jamaica beware

Mar 3rd, 1998, 09:38 PM
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jamaica beware

I loved jamaica the first time I traveled there that was in 1991 we went again in 1997 both myself and my travel compainion a male are avid drivers and the reels off the coast of jamaica are some of the best in the world. This time we found that the layed back no problem attatude was not the same as before there we hussler and thiefs everywhere we turned and since we have traveled together for a number of years without incident we were shocked when we where robbed in downtown montiego bay at knife point in daylight in front of hundreds of people. as well as a local police officer, who did nothing be detain us from returning to our resort in negril for over an hour as the theifs haad our resort keys. apon our return to the staaates we learned that many vixtors to the carriben had had simmalr or worse
experences even to the point of one woman that was gang raped and id'ed one of the attackers and the pol.ice would'nt arrest him because they didnt beleive that the woman would return for the trial.
I would never return to jamaica even though it was one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Mar 5th, 1998, 07:53 AM
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Hi, what a terrible experience.. we were in Montego Bay last year, and although we didn't have any problem, we were limited to a small shopping mall, we really wanted to go downtown and look around,we were crossing the street near the bank when a native Jamaican came up to us and warned us not to go any further,problem mon, problem mon, no go. We heeded his advice and returned to our tour bus,so not all Jamaican residents are the same, but what a shame, such a beautiful island, we still go every so often but stay in our hotel grounds. The safest Caribbean destination, as far as we are concerned, is Aruba, not the green lushness of most, but lovely all the same. Try it, you'll like it. Harriet
Mar 5th, 1998, 01:46 PM
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What an awful experience to have on your vacation...
My husband and I are frequent travelers to Jamaica
and it is our favorite Caribbean destination. Over
time, we have made good friends with some of the
local people in the area we most often stay (Ochee).
When we want to explore, we travel with local friends. They know the best places to go and where
not to go. Also, it gives us more of a feeling of
being in Jamaica rather than trapped on the resort and we are able to travel relatively safely. It's a
shame that the few scroundrels people come across
give the island a bad name. I have found most Jamaicans to be among the most hospitable people I've met anywhere and feel I have made some life
long friends there.
Mar 6th, 1998, 04:52 AM
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Violence is increasing in most countries all over the world. I wonder: What may be the underlying reasons for this negative trend? The human nature has not changed. This is probably a complex issue. Nils
Mar 11th, 1998, 09:19 PM
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Have you ever heard of a hotel called the El Greco? I'm staying there April 3 thru the 6th and can't seem to find anything. What I'm curios about is the location, amenities, and security.
Mar 19th, 1998, 06:22 PM
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I have been to Jamaica seven times and I have loved it each and every time. If you let the natives know that you are a friend, they will respect you. Jamaicans are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Sure, some will try to sell you anything they can, but a couple of years ago new laws were passed prohibiting street vending (for those of you who are "terrified" of them) They will probably try anyway so my advice is to try and sell them something and wait to see the look on their face when you ask for their money!
Jul 19th, 1998, 05:19 AM
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Being a Jamaican, I had to come in to see what the experiences of some of you were and I apologize for those of you who had bad ones. Jamaica is truly a beautiful island, few can compare... but like everywhere, there are places that you should not go and for those of you travelling without a guide just
be careful. I have noticed that a lot of tourists befriend the locals when they know absolutely nothing about them. Jamaicans are wonderful people but the good do suffer for the bad , so if its information you need, get it from the management and staff of your resort. For those of you who had great experiences you'll feel a little of what I do for this gem of an island.
Jul 28th, 1998, 02:53 PM
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Rasta John is the epitome of a rule-breaking Jamaican nuisance. The title page of this forum does say "NO ADVERTISING", but he does it anyway. As for the argument that there is crime everywhere so that makes it ok-I don't buy it.

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA because I don't want the crass commercialism, sidewalk scams, traffic, crime (sound like Jamaica?) etc... I won't vacation in Jamaica for the same reasons. Why should I risk these things when there are many other islands to visit just as beautiful & fun but safer.

I don't expect Disneyland, nor do I expect the luxuries of the States, but some are better than others & there is no way I'd spend hard earned money to go to Jamaica with it's cookie-cutter super-inclusives when I can get away from it all at a hidden gem which I hope the Jamaica lovers never find.
Jul 28th, 1998, 05:49 PM
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Chris, Certainly, Jamaica is not for everyone. However, if you think Jamaica is all "cookie-cutter
super inclusives" and crime, then you've missed the
best of it. I have never felt as welcome anywhere
as I do among my village friends there. I can very
much relate to what Rasta John writes about the country. To each his own I guess...Irie and enjoy
your gem.

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