Paradise Island

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Paradise Island

The tip to stay at the Comfort Suites is right on. Literally 2 minutes from Atlantis and ALL was included. Atlantis is amazing resort! Didn't mind the pricey food there since we saved so much with our lodging!

Stuart Coves runs a top shelf snorkeling trip.
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Thanks for the vote of confidence Bobbi! Have booked the Comfort Suites for my family. You were not disappointed about not being directly on the beach?
I've heard Robert refer to "Bahama Divers" here. Where did you have to go to get to Stuart Coves? Where did they take you snorkeling? Was it a full day excursion?
Any additional info you can tell us about your trip would be great.
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Trisha, not disapointed at all. If you stay at Atlantis, it is so huge that your rooms may have a view of the beach, but your are surely not"on the beach".

Stuart Coves picked up us at the hotel, drove approx. 30 mins to their dive site (not sure where). Our crew was funny, friendly and on top of things. We went to 3 snorlke sites...saw several eagle rays...they have a "shark dive" and basically good snorkeling for this time of year. We took the 1/2 day trip...definetly rent wet suits ($5 per). I can't compare them to Bahama Divers, sorry.
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Thanks Bobbi!
I will make a note of the Stuart Coves group.
Can't wait for my sons to try snorkeling!
Have a great day, Tricia
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Hi, tricia; I went on the snorkeling trip with Stuart's Cove this past Xmas. They picked us up at the OHI on West Bay Street. Bahama Divers will also pick you up at the Comfort Suites, and even teach the resort course for SCUBA at the CS pool. Stuart's Cove takes you to several neat reefs...great for snorkeling. I rcommend you wear a wetsuit because it increases your bouyancy and you can float effortlessly over them. Gouldings Cay is a nice reef, but the second one on their excursion is even better, called______? Elvis Reef. You anchor off Goulding in a huge snow white sand with green flat/turtle grass flat bed, and see the corals rise above it about 80 feet away. Then, you swim over the grass bed right on top of the coral reef, which grows up to the surface. You never know what ocean creatures will cruise by. Many reef fish amongst the coral. Then Stuart's Cove topped it all off with a "shark dive" by the Bahama Mama Wreck, just offshore from their dock area(where movie "Flipper" was filmed. They lower a chum bucket down, and don't feed the sharks, like they used to. Then, they throw out the line and you snorkel out over the cruising Caribbean Reef Sharks below you. About 28 showed up, some over 8 feet long. A huge grouper also shows up along with yellow-tail snappers. You'll enjoy it, which ever dive op you go to. Robert
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Thanks for the info Robert.
I read all your posts re: the Bahamas, and appreciate you sharing your experiences!
Can I assume that either Stuart Coves or Bahama Divers is a good choice for first time snorkelers (my kids). We'll be there for a week, so perhaps we could try each group. Tricia
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Tricia; Good idea to try them both, just for the trip to opposite ends of New Providence, and both ops will pick you up and drive you back. Both class A ops and safe. Call Bahama Divers the night before and inquire where their snorkeling trips are going the next day. If they go to these places...TAKE YOUR KIDS THERE:
I don't know if they snorkel Barracuda Shoals, because my wife and I scuba'd there, but it is a great shallow reef, too. It never goes deeper than 30 feet, and is a healthy reef, with 3 reefs in a triangular formation with many colorful corals and sponges We saw Groupers, angelfish, filefish, schools of grunts and snappers, southern stingrays and baracuda.
Most definately, snorkel the Fish Hotel. We scuba'd this too but it's so shallow that snorkeling trips must go there. It was overcase but thousands of bluestriped grunts lit up the area with the dim light reflecting off them. Hunddreds of thouseand of "silversides" or chub, anchovies, etc. swirl by like a silver wall. These small fish signify a healthy reef, and plenty of jacks and other predator fish show up. Many sea fans, or soft coral, wave in the slow current. Depth begins at only 10 feet, and the Bahamians call the area Fish Hotel because they claim the fish check in and forget to check out.

They also snorkel at Thunderball Reef.Do not miss this one! It starts in only 5 feet of water. Many Hollywood films were made here, and ath James Bond movies were all done here.the coral is beautiful, including staghorn and elkhorn coral. Reef fish are plentiful.

Dittoer the above for Cannonball Reef, where many Hollywood films were made. Get a reef fish book for the Caribbean, not Pacific Ocean, and look at pictures and read about the habits of French and Grey Angelfish, sergeant major(which you see in the cruise ship TV adds), all kinds of grouper and squirrel fish, including octopus, stingrays, and the clawless spiny lobsters(which Red Lobster Restaurants air in TV for the effect in commercials marching in a line which they do, but then show families eating Maine Lobster(with claws)on the dinner plate and which don't move like that!), and the majestic Queen Angel fish abounds on this reef. My Gad! I got away from myself. At any rate, call them the night before and see where their heading. Most snorkeling trips will be in the afternoon, so you have time to get ready. Whew! Robert
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Robert, once again, a big thanks!!
I printed out your last response to reference, and getting a "reef fish" book is a great idea!
Love learning new stuff while on vacation. Tricia

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