How about Cuba for summer vacation?

Old Jun 29th, 1998, 01:17 PM
Sandra Boulonne
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How about Cuba for summer vacation?

Do you think that this is a good destination for a summer vacation with my boyfriend or is this a destination for single???
What is there to see...
Old Jun 29th, 1998, 02:29 PM
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I was there in April with my boyfriend. We found that there was a mixture of people. Alot of couples, some families (but we were there during the Easter week) and some singles. We stayed at an all-inclusive in Varadero (Sol Club Las Sirenas) which we enjoyed. We took a day trip into Havana which we really enjoyed. There were a lot of Europeans at our resort and some Canadians. Don't hesitate to e-mail me if you have more specific questions. We'd definitely recommend it - the people were absolutely wonderful!
Old Jun 30th, 1998, 08:32 AM
Emily Connolly
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If you are from the US, it is against the law to go to Cuba. If you go from another country, and your passport is inadvertently stamped, you can be in a lot of trouble.
Old Jul 6th, 1998, 09:34 AM
Joe Harkins
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One of the nice things about being an American is that one can defy the government when it is wrong. If I had any interest in going there, I'd be willing to engage in some civil disobedience.

The US Government has no authority within other countries. Nor do they provide me with protection of US law in another sovereignty. So what right does it have telling me what countries I can visit?

Are they afraid I'll see something someone in Washington doesn't want me to see?

Travel restrictions are the fundamental rule in China, North Korea, yes and even Cuba. We do ourselves no good by emulating them in that repressive regard.

BTW, When was the last time Uncle Scary ever arrested anyone for going to Cuba???

An interesting irony of your message is that one of the leading travel agencies that handles Cuba travel, is based in the USA and it's name is Emily Tours.

Joe Harkins
Travel The Net
Old Aug 17th, 1998, 04:21 AM
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Cuba is a unique experience. Go there now. In some years it will be like most other tourist countries. There are good things and there are bad things to say about Cuba (like for most countries). Even if it is the rainy season you can enjoy enough sunshine and stunning beaches. The people are well educated and very friendly. There are, though, some beggars and prostitutes in the tourist areas. Visit Trinidad on the south coast, Santa Clara in central Cuba and Old Havana. The sanitation conditions are very good and so is the medical care (even if they lack some of our equipment and medicines). Violence is very rare, but theft is not uncommon. Have a nice trip. Nils

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