Move to bahamas

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Move to bahamas

Hello me and my girlfriend live in Sweden and we are planing to move to the beautiful bahamas. Our dream is to live on a beautiful Island and just live our lives there. So we would be so happy if someone could help us and tell us how it is there because we have never been there. Is it possible for us to move there do we need a green cars first?. Is it Hard to move there?. Is it expensive to rent a apartment?. How is the health care is it expensive to?. We was planing to live on a boat to if the apartments were expensive to rent. We love scuba diving so we wanted to work with that in the bahamas. Can somebody who knows anything or maybe lives on the bahamas tell us how it is and answer our questions thank you best regards!
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First - Take some advice from someone who retired to the Caribbean: DO NOT move to an island you've never been to before. Best to visit for an extended period BEFORE making any final commitment. Island live is very different from where you now live. Many people try it only to find out it's not for them. Every island is different and after visiting you may find you like some islands and dislike others. Better to find this out BEFORE rather than AFTER you make your move. For what it is worth, we visited over 20 different islands before we found one that suited us.

Second - Where in the Bahamas are you considering? There are over 800 island and cays in the chain some are very remote where living can present a challenge. The larger more populated islands are easier but usually will be more expensive. Keep in mind, it is not all "palm trees, beaches and pina coladas". You have to deal with all the same everyday chores that you do where you now live and you'll find it can take twice as long to get those done.

Third, you can't just show up and take up residence. You have to comply with all the local immigration laws. Non-belongers (i.e. those who are not citizens) must make a minimum investment of $500,000US in property in order to gain Permanent Residency. Also, having residency does not give you the ability to work. For that you will need a Work permit which is difficult to get. You have to have a "unique skill" and find an employer willing to sponsor you. That employer must prove to the local labor department that there are no "belongs" qualified to fill the position. Go to the official Bahamas Government website for more details.

Fourth, living in the Bahamas (or any Caribbean island) is costly. Living expenses are generally higher and wages (if you have to work) are lower then they are in the US and most places in Europe. Expect to spend anywhere from 25% to 35% more in the Caribbean than you do now to maintain your same standard of living.

Fifth, Health care is a challenge. Depending on the island the cost can vary considerably (either up or down) from where you now live. The biggest challenge is the quality of health care. Most Ex-pats and many locals use local medical services for only minor issues and go to the US or Europe for any major medical needs.

Lastly, you'll find similar laws on most Caribbean islands.

You have a lot of research to do and the only way to do that research is "first hand" experience.

Good luck following your dream.
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First, visit

Second, visit at least 2 months to see what living is

Third, to work you need work permits, which renew annually (if they get around to it) at $1000s (yes with s) or it's illegal to work even for free.

Forth, living is expensive! $1500 for a shack with no a/c (if lucky to have a/c then add $1000 more a month)

Fifth, food extremely expensive, everything brought in

--wages are low, prices high you'll need a car (a place on the beach is $4000 a week)

--unless you get residency (more $1000) you must leave over night every 2-3 months, so have money for that (air even to Miami is outrageous)

--you should have 6 months savings (maybe $25,000) before you even go

--never move anywhere site unseen

--appliances, cars, everything rusts and breaks. Sometimes it takes months to get parts

These sound negative, they're really not. But it's not just I want the way of life I see in movies because it isn't.

So before you decide you have tons of homework to do!

Famous Caribbean saying--how do I make 1 million in Caribbean? Spend 2 million!
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[The cost of living in Sweden is pretty high; so the OP might not find that so off putting. However, as noted above, income earning potential is a mere fraction of what can be earned in Sweden.]

"do we need a green cars first?" Assuming you mean a green card - those are for US only and Bahamas of course, are not US.
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Why do I feel someone from the Lounge is pitching me hanging curveballs?
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<how it is there because we have never been there>

Why would you move to a place you have never even seen?

As others have politely suggested, you need to take a vacation there first to see it for yourselves.

Next you need to take a trip and stay 3 months (the amount allowed on a normal tourist visa) and "live like a local" to even begin to get an idea what the permanent move you are contemplating will be like in reality for you.
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