Is Ocho Rios Really That Bad?

Mar 31st, 1997, 09:51 PM
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Is Ocho Rios Really That Bad?

I already have a vacation booked for less than two months away for Comfort Suites. I read a few messages that said Ocho Rios is not that great. We are four girls who love adventure and aren't afraid of much, also easily entertained. Would it be worth it to change our plans or does someone who's been there think we'll have fun?
Apr 3rd, 1997, 08:44 AM
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I have been there a couple of times and Ocho Rios is great. We stayed at the Jamaica Grande right in the middle of town and we were not afraid to walk up and down the streets even after midnight. This is a big tourist area and there are plenty of police looking out for you. I went down with three of my other girlfriends and we had a wonderful time. Check out Duns River Falls and Fern Gully and have a ball!

Apr 4th, 1997, 03:59 AM
karen zinck
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I think you'll have a great time too. I didn't stay in Ochos but visited there. I think the main thing people have a problem with is when the cruise ships are in port it gets very crowded with tourists and locals trying to sell the "wealthy" cruise ship patrons something. Just say "I'm not on the ship" and they leave you alone. I'd say stick with your plans. Enjoy Jamaica!!!
Apr 4th, 1997, 06:16 AM
Ed Smeall
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I went there many years ago with my wife to be. We enjoyed it. It is not a party city. Locals always trying to sell you things including pot. They will always try and buy american dollars for jamaican dollars at great rates. You can pay for your vacation this way or land up in a jamaican jail if you get got. I stayed at the Americana (new name now). Make sure your hotel is on the beach. They keep the locals off. My favorite experience was going on the river raft. It is one ofmy favorite experience of all time and I have travelled many places. There was also an excellent restaurant in the city that backed onto a mountain. It is a must eat place.The mountain side is in the restaurant complete with a waterfall. Enjoy your vacation. My only word of caution is don't take side trips without proper government approved guides. So go and as they say "BE HAPPY!".
Apr 12th, 1997, 02:06 PM
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We were there for a day on a cruise ship and I would never spend a week there. It is the only island (and we've been to about 15 in the Caribbean) where the locals literally harass you -- trying to sell you dope, or steal your shoes, etc. And not much intimidates me either. Also, we had to pay to get to a fenced in beach, which doesn't make you feel much safer, only to go into the less than crystal water (compared to all other destinations), where we encountered a decomposing pig's head floating! Gross place! If you must go, Dunn's River Falls was great, although we were warned to not trust the cab drivers as there is a high incidence of them not taking you to your destination but to someone remote where they can rob you and leave you -- didn't happen to us. I'd only stay in a high security all inclusive club and not venture out to this anything-but-peaceful place with its very high crime rate.
Apr 23rd, 1997, 05:58 AM
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Angel, I lived in Ocho Rios for almost two years and would not return. Crime is high, it's dirty and not a fun place, period. Try Nassau if on a limited budget or maybe Aruba, which is great. We are looking for an island for a week this summer, but it won't be Jamaica. Best of luck.
Jul 18th, 1997, 06:43 AM
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I too was there and wouldn't return if I was
given free flight and accomodations...I live in
Canada so any caribbean island would be considered
a relief in the winter...and I'm saying I wouldn't
go to Jamaica. To each their own, however, I too
found people trying to sell me drugs as I walked
down the middle of a street in mid afternoon, those
would can't take a no thank you for an answer and
a rude/unfriendly island in general...I have never
had this experience before and I've travelled to
many islands here and in Europe.

If you want to go, I suggest staying at an all
inclusive and not wandering around the island.
That seems to be the common denominator with any
one I've spoke with and returns to the island.

By the way...if you go to Dunns River and you have
a camera..the guide will offer to carry it in case
you loose your footing BUT they want money at the
top of the river before they give it back....oh
yeah, a real blast!

Jul 21st, 1997, 11:29 PM
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the place to go is negril. anyone that gets off the cruise ship for one day cant give a fair assesment for that island. jamaica is one of the greatest islands in the world. The three things you go to jamaica for DRUGS, SEX, and relaxation
Jul 22nd, 1997, 03:59 AM
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Anyone who goes to a foreign country to partake of illegal drugs must have aspirations of getting thrown in jail. The US gov't doesn't have much sympathy for citizens who get busted for actions such as this.
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