Grand Lido San Souci

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Grand Lido San Souci

Just returned from my worst vacation at Grand Lido San Souci. The housekeeping staff is nonexistant. Towels in your room are at a premium. On any of the beaches or the pools if you see fresh towels by noon it is a good day. We were two adults in a room and given one bath mat, one hand towel and one big towel. The hand towel was filthy. I went for my pedicure and I had to ask the manicurist to change the water from the previous pedicure.They do not tell you in any of their literature that next store is a very loud night club. If you get a room in Block A, B, C, or D do not expect to get any sleep on weeknights until 2:00am and Friday and Saturday it is open until 5:00am.Twenty seven couples Saturday morning signed a complaint letter to the manager -- he is investigating the noise. My traval agent gave me a credit -- We are not the first to complain. The pool and beach staff is rude. When asked why no towels they laughed and asked why we did not bring any from America.

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I agree with you totally we were there 10/21--10/28. They put us in a room with no bedding. It took ten telephone calls and a visit to the front desk to get sheets! The smell from the garbage in Casanova is nauseating. The pool bartenders are crude and will sell you anything. We lost our camera -- they were going to get us a "similiar" camera for a price! Amazing after we complained to the manager how it turned up! The resort is suppose to be couples only! The beach attendants had to kee chasing six kids one of the travel agents brough along. The kids came to the clothing optional beach loudly making fun of people. The staff would not ask them to leave because they were with a large group of travel agents!
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I'm Planning a vacation to San Souci in February and find these messages somewhat disturbing. Everything I have read about the property has been extremely positive. The facility gets one of the highest ratings in the entire Caribbean. Is the club next to the resort new or has it been there for a while.We are planning on staying in A Block.
I would greatly appreciate hearing (good or bad recommendations)from others who have visited San Souci recently before I make my payment.
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We were there in January - G block. We thought all the facilites were very good, but the music at night was so loud that we could not sleep and left a day early. A block is furthest from the noise and MAY(?) be more quiet.
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I am very happy to hear there is a disco/nightclub right next to the resort. Is it within walking distance? The rest of the trip report here I'm more curious than worried about. I, too have heard nothing but fantastic things about this place. Of course, sprinkled with a few bad experiences, unfortunately it can happen ANYWHERE you go we've learned. Ugh! That really stinks that you had to go thru that.
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The problem at all Grand Lido's is the staff is trying to unionize and managment is fighting them hard on it. So the staff is retailating by causing "problems." We just returned, we stayed in A and B block. The noise from the night club is loud and horrible. The property is within walking distance but due to crime outside the hotel -- DO NOT WALK THERE!
We had our room changed due to an invasion of bees in the air conditioner and someone had been sick on the mattress, they just put pads over it but it smelled. The week before the bartender told us they had served some bad meat and about a lot of guest got ill. We were also disappointed it is suppose to be couples only but we had several drunk male travel agents ogling the ladies on the clothing optional beach. The Beach manager would not cut off the drinking or ask them to leave and go to the other beach. He kept saying they need the good graces of travel agents. Also, we found out that the yahoo web site is written and controlled by the Grand Lido chain. This chain is owned by the Apple and Liberty travel agencies parent company. They say no tipping but the only way to get anything is U.S. dollars, they gave back our Canadian moeny and asked for U.S.

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<<Author: Arturo ([email protected])
<<Date: 11/18/2000, 9:24 pm ET

<< Also, we found out that the yahoo web site is written and controlled by the Grand Lido chain. This chain is owned by the Apple and Liberty travel agencies parent company.>>

Huh? As the founder of the Grand Lido Visitors Hangout on Yahoo, I can most certainly respond that I am NOT owned by any travel agency nor superclubs chain! Where on earth did you get that idea! I started the club site as a way of sharing travel information, after enjoying my Jamaican vacation. I get no perks from TAs and have no dealings with them. I pay regular prices for my vacations. Sorry, buddy - you are wrong there!

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Debbie H
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There must be 2 threads on this topic, or else someone removed my other post.

I run the SuperClubs Visitors Hangout, while Martha has the Grand Lido one, that I am an active member of. There are also a bunch of Hedo 2 and Hedo 3 sites on Yahoo. I also am a volunteer in the Caribbean community on AOL. Yahoo, AOL, Excite, etc. have these clubs for free for anybody that is willing to follow their rules.

Martha and I both have careers in technology and could certainly do something commercial if we wanted, but these clubs are non-commercial. There is not anything to pay for.

If you read my trip reports, you will see that I try to write the positive and negative of all the places I stay (SuperClubs and non-SuperClubs).

When you are traveling somewhere like Jamaica, a 6-star hotel is not like a 5-star somewhere like Hong Kong where you have a house boy at your room so often you think he is moving in.

I am a firm believer that a person should address problems with resort managers while on the property. If a staff manager doesn't help, issues should be taken up with the resident manager or general manager. After that, comments should be put on the comment card and then letters should be written afterward if no action was taken.

I find that some people never do any of these things and then spend years going on various boards all over the internet trying to scare people out of going to a resort.

We go to a number of resorts in Jamaica, and we have seen some decline in service in the last 2 years, but it isn't enough to keep us from going back, and we always make someone aware of issues. Constructive feedback is the most effective.
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Martha & Debbie,
If Art is the Canadian from Ottawa we met at Grand Lido San Souci, FOURTEEN COUPLES went as a group to the general manager to complain about the lack of water pressure, housekeeping and the noise from the club next to the resort. We were all on our honeymoons, we wanted a little piece and quiet at night. To quote the general manager directly he is "investigating", we never heard or recevied a reply from him. Five couples are from the Philadelphia area, we met and sent a leeter to all the travel agents who recommended this resort and again to the general manager. We all got replies back from our respective travel agents -- none from anyone representing super clubs. As Debbie states, the service has declined in the last two years. I have travel all over the U.S. and the Carribbean setting up conferences for various corporations, this hotel barely gets three stars and that is only because the food was excellent. Martha you are all over the internet recommending grand lido's, the joke with the bartenders and wait staff is "If Martha sent you the drinks are on the house".
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Then I am glad I am the source of so much good cheer! ;-)
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Arturo wrote:
>>We were also disappointed it is suppose to be couples only but we had several drunk male travel agents ... <<

You are wrong. All SuperClubs resorts accept singles.

>>...they gave back our Canadian moeny and asked for U.S. <<

Canadian money is not internationally acceptable money. 64 cents is not equal to a dollar. If you want to tip, tip them discreetly in US dollars. SuperClubs employees get caught of accepting money will be fired immediately.
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Debbie H
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We haven't been to San Souci in almost 3 years. I don't know the general manager but have meet the resident manager.

I cannot say that service at GLSS has gone down in the last couple of years, I haven't been there in almost 3. I am saying service in general at various resorts has gone down. The resorts continue to fight to get good help and face cost increases, etc.


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