Jamaician me crazy

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Jamaician me crazy

OK...the four of us (2 couples) have been beating this decision to death...where to stay in the Caribbean next April?

I think we have decided on Jamaica...despite all it's problems with crime and aggressive vendors. I think we want to do the all-inclusive thing since we haven't done it before and basically want a lot of options without a lot of effort. We also want to be able to "party" and it sounds as though Jamaica offers us the best opportunity in that regard. If someone else has another favorite "party" island, let us know. We are not interested in big drunken blowouts, but more of the "mellower" kind.

So, we would be interested which all- inclusive in Jamaica (or elsewhere)would be recommended. We have read some past posts on Sandals at Dunn's River and Negril. How do they compare to Couples resorts? Any recommendations appreciated!

Feel free to post here or e-mail me directly.
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I have visited Jamaica over a dozen times and think the "problems" are overrated, particularly if you choose an all-inclusive. I've stayed in Montego Bay twice, visited Ocho Rios twice, and stayed in Negril multiple times. I personally prefer Negril - it's more laid-back and casual than Montego Bay. The downside to Negril is that it isn't close to any of the "tourist" activities, but that's probably why I like it. I've done Dunn's River Falls twice, Fern Alley, Shaw Park Gardens, etc, and really just prefer lying in the sun. The Sandals in Negril is lovely. Hedonism II is right next door, pretty wild, but I've always enjoyed it because it is extremely casual in dress. Swept Away in Negril is also excellent, may be the most sports-oriented resort in Negril.

Any of the adult-only all-inclusives will give you a reasonably priced, no hassle vacation, so it really depends on what you want to do and see. Also how luxurious or casual you want to be. Sandals or Superclubs are both well run operations. Stay away from Sandals Montego Bay though - it is right on the end of the MoBay airport runway and the jets fly low overhead 15 times a day, so low and loud that their landing gear is still down from takeoff.
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We liked Couples at Negril better than Sandals Negril. Couples Negril is a toss up with Grand Lido Negril or GL Braco. In actuality they are all great. We enjoy the all inclusive experience.
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Negril in Jamiaca is wonderful, and if you know your history, is one of the best places in Jamaica to "Party". No hassle, easy, laid back, and beautiful. The vendors aren't agrressive at all compared to Ochi, (or mexico or bahamas for that matter) and all the people are very friendly. We went to Sandals Negril and loved it - I considered it totally worth it. Next year we are going to do Couples Negril. They built a brand new resort in Negril and it looked beautiful. All inclusive is great - we dove quite a bit, ate like pigs and drank like fish. I think you guys will have a great time. Check with your bellboy - they know all the ropes.
*No crime either - I don't know where people get these ideas. Just don't be an idiot and wave your 5 carat diamond ring around in temptation. Jeez.
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Jamaica is my favorite place too. Negril is the best. Pretty beaches. Sandals Negril,we loved it so much we went twice in 1 year. give it a try.
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Brian in Atlanta
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I agree that the "crime" issue in Jamaica has been overstated. I have never felt unsafe in Negril (and I stayed in small guest houses/hotels - not a resort).

However, if you consider being quoted prices 500% to high to see what they can get away with, charging you more than the prices listed on the menu, or cheating you on your change crimes, then yes, there is a serious crime problem in Negril.

I can't tell you how many times the locals tried to rip me and my wife off. It became very tiring having to fight these battles during every single transaction. And the idea that everyone is so "friendly", well, once you stand up for yourself and make it plain that you will only pay the price quoted on the menu, well, those famous smiles go away. We won't go back.

But then, if you stay "behind the walls" of the resort you shouldn't experience any of these problems. And if I understand what you mean by wanting a party of the "mellower" kind, then Jamaica can't be beat.
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We loved Jamaica!! We stayed at the Jack Tar Village in Montego Bay - the staff was great, lots of activities, great variety of food - if you're hungry there, it's your own fault. We were there for 10 days and wanted to stay longer. As for the Sandals in Montego Bay, I agree, stay away, their beach is across the road from the resort - it is most over rated.
If you are looking for an economical vacation - look into the Jack Tar's - their hotels are a little older, but very clean and their hospitality is some of the best we have encountered so far.

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For what it's worth, I agree that Negril is THE destination in Jamaica. We stayed at Point Village, about 10 minutes from town, and loved everything about it (including the food, low-rise architecture, great snorkeling from the beach and the dive shop). Irie!
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For what it's worth, I agree that Negril is THE destination in Jamaica. We stayed at Point Village, about 10 minutes from town, and loved everything about it (including the food, low-rise architecture, great snorkeling from the beach and the dive shop). Irie!
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My husband and I loved "Swept Away" in Negril. For couples only. The accommodations and grounds were very natural as opposed to "miami vice". The beaches were beautiful and the food was incredible. There are two dining rooms. The second is like going to an exclusive restaurant, but the food is part of the package, as is the drinks. The rum was flowing.There is also sports and a spa, but we loved the bars on the beach. I highly recommend it. I would go back any day. Good Luck.
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Negril and Swept Away get my vote. We'd go back anytime. Just Fabulous.
I'd be happy to send more info if you're interested.

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