Modesty In The Tropics

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Decent Tropical
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Modesty In The Tropics

Note: I am interested in debating these views but rather connecting with people who appreciate them. Don't bother to send me hateful, attacking email, I will report you to your ISP if you do.
I would love to see a resort in a tropical location where one can fully enjoy the environment without being surrounded by blatant immodesty. Ideally such a resort would be on a private stretch of beach and would consist of a hotel as well as privately-owned condominiums and/or cottages and villas in addition to a restaurant.

The beach would have different swimming times or separate areas for men and women in addition to times for families and couples when everyone would have to be fully-clothed. If such a resort could not be oceanfront, the next-best thing would be for it to be lake-front. Even if the resort could not be on any body of water it would still be worthwhile if it had a nice outdoor pool.

Ideally such a resort would have facilities and equipment for at least some of the following: tennis, basketball, racquetball, volleyball, badminton, waterskiing, sailing, canoeing, row-boating, surfing, snorkelling and diving in addition to offering some spa-services.

I believe that there is a viable market for such a resort, including many Orthodox Jews, conservative Christians and Muslims as well as people who aren't necessarily religious but want to enjoy the described activities without the sexual tension of a mixed-sex environment.

Pleae EMAIL me if you have any comments or suggestions about this idea.
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Decent Tropical
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Correction: "I am interested in debating these views but rather.."

should have read:

"I am *NOT* interested in debating these views but rather connecting with people who appreciate them"
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Maybe you should go somewhere other than a beach. Try a ski resort where the people wear tons of bulky clothes.
You certainly get around. When I read this on the other board I thought it was a joke and someone was flaming us.
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Actually, I believe the most modest beach resorts I have seen are on Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun. It is a very family oriented place, and people keep their suits on. Don't know of any that go as far as separate gender or adult-only times. I don't share such requirements, but can understand there are those who may. Bermuda is rather reserved as well.
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Jay Frank
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I find nothing "Decent" about someone who initiates a post with a threat.
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Decent Tropical
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So sorry I offended you by warning people not to send me hateful and attacking email.

Maybe you'll get viciously attacked and then see things differently.
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this troll started the same thread in

don't fall for polluted the ng
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Decent Tropical
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I'm not sure what "troll" means but I am SINCERE. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I didn't post anything just to start arguments or play games.

I am NOT the one who "polluted" The people who distorted my posts, accusing me of things I never said, and personally attacked me are the ones who "polluted" it.

Who do you think you are telling people to ignore me?
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I must say, you meet all kinds... even in travel forums. It keeps things interesting, however!
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ModoestyIts such
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I'll take an extra helping of cheese with this post.
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Is this a chat room, or a travel forum? Excuse me for being confused. I am also from the prudish genre, and appreciate persons being fully clothed at a resort.
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Excatly what tropical locations have you been to? In our travels thru the caribbean a good many locations have been as you would like modest, many of the beach resort cater to family environment where the people are wearing bathing suits and there for enjoyment. A person can with the power of the internet gather more than enough information on caribbean resorts. Should the need arise to know more you can send a letter to "Caribbean Travel and Life" magazine (good source of information no plug intended)who can advise you on most of the resorts in the caribbean.
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I was at Jack Tar Village Puerto Plata a few years ago - didn't see anyone topless in the pool area - predominantly Brits and Canadians as guests.
The beach did have a few people topless but I didn't see any at our hotel.
I can understand your wishes although it wouldn't be a problem for me.
What about a church group booking together? I haven't heard of any in my area organizing this kind of thing but there is always a first? If enough of you booked a place you could set your own rules I would think?
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Decent Tropical
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Thank you to those who replied thoughtfully and respectfully and let me thank in advance those who will reply.

For myself it seems that renting a private house, villa or apartment would be best for me.

Re: The last post:

I am thinking of some ideas along those lines.
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Parrot Mom
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The most proper place we have found is Bermuda...any place that does not have Europeans where the top of a bathing suits gets dropped down at the first sight of sun on the women and the men's bathing suits are so skimpy the look like floss... I understand what you are talking about...I myself have found young well endowed women taking off their tops at a resort they weren't even staying at and parading through the dining room...Many women were offended, I thought it was laughable...again, these were from a European country....
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I don't understand the hostility to "Decent Tropical". I seems obvious to me that taking your clothes off in a designated area is harmless.
Its a matter of context. Many years ago I stayed at the Club Med in Cancun and during a picnic on their private island this guy took his trunks off. Since there were families on this outing I thought his behavior was quite
objectionable. I overheard a staff member tell him that he could not go to lunch in that condition. I'm still surprised at the mild reaction. I was surprised, too, that some father of a young daughter did not go over and beat him up.
On the other hand, I was at the Club Med in Bora Bora and a body painting event was announced. Women volunteered to take off their tops and have their bodies painted by men volunteers. The area was well marked for the event. Some childred were present with their parents. Since everyone was warned -- what's the harm?

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