Honeymoon Help

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Honeymoon Help

My fiance & I have been doing a lot of researching & we cannot seem to find an ideal honeymoon location. Please don't suggest a travel agent -- they've all been less than helpful too.

We're looking to go to an all-inclusive resort with a nice beach, possible snorkeling & scuba, & nice accomodations. We would prefer a mid-size resort for couples, but we're flexible on that. Neither of us speak Spanish, so we would be more comfortable in an English or French speaking resort. We'll be leaving from Baltimore, MD in June & we are hoping to spend around $3000. We do NOT want to go to Jamaica. Any other suggestions? This process is making us both nuts! We would really appreciate any feedback possible...

Thanks so much for your help...
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Try the Pineapple Resort in Antigua. You will love it there.
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I have a better suggestion, try Compas Point on Nassau, it is a beautiful resort right on the water, great food and close to nite life.

The accomodations are small bungalows right on the beach, so you will have lots of privacy.

If you go to the www.where2stay.com board you can look up lots of different islands and alot of the resorts listed there have some nice pictures to give you and idea of what to expect.

Hope this helps. Have a wonderful honeymoon, wherever you choose to go, and if you need any more ifo on the Bahamas, please let me know. We are usually in the Carribean for a week or so in June/July and go to Harbour Island which is one of the family islands.

One thing the Carribean is HOT during the summer, so pick an island that has some nice breezes and make sure there is air conditioning.

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I went to an all inclusive resort in St. Lucia and it was $3400 per couple. We stayed at Anse Chastanet. It is very romantic, however it is not for everyone. There are a lot of stairs to climb to get from the beach to your room (we loved it, but we are athletic). Also the rooms are all open air. No screens windows or Air Conditioning. We didnt miss any of it and found it to be incredibly romantic. There is a lot to do in St. Lucia. It is a beautiful island with rainforests, waterfalls, excellant snorkeling and scuba, etc. Check out A/C's website at www.ansechastanet.com. You may want to read some other posts on St. Lucia. It seems there are some other very highly recommended resorts that are all inclusive. I do recommend staying on the Soufriere side of the island for at least a few nights (much prettier). Good luck
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Hy Tracey:
I am from Puerto Rico and i am going to gave to you some advices , i hope that them could help you . For my experiences the best resorts in the caribbean are in Dominican Republic , most of the resorts there are 5 stars and the prices are good . Some nice places there are :"Boca Chica" , "Juan Dolio" , "Punta Cana" and "Puerto Plata" , in all this places most of the resorts are all inclusive . Also some of the resorts there are only for adults , that can gave to you more privacy . I went to all this places and i prefer "Boca Chica and "Punta Cana" . There are also a Sandals Resort on the island of St Lucia , but it could cost to you more than $3000,this resort is only for couples and is all inclusive .Anyway , feel free to e-mail me if you have any question and i hope that you have the ideal honeymoon , Bye!
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Aruba is a great place for a honeymoon. I went with my girlfriend and had a wonderful time. We stayed at the Allegro and had an all-inclusive. We had a regular room which had a view of the pool and a great view of the beach. For 5 nights it cost us $2600 (inc. airfare) during the high season in January. There is so much fun stuff to do, and the weather is amazing. Everyone speaks English and the dollar is widely accepted. There is fun stuff to do at night, and the constant breeze makes it very comfortable 24 hours a day. E-mail me if you have any questions.
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I had a similar experience and budget when planning my honeymoon last July.I finally chose the all-inclusive Wyndham Sugar Bay on St. Thomas. Since you are going in low season you can get a good price we paid 1050 a person for food, drinks,a luxory room and the wedding was free.The airfare is on top of that,but you should be able to find reasonable airfares from your city. I highly recommend this resort. A day trip to St. John is wonderful,reasonable and easy. E-mail me if you have any questions.
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we went to Jalousie Hilton in St Lucia. It was great!!!!!!!!!!We had our own plunge pool outside our room. It was totaly private with our "casita" surrounded by plants and trees. The resort is built into a mountainside with rooms scattered throghout. It is spread out but a shuttle constantlyu circles property picking up guests. The beach is very nice. Restaurants are good but limited 3 including beach. There is other off proper;ty walking distance. Otherwise you take water taxi(boat) or taxi to get to restaurents off property. If you want BEAUTIFUL!!!surroundings, relaxation, excellent service, beautiful rooms. This is the place. We use United 50% off certificates. Normally rooms about 350. We went late May. They may take Hilton Honors points, We highly recommend! email with questions.
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Tracey, I know exactly how you feel. We went through the same thing years ago. I had such a sense of frustration. We've been to 8 or 9 of the islands now (my husband says more but who's counting). We honeymooned in the Caribbean and have gone back quite a few times. Can't say that I cared for Jamaica. I don't know your reasons, of course, but there was quite a bit of violence and crime there, not to mention the sinister stares. Same for the USVI.
I'm not going to tell you that my recommendation is "the best place in the Caribbean" because it's a matter of taste, after all. I will tell you what kind of vacation we like and then, if you don't like that kind of vacation, then you surely won't like my recommendation!
We like the $2400-$3000 range. We want naturally friendly staff folks with warm smiles. In fact, we like the whole populace to be polite and proper and for the economy to not be based totally on tourism since that tends to turn the place into a Disney World, unreal sort of place where they build their island to imitate what foreigners think their island "should" look like.
We don't want high-rise buildings, nor resorts built on top of each other. We want the island to be mainly natural area and beautiful scenery unobstructed by hotels or shacks.
The resort should be for 50-150 persons so that it offers personal service in an intimate setting, such that the restaurant, the beach, and so on are not at all crowded ever. Good restaurants in an open setting with sea breezes are a must. We want more of an apartment sized accomodation than a Holiday Inn cracker box. We must have fantastic views that are not blocked no matter what rooms they give us and we want a porch that is totally private and offers shade when we want shade. We aren't picky about a beach except that there be a decent sized one. We want breezes non-stop that enable us to not lock ourselves away in manufactured air. Snorkeling services must be available. I guess the last thing is that we must have a 4WD and an island that is not just interesting, but fabulous to explore, meaning secret coves, deserted beaches, etc.
Okay? So... we found all of this on Tortola (BVI). So much so that we have been there 5 times since first setting foot there in 88. If you go there you can take photos to your heart's content and not have half a dozen tourists in every shot. You can have a beach all to yourself. You can leave your car unlocked. Builders there must comply with a law that says no building can be taller than a palm tree and the resorts tend to be quite a ways from each other. The people are charming. They will kiss you, yet their #1 industry is international banking. They are reserved having inherited some of the characteristics of the English whose commonwealth they're a part of.
I'm a writer and have crawled all over Tortola and Virgin Gorda. I've met lots of the tourist trade business folk, seen the insides of a number of resorts. For honeymooners my top recommendations are (in order): Frenchman's Cay Resort (Tor), Biras Creek (Vir Gorda), Bitter End Yacht Club (VG), and Long Bay Resort(Tor).
Would be happy to provide info on each if you e-mail me direct. Please have a delicious honeymoon and a wonderful life together!

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