MyMoosie's Hotel Hopping Report - Grenada

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MyMoosie's Hotel Hopping Report - Grenada

Hi everyone! I thought I would get a jump-start on my trip report (at least the accommodations part) since I tend to slack off in writing them in a timely manner after coming home. ;-) Hopefully some parts of this will be helpful to those in the midst of planning their vacation. Here's the first part of my hotel-hopping adventure in the Isle of Spice!

Petite Anse Hotel - Located in the northern part of Grenada
What a beautiful, charming property! I’ve heard so many great things about this hotel from my friends on the island that I decided to check it out and stay for a night. Now I wish I stayed for a few more days. It is so peaceful and relaxing. The cottages are set on the hillside, but the great thing is that the hill is not too steep so it is not a pain in the-you-know what to go up and down to the beach. The beach is a bit rough for swimming, but it is so nice to just walk the little cove back and took all the stress away!

I stayed in the Sorrel cottage which is closest to the pool and restaurant/bar area. It was perfect, as I wanted to be closer to where there are some people as I was traveling alone. The cottage was very nicely furnished, with a four poster bed and a mozzie netting. There is a/c in the room, but you can also choose to open the windows and french doors and enjoy the constant breeze. I love the wood floors, and the colorful bedspread. This is what a Caribbean room should feel like!

In the room there is a mini-fridge which is really great to have. They provide you with a bottle of water, plus milk if you wish to make tea in your room. There is also a safe in the room, although it looks a bit small for a laptop. I didn’t bother putting my stuff in it. There is high-speed internet connection, but not wifi. They will lend you an Ethernet cable if you forget to bring yours. (As a side note, if you really want wifi, consider getting an Apple Airport Express. Easy to set-up. I usually travel with one and set-up my own wifi connection.)

The bathroom is plenty big. The water pressure in the shower is fantastic!! They provide you with lovely bath gel, shampoo, and conditioner.

I love this place and will definitely come back for a longer stay in the future. The staff are warm and friendly. I met and chatted with the owner, Philip, who is so laid-back and down-to-earth. That’s what I love about this property…beautiful and classy, yet it retains that Caribbean feel to it. And very unpretentious! My kind of place. ;-)

If you are looking to see and explore the northern part of Grenada, or just want to get away to a peaceful setting, Petite Anse gets 2 thumbs up from me! Or stop by and have a drink and enjoy the views. If you like fruity drinks like me, be sure and have one of Devon's Banana Gordon cocktail...or fruit punch...or Yellow Bird cocktail...very refreshing!

I will post photos in the next day or so…

Stay tuned…next stop, Spice Island.
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Sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to your photos.
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Sounds great! You're down there for a wedding, right? I didn't realize you were traveling solo for this trip.

I'm still bummed that we're missing each other by mere days this summer--I would so love to meet you, Kris!

Enjoy the rest of your time on Grenada. On June 6 I'll pick up where you leave off!

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Hi Emily! Yes, you will have to pick up and do what I didn't get to do. ;-) I just met drbob and his niece for a drink. We missed meeting you for sure.

Yep, I'm going to a wedding on Saturday at True Blue. Then off to Carriacou for a couple of nights on Sunday. When hubby is not with me, I go out galavanting around. LOL. So you must be counting down, right?!
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Can't wait to see your pictures--they get better and better with each trip! 8-)
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Spice Island Beach Resort - Located on Grand Anse Beach
I was seduced by the heavenly bed, the beautiful sands of Grand Anse, and the views of town beyond…What can I say, I’m not a cheap date. I LOVED SIBR! There I said it, don’t hate me. LOL.

The staff are very welcoming from the moment I stepped foot in their reception area. The service is polished, yet warm and friendly. Not snooty at all like I thought it would be. Everyone greets you by name and with a smile. Sir Royston Hopkin (the owner) and his son Ryan (the Asst. Manager of Operations) went up to each table at dinner and introduced themselves and made sure you were enjoying your stay.

I was in room 10, a Seagrape beachfront room, which opens directly onto the sands of Grand Anse. Aaaah…heaven. The less steps to the sand, the better for me, so it was absolutely perfect. The room was spacious with everything you can ask for, except for wifi, but there is hi-speed internet service with an ethernet cable readily available. The only thing is that the cable is very short ,meant only for your use on the desk. So if you want to surf the net while sitting on the sofa or bed, you will either need a longer ethernet cable, or I would highly suggest carrying an apple airport express and creating your own wifi access point.

