Resort Ideas

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Resort Ideas

My husband and I are planning a trip to the Caribbean for a special joint 50th birthday. We have heard good things about: Petit St. Vincent, Palm Island Resort, Young Island Resort and Calabash Hotel in Grenada. Does anyone have experience at any of these, or ideas re a private special holiday resort that isn't too large or busy? We already have tickets to Barbados, so would prefer a location accessible from there.
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I know that I seem to be in a minority who chose to post negatively about PSV and maybe my experience there was cooled by having too high expectations. The little glitches that sometimes happen are easy to turn around but PSV is one of the few places that we had several discussions whether to hang in or head elsewhere. We chose to hang in only because of logistics and not because of the resort! Our loudest and longest complaint was the food and when there is no option to eat elsewhere, it can make for a hungry time! Dinners were terrible and consistently cold - even in the pavilion if you were seeking a better dining experience than the one served chilled in your room (one would have thought that the warm air might have heated it a bit on the way! Even compared to Caribbean "gourmet" standards, they fell miserably below the mark of eatable some nites. That silly flag system just didn't cut it. Have you ever been to a place where when you needed toilet paper, you had to put up a flag and fill out a requisition? And spend part of your day filling out forms for any and everything? Talk about scheduling and rigidity! One morning after waiting 45 minutes for the requested/requisitioned transportation, I was told that I had to understand that guests were being served breakfast! I don't think I had to understand anything! I should sit and wait until they decide that they can take me down to the beach huts when all I wanted to do was beach it? Even more disappointing was the fact that when we arrived planning to at least take the trip to the Tobago Cays, the one and only boat was booked solid with "private" trips. I guess the seasoned travelers there know to book it in advance and, no, alternates cannot be arranged. It had some wonderful moments mostly those on the private small areas with a hammock and the beach and the early morning coffee but overall, I found PSV way out of line in pricing for what they offered (other than very nice comfortable cottages - and some in pretty crappy locations!) and certainly not worth the effort of the multiple connections and expense to get there!
We were so glad to be back on Barbados where we could get a decent dinner!
But, bear in mind that I am a lone dissenter (altho I have had lots of emails agreeing) but some seem quite hesitant to post the negatives since the hype builds it up so! I've just returned from Cap Juluca and the owners of PSV should take a trip to see what a high end luxury resort should be and do some staff training with the some of the staff who if they smiled I am sure that their face would have cracked!
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Just want to let Karen know that i agree with her.I stayed there on my honeymoon in 1983 and it was lousy.In fact,we demanded a refund ,and got it!!
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Am surprised at the lack of responses since there are several who usually post here who love PSV and the other spots. Maybe you could repost with PSV v Palm v Young in the subject line and get more answers since the subject is often what makes someone open and answer. You can also check www.scubamom for her reports. Good luck!
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Lois Swanson
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Hi Cathie,

We stayed at Calabash Hotel in Grenada about 4 years ago and really enjoyed it. We had a wonderful room closest to the Caribbean you could get -- upstairs. Breakfast was served in our room daily (very romantic). They had a gorgeous pool there also. The food was very gourmet (one of the reasons we stayed there) and at that time we were not disappointed. The man who owned the resort, Clive, treated us wonderfully. We were only there 3 nights as a "getaway" while we spent the bulk of our time in Barbados.

In reading your note, you will be in Barbados also, and this worked out very easily as there are frequent flights between the 2 islands. It's not quite as remote as the other places you mention that might be a little harder to get to.

Although we have friends in Barbados who have been encouraging us to sail to Petit St. Vincent sometime when we visit Barbados. It's very quiet and tropical.

Write me directly if you want more specifics.
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The poster does not mention where she stayed on PSV - I would hope that not all places would be the same!! Can you shed some light on where you stayed. I am planning our 25th anniversary trip, and PSV was high on my list........I am wondering now if I should reconsider???
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paula, if you are reseaching PSV you know that there is only one resort and it is PSV. So, not sure what you mean by where someone stayed on PSV?
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We went to PSV in Jan 2001 and it was everything I wanted it to be. Secluded beaches was at the top of my list. Food was ok and not our priority. Our cottage was great and very private. Ate breakfast and dinner every day on our patio with an awesome view! Some loved it - some didn't. But not everyone is looking for the same thing in their beach experience. Go to their website at to check it out. PSV IS the island so nothing else is there!
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When are you guys going because we are leaveing to the Petit St. Vincent on the 14 of Feb. WE will tell you how it is.

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