Jamaica and Watergate-A legacy of cover-ups

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Jamaica and Watergate-A legacy of cover-ups

On the anniversary of the Watergate cover-up it is an appropriate time to recognize the longest ongoing cover-up in tourism- Jamaica. Any time there is untoward event which could cast the island in an unfavorable light the facts are spun to put the tourist as the cause. All events posted that would serve as warnings to tourists on the popular Negril and Jamaica boards are deleted.Substandard resorts are regarded as quaint.The glossy pictures of endless pristene beaches seen in some of the AI brochures do not exist at the resort advertised.The workers are paid subsistence wages while the owners have become fabulously wealthy on your $500 to 600/day tariff.
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Not just Jamaica BKK.
There are several islands which carefully cover up any unfavorable news/press. Tourism is lifeblood.
One big reason why most of the Caribbean islands are deemed second rate tourist destinations compared to Hawaii.
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I couldnt agree with you more; its unfortunate what Jamaica has become.
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Jamaica Lover
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Jamaica is a wonderful place.
Most of the crime is in Kingston, no tourists go to Kingston.
The people are warm and friendly.
The Department of Tourism is teaching customer service even in the schools.
There is poverty and crime everywhere.
Please, Barbara do not leave your home. You might become the victim of a crime or see some poverty.
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Well, crime is certainly an issue! Why would I want to spend $4500 on a honeymoon only to get robbed...while we slept. We were at the Beaches Royal Plantation, the flagship resort. Mind you this is Ocho Rios, not Kingston and both our wallets were stolen. The story is of epic proportions and doesn't stop at the robbery. Needless to say, we won't be going back!
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To Jamaica Lover: How can you say most of the crime is in Kingston, What did they do, build a wall so they could'nt get out?! Ive been to Jamaica and crime is pretty much everywhere, hell even the school children have become so violent it has become a major issue. (Read Jamaica Gleaner online.) I for one will NEVER visit Jamaica again. Its a damn shame though because it is a neat island with neat people, its the violence on a grand scale on a small island with some bad people that scares me.
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Sorry Jamaica Lover, you haven't a chance relying on that childish argument "crime is everywhere".
First of all, no it isn't.
Second of all, I certainly don't need to vacation in the midst of a crime hotbed.
How often do you hear people gripe about the crime on Cayman, or Bermuda, or Turks/Caicos???
Get a clue.
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Heck, everytime I go to Jamica I get raped 2-3 times and sometimes robbed!
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I wonder whether I should go on vacation someplace where I could well be a victim of a personal/property crime, get hassled to buy drugs at every turn, hassled by beggars and vendors, and get to survey all the poverty and misfortune.....

or, go someplace safe, clean and hassle free.

Decisions, decisions.
Such difficult choices.
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Petty crime is in virtually every destination where there is poverty.
We pay about the same for a weeks vacation as 2 years pay for some of these people.
I use the same common sense that would use at home.
Don't leave valuables on the seat of the rental car. Don't be flashy.
What worries me more is violent crime against tourists. As upsetting as violent crime is in Kingston, Miami, DC, and New York it is almost exclusively someone they know or about gang violence or drugs.
If you want to talk cover up read Florida papers. The car jackings of tourists, murders are incredible. I only know becasue they report it in the local papers and my folks live there.
I would avoid most cities in Florida before I avoid most of Jamaica.

Last time I was in Jamaica I had a backpack of clothes to donate. I went into a local bar far from the resorts and left the bag on my rented moped. I was a little curious if the bag would get ripped off. I stayed in the bar for about 2 hours. When I came out..there was my backpack. I have been to Jamaica often and never (knock on wood) met anyone that has had any incident. I know it happens-ubt it's not as common as people think.
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Why repeater, you must like it if you keep going back
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Jamaica Lover
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I once left my wallet on a bench at the Montego Bay Airport.
I knew I would never see my $$ or DL, CC and etc again.
2 days later Air Jamaica called to say my wallet was at the ticket counter in Atlanta.
I went and picked it up, I could not believe it the Money was even still in there. Not a thing missing.
Would that happen here? Probably not.
The crime is among locals, just like it is in certain neighborhoods in our country.
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Jamaica is the armpit of the Caribbean. Go anywhere but Jamaica. What a dump.
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Ha Ha Ha!!!!
Fred, you are so funny. The things you say.
Oh my. I have tears from laughing so hard.
Armpit. Go anywhere else. Fred, Fred, Fred. Such a kidder.
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Jamiaca Lover: You got lucky, that's all. Your wallet was probably found by another tourist. A wallet loaded with money is way too much of a temptation for the majority of Jamaican citizens, considering the poverty.
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Why, Diane where else could a middle aged spinster like me go and have fun?
I went to Myrtle Beach 3 years in a row and was bored.

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My brother was visiting me in Dallas on Business. While we were eating his rental car window was smashed out and his briefcase was stolen. So what's your point about being robbed? I have too stayed at the Royal Plantation and find it hard to believe your room was broken into while you were sleeping. We had no problems and were surprised to see all the security around there. The place is beautiful along with some of the best service I've received in the Caribbean. The place is top notch and plan on returning to the "armpit" someday. I love Jamaica so sue me....
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Sorry, billy.
Anecdotal info is not helpful here.
We're talking about averages....the likelihood that any one tourist will experience any type of crime.
The odds are simply much greater in Jamaica.

Of course any one traveller is not likely to have a problem.
And you can speed while driving 98% of the time and not get caught, too.
But does that mean it never happens?
Does that mean that all streets are equally low risk, at all times of day or night?

This is the question: is a tourist more likely to be harmed or victimized in Jamaica than in other popular tourist destinations?
Sorry, but the answer is yes....on average. (I don't consider Gary, Indiana or Camden, NJ tourist destinations).
Compare with Disneyland, Chicago tourist areas, the US national parks, Las Vegas, etc etc etc.
Comapre with Cayman, Bermuda, Anguilla, Aruba, Curacao, Nevis, St. Kitts, Antigua, BVI's, etc etc etc.

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no idea
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Until someone can provide actual numbers of the amount of victims in Jamiaca versus these other places I won't judge Jamaica. I've been there numerous times and have never had a problem or met anyone that has had a problem. Are there dangers? My guess would be yes, but just because the country is poor doesn't mean its dangerous.
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Big Gov
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Reasonable position, "no idea".
But you'll never get those numbers.
They would never be released by the government as they could devastate tourism.

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