Harbour Island vs St. John, USVI

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Opps...sorry.. The food was very good.
Especially at the Blue Bar. I'm not a fan of dinner plans but is was great at Pink Sands. Still... be sure to visit
Angela's Starfish for lunch at least one time......She's great!
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Gina, I agree with Paul. I also stayed in Glass Windows, and in my opinion, this cottage had the best view of the lot. The property consists of 26 cottages, some with garden view, some with ocean view. All are very private. There are a few cottages that are duplexes. Glass Windows was not one of them, it stands alone.

The food at the hotel was ok, but not terrific. My complaint was that the fish was not freshand tasted that way. It was kind of a hit or miss thing, some nights good, some nights very average. The Blue Bar, the restaurant that serves lunch, was much better.

Everyone does go around on golf carts, but it is just a very short walk from the cottages to the dining room and even into town, so I thought it was unnecessary.

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Thanks again!
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Hi all,
my fiancee and I returned last month
from Harbour Island...stayed at the
Coral Sands...we loved it there but
only if you stay in the new building..
gorgeous large room with sitting area.
and nice view of the beach..the waves
lulled us to sleep every night...

Our opinion of Harbour Island was that
is was very very laid back..great food
(although a bit on the expensive side)
worth every penny though..people very
friendly...would I go for our honeymoon
I think I would like to try St. John
or St. Barts instead....

The prettiest part of Harbour island is
the beach...once of the beach, I didn't
find it a very attractive island...as
in something ike Cabo San Lucas or
photos of St. John or St. Barts...

Would we go back again...yes....because of the beach.. We did look at all the
other places to stay that have been
mentioned ...other than Pink Sands
(next door to Coral Sands)...we were
glad we stayed there....

Runaway is pretty but we found to small
almost as if you were staying in
someone's house...not private enough
if you were to go to the bar....the
feeling my fiancee and I got at Runaway
is that you almost couldn't feel alone
if you wanted to sit at the bar or
table as I mentioned..just like being
in someone's house...to close for
comfort.....would be a great place to
rent if 3 or 4 couples were going
away together...
Coral Sands was perfect...

Any questions, please write I will answer as much as I can with honesty..
I think some other people on here
are plugging or have a business interest
in Harbour Island...just a feeling I
got...but it is not as pretty as the

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Nancy that is the very first negative report I have ever read on the island. I am surprised you didn't have a great time. The island is very laid back and you have to make your own good time there.

I think the charm of the island is the intimate feel you get being there and of the cleanest beach and water and beautiful little homes all over the island.

Sorry you didn't have a great time, but I think you missed the charm of the island.
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Nancy, I agree with your opinion. We went to Harbour Island last summer for a week. We rented a 4 br house on the beach. The beach was exquisitely beautiful, but we found the rest of the island for the most part, to be less than picturesque and we were quite disappointed. The food was expensive and not very notable (except for Runaway Hill Club and The Landing) Groceries were expensive and very little selection. Personally, I felt conspicuous driving around town in the golf cart amidst so much poverty.
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Hi Tweedy,
I don't feel that I gave Harbour Island
a negative report...all I said was that
we didn't think the island (once away
from the beach) was picturesque...mostly poverty.

However, we had a wonderful time...
rented a boat..walked the gorgeous
beach everyday..did a little shopping,
although there isn't much in the way
of shopping...the only upscale shop
in the town was something Mae's...
beautiful clothes but extremely
expensive....I said the restaurants
were as good as any 3/4 star restaurants
on the mainland...

Tweedy, if you have ever been to Bermuda
or Cabo San Lucas or St. John, I think
you will agree Harbour Island can not
compare in beauty to these islands..and
yet Harbour island is as as expensive...there is no complaining there either....everything has to be imported and we have no problem with
paying the extra prices at these
restaurants....vacationing is not
worrying about $$$$....

Again, my only negativeness is that
if it weren't for the gorgeous 3
mile pink sand, azure water beach
on Harbour Island...I don't think
we would return...and, again...the people are very sweet and friendly...
food fantastic..but if someone were
looking for beauty like Hawaii, Bermuda,
St. John...it's not there in Harbour
Island...our opinion.....

I'm sorry you got sensitive about my
statement...but as you know...we all
have different opinions abou the same
things...that's what makes us all unique.


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