Just got back from Caneel

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Just got back from Caneel

Hi. I was at Caneel from 9/24-10/4. Would love to answer anyone's questions about the resort or St. John in general. It was the most amazing honeymoon ever! Fell head over heels in love with St. John.

We hit most of the island and were fairly active (hikeing, eating, snorkling, etc..). I will be posting trip reports soon as well as a link with some pics (unreal Asolare sunset pics!!!).

Feel free to post here and I will reply as soon as I can.

Happy traveling,

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My husband and I just loved snorkling when we were on our honeymoon at Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia. Now we are looking for another Caribbean island that has all the things we loved about St. Lucia, snorkling, hiking,great food. Do you think St. John would fit what we're looking for? Is the snorkling very accessible? Can you snorkle right off the beach? I've seen other postings where people talk about renting a jeep to visit all the snorkle spots, how was the snorkling at Caneel?
What type of room did you have? Were there may kids there?
Looking forward to your reply.
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Please tell me all you can about Caneel Bay resort...we are thinking of staying
there for our honeymoon in May.

Please tell me about the rooms...
Premium is one of our choices or
Ocean front...do you think by saving
$100/night the Oceanfront is a good
choice...how accessible to the beach
and which beach do the Oceanfront rooms face...I hear Scott Beach
is one of the prettiest and "no children" allowed. Since it's our
honeymoon, we want it to be very quiet
and romantic.

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Scott's is the premium rooms at Caneel right on the beach. The "oceanfront" are those at Caneel Beach and Hawksnest of which Hawksnest is my favorite. I believe there may be one or two at Cottage Point also that are near Paradise Beach. Hawksnest is lovely and not as busy as Caneel Beach, the main beach near the lobby, restaurant (Caneel Terrace) and the dock. The water sports, etc are located there - windsurfing, kyacking, etc. If you choose Caneel Beach, go to the far end closer to Cottage Point - it is much quieter. Hawksnest, my preference, is two story buildings and gets wonderful breezes from the Bay! Early morning sun on a lovely beach. Hawksnest Bay is where they filmed Alan Alda's Four Seasons! Scott's and Paradise are "adults only" beaches tho. Turtle Bay, I believe is Oceanview (but won't swear on it) with a few steps down to the beach from those rooms adjacent to the Turtle Bay Estate House. At Hawksnest you are right on the beach also with some foilage between the rooms and the beach for privacy but Scott's opens right onto the beach. There are patio/balconies on the Hawksnest rooms. Honestly, I have never paid that much attention to the Caneel rooms since I opted for Hawksnest so cannot compare other than they are right on the beach also and two storied with units up or down. The Kids' Club meets at Turtle Bay Estate House. If Caneel is your choice be sure to take the snorkling trip to Lovango and Congo Cays ... that is great!
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I think Karen is right on about the rooms. Caneel is not the most kid friendly resort. It has more of an adult feel.

St. Lucia is my next stop. It is simiilar to St. John, but St. John is easier to get around. Rent a jeep, don't be afraid to explore and you will find some of the best snorkling in the world. We even chartered a boat and went out with a guid one day to snorkle at offshore reefs. You can find good snorkling on almost any beach..right off the beach. Ask at a dive shape where the good snorkling is, it varies with the wind.

Good luck.
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Message: Karen,
Thanks so much...most informative about
the rooms at Caneel...Sounds like an
Oceanfront on Hawksnest would be ideal.
St John just sounds like the perfect
island for a honeymoon...I have perused
almost every island and read so many
posts and St John seems to be a favorite
by most...I don't think I've read
a negative comment about St. John.

Mustique looked heavenly but from reading some of the posts...it seems
they cater only to the ultra rich/famous.

Thanks again for your very informative

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Hi Matt,
I couldn't get the photos of your trip to St. John to download. what is the site again...and I'll try to look at them there...


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