi’s, had meals out and took the ferry to St. Thomas. Our total cost would have been $4785, if not for using our miles on Delta for our flights. Still not bad for an 11 night tropical vacation with everything included!

What I would do again, everything. What I would want to do and see the next time.
• Stay 3 nights at the end
• Explore and stay on St John
• Stay at Garden Cane Bay before cruise.
• Shop for all the groceries instead of provisions
• Dive the Rhone wreck
• Go to the full moon party
• Explore Virgin Gorda
• Baths, Soggy Dollar, Norman Island, Sandy Caye
• Visit other islands & Mobsie’s secret spots

See pictures at (search puckett)
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Thank you for that wonderfully detailed trip report. I have to tell you I am just sick at heart to read about that barracuda at Norman Island. He was very well known and I even have a picture that I took of him in January, 2002. Even then, he was well over 4 feet long. He must have grown even larger since then. I cannot tell you how many tour boats he has greeted and entertained. Barracudas are highly territorial so it is surely the same one. Whoever did it is a stupid, cursed wretch. I just don't understand it. Such a tragedy.
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Thanks for the wonderful detailed report. We are doing our second land based trip to the BVI in Nov this year and are very excited.
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What an awesome, detailed trip report. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks so much for sharing!
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Thank you so much for your wonderful and detailed report!

I enjoyed the description of your "listening to the whales" experience the most. Sounds like a once in a liftetime trip. Have only done a day sail, so I'm really going to have to consider chartering for at least a week.

Thanks again.
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I think I somehow missed this thread when it first posted in 2005, so thanks for resurrecting it. I enjoyed it very much--I can't imagine how purely thrilling it would be to be in the same water as those whales and listen to their singing.

I never met the local barracuda you mention, but it still sickens me to read of the wanton killing.
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