Holguin, Cuba

Old Dec 28th, 1997, 10:16 AM
A. Wilks
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Holguin, Cuba

Appreciate hearing from anyone who has
visited Holguin area of Cuba. I've been
to Santiago De Cuba twice and have
enjoyed each trip. This time I plan to do
some cycling. Any info. from anyone who
had taken bike tour of Cuba would be
Old Dec 28th, 1997, 07:43 PM
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Hi,we know this area of Cuba(we are going back next month)quite well,and while we didn't cycle,we rented a car for the visit to see our friends in a small village called Las Minas.By Cuban standards,the roads are not too bad,just watch out for cows,sheep,other cyclists and especially cars and trucks.The beaches at Guardalavaca are really nice with blue water and white sand.Have a lovely vacation there,we always do.Regards,Tom&kathy.
Old Dec 29th, 1997, 02:46 AM
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I stayed in Cuba in september this year. It must be the ideal country for a biking holiday. There are few cars, the roads are acceptable and the cyclists are respected. You will meet a lot of cubans on bike and on horse. There is no or very little violence, but in the towns and cities: Look out for thieves! Talk with the cubans; they are well educated and very nice people. Nils
Old Dec 30th, 1997, 05:13 PM
Jose Raul Carro
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You might want to reconsider visiting Cuba. It's not safe. A 26 year old Dane was shot to death by
Cuban troops for wandering into a restricted area which was not clearly marked. Here's what his parents had to say: A
FINAL NOTE FROM THE FAMILY OF JOACHIM OGNER LOVSCHALL ~Terrorism occurs all over the world and is
carried out by terrorists. In Cuba, inhumane and inexcusable acts of lawlessness and injustice are carried out, not by terrorists,
but by the Cuban government. Jyllands-Posten - Article in original Danish
( or visit for the document translated in English at:
Old Jan 1st, 1998, 06:23 AM
Elka Enola
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What utter nonesense! Cuba is one of the safest places in the world for tourists!!

That doesn't mean that there is no crime at all. Of course there is; but compared to the rest of the world, it is minimal.

We have been to the Holguin area and to Varaderos. We were not stopped from going anywhere other than military establishments, as would be the case all over the world.

We wandered around Varadero in the middle of the night. No problem. Someone left a camera on the beach and rememered it hours later. It was returned to him.

We had to deal with aggressive theivery in Spain, Costa Rica, England, Italy, Jamaica, and other places. But never Cuba.

We had to deal with dishonesty (especially taxi drivers!) all over the world... But not in Cuba. Utterly safe and reliable.

So go there. Enjoy. It's safe, friendly and cheap.
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I would love to receive some travel/vacation information on Cuba. My boyfriend's father is Cuban, and we would love to vacation there. I would appreciate it if someone could e-mail me with such information or perhaps a web site. Thank you.
Old Feb 4th, 1998, 07:45 PM
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Agree with the previous comment on relative safety of Cuba, and the friendliness of the people. Stayed at Delta Las Brisas in Guardalavaca. Great all-inclusive place, and our three kids 13, 15, 19 at the time said "Dad that was the greatest vacation we have ever had in our lives...can we go back?" We got to swim with dolphins at an aquarium in the Bahia de Naranja about 10 miles away. My son and I rented motor scooters to look around the countryside. DO take things to give to the local people, they have absolutely nothing. I took a whole box of about 100 toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, whatever you want to give away. Good looking clothes you no longer need, sandals, whatever you have. We have a lady from a rural village that we met on a beach when she approached us to ask us for help (the one and only time... they also have their pride) She was not an agressive panhandler. We mail her car packages...vitamins, for example. Would love to go back, but my company downsized me.
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Just arrived home from our holiday at Delta Don Lino
near Holguin.Its a small resort,only 36 rooms,with an older clientele.No children under 16 allowed.Its all inclusive with the friendliest staff that we have ever experienced in our 11 trips to Cuba.I would highly recommend it to anyone who is ready for a very quiet and relaxing and....and Safe holiday.
Old Feb 28th, 1998, 11:26 AM
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We were just in Holguin in January and had a great time. This was the 3rd time in Cuba, and I agree with most of the people that have written, that crime is not a problem. I walk around with a professional Nikon camera and lens and do not worry. We have not even heard on the resorts that we have been to of anyone being mugged or robbed, and we walk around the area with no fear. We have found that to bring dinky cars is the greatest thing for tips. Yes, tips, to bartenders, maids, etc. The bartender played with his for 1/2 hour, another said it was going to be a good day for his son. I picked up the toys, new, for 20 cents each. Clothes is another item. We leave clothes for tips for the maid, and if there are any crafters that come on to the resort or on the beaches, we trade for clothes. They just love it. I got to the used clothes store at 1/2 price time. We have got a big garbage bag full of clothes for $10. I pick over the clothes and only get the best. Baby clothes are hard to come by in Cuba. We bring a variety of things, skipping ropes, nail polish, lipstick, all these things I pick up a bargin prices. I would recommend anyone to go to Cuba. We have not been to Varadaro, as it seems to "turisty" to us, but perhaps one day we may go to see Havana. We are learning Spanish so this has helped us greatly the last time in Cuba. We are going in the end of March again, to Manzanillo, we have been there before. We have nothing but good experiences going to Cuba.
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Hi....... sorry to bother you Saw your msg on the net and wondered if you could spare a minute - going to Cuba with my daughter and wondered if you could tell me a few of the most picturesque spots that you know there - I know thart there is much ols Spanish architecture but anything of this nature would be appreciated - also the best beaches - food.... Please??????

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