Help: vacation spot secluded pool, casino

Jun 29th, 2000, 04:52 AM
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Help: vacation spot secluded pool, casino

My wife and I are observant Jews in search of a vacation spot in the sun. For modesty reasons we require an extremely secluded spot for swimming or sitting in the sun. One which is 99.99% free from onlookers. Can any one suggest a place, a villa... ?
Ideally the room would also have a kitchenette (so we can heat kosher food)
It would be nice if it were close to a casino for some nightlife.

I know I am asking a lot but Fodors has been very helpful in the past....

Thank you everyone
Jun 29th, 2000, 06:18 AM
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It's hard to find a caribbean resort "extremely" secluded but I think Timothy Beach Resort in St. Kitts should serve your needs. We stay at TBR and I don't see any problem with "on-lookers". Timothy Beach Resort is a condo type resort on the caribbean beach. It has a pool and restaurant overlooking the beach. The suites have full kitchens and 2 supermarkets within a 10 minute drive. The casino is a few minutes walk or you can call and they will shuttle you. We call them direct and use a agent for airfare. (869)465-8597
Dec 30th, 2001, 05:59 PM
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Those of you who have read the very similar inquiry (albeit w/ some important differences) that I posted just this morning can imagine my surprise at finding this post!

A few comments:

1. As a fellow observant Jew, I commend Michael for abiding by the laws regarding modesty. I must, however, point-out that 'nightlife' such as casinos and movies are also not acceptable for Jews by Torah standards.

2. Kosherica runs cruises with kosher food cooked fresh on-ship as well as Jewish prayer services, lectures and music. From their website:

"Kosherica offers luxury cruising on fantastic five-star oceanliners to wonderful destinations worldwide together with quality Jewish entertainment and gourmet Glatt Kosher food prepared fresh daily by five star chefs."

I have browsed their website and received their brochures and, unfortunately, I have not seen any mention or indication of concern over Orthodox modesty requirements and sensibilities.

Unfortunately, many Orthodox Jews do not appreciate that the laws and concepts of being 'kosher' are not limited to _food_ but encompass all areas of life. There are numerous vacation programs and cruises throughout the world that bill themselves as being 'kosher' but the overwhelming majority of them pay little, if any, concern to truly being 'kosher' beyond just the food they serve. Ironically, many of them boast of adhering to the highest standards of 'kashrus' (Kosher observance)- even in so far as abiding by stringencies and customs not absolutely mandated by the law- [1] while completely ignoring the Torah requirements and restrictions concerning modesty, many of which are _at least_ as severe as many of the dietary laws. This modern-day paradoxical phenonemon would be absolutely unthinkable to our forefathers and still is absoultely unthinkable to the truly devout.

3. I appreciate Lisa's list and will be saving it. I plan to look into some of those and may add them to the list of worldwide options that I am compiling.


[1] It should be noted that there is a big question as to how reliable the kosher supervision of even the food itself is on many of these programs. Esteemed rabbinical leaders have warned that as a general rule, if a program offers activities that are not 'kosher', it usually reflects poorly on the actual standard of the kashrus of the food as well.

(DISCLAIMER: I do not mean to impugn any specific program in this regard but merely am urging caution in general.)
Dec 30th, 2001, 06:02 PM
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Note that I copied and pasted my above reply from the U.S. forum , so some references were to replies that appeared in the version of the thread that is there but not here.
Dec 31st, 2001, 08:53 AM
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You might want to look into the Out ISland of the Bahamas - very private locations.

Also try

Both of these sites list villas on various islands.
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