Restaurant Advice in Anguilla Please

Jun 1st, 2000, 11:57 AM
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Restaurant Advice in Anguilla Please

Would appreciate a rundown from past Anguilla visitors on the best restaurants there. We are staying at Cuisinart, but would like to try others too. Thanks
Jun 1st, 2000, 06:15 PM
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We have been to Anguilla several times. There are wonderful restaurants in Anguilla, some of the best in the Islands. Good restaurants include Mango's, Blanchards, Pimm's at Cap Juluca (once it reopens), Straw Hat, Koal Keel (if it reopened after last year's hurricane) and the restaurant at Cinnamon Reef--to name a few. Enjoy!
Jun 2nd, 2000, 04:51 AM
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Yes there are wonderful restaurants-Pimms and Koal Keel are still closed. I also recommend Mangos,Blanchards,and Straw Hat. We also enjoy Leduc,Trattoria Tramanto(great spot -love to sit at lunch looking at the water,sipping wine as they play Sarah Brighton and light opera) A new spot overlooking Cap Juluca is Sapphire-go to for a current posting of their menu,and others from Bob Green's meuu ai. Cuisunart is excellent we were there in April. Silly cay -quite fun and great lobster. There are many choices. I am sure you will enjoy. We have been to the island 7 times-It is one of the Best!!
Jun 2nd, 2000, 08:32 AM
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My husband and I just returned from our first visit to Anguilla a week ago. Here's our rundown:

Oliver's - absolutely fabulous. relatively new, very romantic, wonderful staff, excellent food.

Mango's - great, but Oliver's was better.

Hibernia - the food was superb, but the owner, who waited on us, could have been a little more inviting! I still recommend it highly. It's touted as one of the best on the island. Very innovative menu with an Asian twist.

Arlo's - Bad. My husband was served bad crayfish and had to send them back, and my lasagna was only okay. Dessert was good, though.

Ripples - a MUST. Reasonably priced, GREAT food, excellent atmosphere. We ate there twice.

Smokey's - excellent for lunch. Great local fare, great beachfront location, very reasonable.

Anguilla Old House - eat here for local fare only. That's what they do best!

Tasty's Cafe - best pancakes I ever had. Eat here for any meal. Cheap.

Cedar Grove - PHENOMENOL. Was nearly empty when we arrived - it's very hard to find, so get directions when you call to make a reservation. The GM of the resort waited on us. At our request, they set a table out on the patio next to the water. Great night. Eat here!! Cedar Grove and Smokey's are run by the Koal Keel people, and with Koal Keel still closed, it seems as though they have put all their energy into Cedar Grove. Bravo!

Rafe's - at the Overlook. Great view, VERY cheap chicken and ribs. Lots of locals.

Scilly Cay - by far the best lunch we had on the island. Incredibly expensive, but I guess you're paying for the whole experience. Worth it. We paid $96.00 for bbq chicken, lobster, and a couple of rum punches. But oh, was it good!

Tratorrio Tramanto - GREAT! Wonderful owners and fabulous food.

Be sure to make reservations, but during the slow season, you can probably wait until you get there.

Bon Appetite!

Jun 2nd, 2000, 11:49 AM
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My husband and I have also recently returned from Anguilla -- our first trip but it certainly won't be our last. We had very good food every place we ate but I believe the best food was at Malliouhanna. It was also easily the most expensive. They have a very large wine list but our first two choices they were out of. I guess it's easy to have a large list if you don't actually stock the wine! And the maitre d' was a bit snobbish (seemingly because we weren't staying at Malliouhanna) but the setting was lovely and the food exquisite. I would have been happy with that food in any restaurant in the world.

Other recommendations: Oliver's (and Oliver is quite charming), Straw Hat, Blanchard's, Sapphire, LeDuc, La Veranda and definitely Tasty's for breakfast and/or lunch. We lunched most days at Uncle Ernie's at Shoal Bay East where you can get a large plate of ribs, fries and coleslaw for $6 US. A great bargain on Anguilla! The experience of Scilly Cay was okay, not great. I guess it depends on the crowd. We went on the recommended day, Sunday, and the crowd was pretty sedate. The food, however, was quite good. I think my mistake may have been in having only one rum punch!

I'm sure you'll have wonderful dining experiences as well as a wonderful time overall. It's a great island!
May 8th, 2001, 09:44 AM
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I am leaving for Anguilla early June - I assume that is the slow season and that I do not have to make reservations in advance? Or should I make reservations now to take advantage of the best tables (e.g., with the best views).

What is the dress code for many of these restaurants mentioned?


May 8th, 2001, 11:01 AM
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Realizing that the original post is almost a year old, maybe it would be a good thing to start a new thread with updated info and maybe some of the restuarants have changed - ?
For example, in December we found CuisinArt less than wonderful. Very expensive and not very good but the Med Cafe and the Hydroponic Cafe were good for lunches.
Came away from Blanchard's very unimpressed and not sure what the hype was all about other than they wrote a book and got oddles of publicity. It was good but not nearly as good as some of the others!
Found that "resort casual" was the mode of dress for "upscale" places - long pants for men with collered shirt and dresses or resort casual for women. In December we made reservations once arriving on island (since there were ones we definitely wanted to go to) and then juggled if someone wasn't open or full the night we picked! Don't know how busy it is right now!
May 9th, 2001, 03:28 AM
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Hi Ed-You will have a great time on Anguilla. I would suggest making reservations because it gives the restaurant information on how late etc. they will stay open. We recently discussed this with Alan the owner of Trattoria and he told us when it is very quiet he will close early. I have always found the "popular" restaurants, even off season are always busy. However, we always make our reservations when we are on the island, and it is not a problem. The only problem we have is trying to remember what night our favorites are closed!
As Karen stated the dress code for upscale places is resort casual. Have fun!
May 14th, 2001, 10:52 AM
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This doesn't exactly pertain to restarants on Anguilla -- but, I'm curious to know if anyone has an experience (staying or dining) at Frangiapani? I'm headed there in 2 weeks.
May 24th, 2001, 01:59 PM
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We just returned from Anguilla. We walked down to frangapani from the Malliouhana and had lunch one day. It is on a beautiful beach and the lunch was very very good! The hotel looked very charming too and the staff seemed friendly. Enjoy!

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