The room has a king-sized bed with a pillowtop mattress, fluffy pillows, and a nice duvet. Yes, I know, it’s the tropics, but the room has central a/c so you really need that duvet. There is a sitting area, a flat screen tv, a dvd player (you can checkout movies from reception), a coffeemaker, tea kettle, a toaster, and a mini-bar. The bathroom has dual sinks, a separate shower, and a nice-sized whirlpool tub. There is a skylight in the bathroom which is really nice.

The patio has a small table, perfect for having breakfast, and a built-in bench/bed thingy. Right in front they set up 2 lounge chairs, there is a hammock for each room, then additional loungers setup closer to the beach in the shade. I really liked that they do not have a fence on the beach, so the setup is unobtrusive. The mini-dune is sort of the invisible barrier to the public. A few beach vendors did approach me, but they were polite and took a no thank you for an answer, or we just chatted about my visit on the island.

The food is expensive if you are not on an AI plan. Continental breakfast is $20, Hot breakfast $30; My lunch tab averaged $60 for an entrée, dessert, and a drink. Dinner is table d’hote and is $75 not including drinks, so my tab with one drink was roughly $100. This is all for a solo person. More on the specifics of the food in my dining report.

I LOVED SIBR! Oh wait, I already said that. LOL. Yes, I loved it so much, I extended my stay for another day. I was only supposed to stay for 2 nights, but I couldn’t bear to leave. I feel like I am cheating on my family at Lance Aux Epines Cottages.

Now I understand how people would pay this much money for a hotel room. I can also see how people would be seduced by this place to never leave the resort, which is the one drawback that I see, as the guests don’t seem to venture off the property to explore the rest of the island. Dear J is jealous that he is not here to enjoy this holiday. I did vow that when we return, we will stay here part of the time so he too, can know what all the hoopla is about at SIBR. And yes, it is all that, and then some!

Next stop: Hotel Laurena in Carriacou...
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Your report on SIBR had me grinning all the way through it! My husband and I have never stayed there, but we always make a point to each lunch a couple of times whenever we visit Grenada. They must have raised their prices, though, because our lunches, while pricey, were less than what you quote for one person. Unless you're talking EC$, but I think their menu prices were in US$...

Anyway, it's really seductive, isn't it? All of that posh service with none of the snooty attitude? If we had money to spare so that we could afford to stay at SIBR on the AI plan and still have plenty of money to spend at local restaurants when we wanted to dine away, I'd probably do it. But we don't have that kind of money, and I love the other places where we stay on the island.

But there really is something special at SIBR--the food is great, the ambience is just lovely, and the staff are wonderful. I'm glad to hear that the rooms live up to the standards that the restaurant and public areas raise.
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I LOVE this trip report. It's so DIFFERENT. You're giving me great ideas, although my husband would say BAD ideas!! LOL
I have eyed SIBR for such a long time. It used to be offered on LL but I haven't seen it in awhile though.
I can't wait to see your pics!
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mymoosie, you lucky devil! Sounds like you are having a good time! Can't wait to see the pics too, as I live vicariously through you on these wonderful Grenada trips!

Peace, Greenie
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Hi everyone! I'm going to deviate from the topic a bit. I'm so proud of myself for this adventure that I had to show it off.
Ever since blamona mentioned Mopion, I have been fascinated with getting to it. So I figured this time around, I am going there no matter what! So here are a couple of pics of this "adventure".

Mopion - a tiny spit of sand in the Grenadines, between Carriacou, Petit Martinique, and PSV.
The conditions were not perfect for taking photos. It was cloudy and the waters were quite choppy.

Ok, I don't usually like to show photos of me, but this time I had to prove that I made it here!

Because this is the boat that got me from Carriacou to Mopion. The little Piglet that could...
I am petrified of being in a small boat, let alone in open ocean water, with no life vest!! There was a bit of a front moving through when we pushed off from Carriacou. I'm sure it was only a 15 minute ride, but it felt like it was forever... riding up the waves and slamming back down hard, over and over. No cushion on the wooden bench and hanging on so tight my knuckles were white (blamona - my back, b*tt, and arms are not liking you right now. LOL. ;-) )

We didn't stay for long unfortunately. 3 catamarans pulled up in their dinghies and took over the cay. They were boatloads of French folks who had sailed in from Martinique.
I was hoping for a handout of baguette, brie, and champagne, but all they gave us was 1 Carib beer to share! Oh well, drinking before noon can't be all that bad. Cheers!
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