Grand Cayman/Poverty

Jul 1st, 1999, 04:23 AM
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Grand Cayman/Poverty

Is there a lot of poverty on Grand Cayman and/or is it rundown looking?
Jul 1st, 1999, 08:31 AM
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No, the island has a very low unemployment rate. It is not run down either. Compared to other islands in the carribean, Grand Cayman is almost luxurious! I went several years ago and loved the island. It is not the most beautiful carribean island, but the beaches are fabulous and the diving is awesome! The island is definitely worth seeing. Rent a car and drive over the entire island.
Jul 1st, 1999, 10:06 PM
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Mike, I was in the Cayman Islands just recently and it was wonderful. The standard of living is higher than the US (not my opinion, statistic). Also, many people do not realize that the Cayman Islands are the 5th largest financial centers in the world!!! This is because there is no income tax in the Cayman Islands. Not only is it very beautiful, but the people are friendly. Many Europeans settle there. So do many Zillionaires. The Caymans are the MOST prosperous island in the Caribbean. Please feel free to take a preview of the island at our site Happy Trails Cameron
Jul 3rd, 1999, 07:50 AM
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Grand Cayman is known as the "Switzerland of the Carribean" because of all the banks and banking that goes on there. A local told us that most of the drug money that comes out of S. America goes though Grand Cayman banks. Can't say whether that is true or not, but it sure would make sense.

The island IS truly beautiful and I could easily spend the rest of my life there (if I could afford it!) <G> It is more expensive than other Carribean islands, but well worth it for the cleanliness, safety, and sce
Jul 6th, 1999, 09:59 AM
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It always amazes me what I read on this forum. The postings are so "optimistic" it almost makes me sick. Anyway, while Grand Cayman is very nice along the Seven Mile beach area there are some areas that are poverty stricken. When you fly into the airport just look out
the window and you'll see. As far as the standard of living, I wonder what standards they're talking about. Beleive me, most people in the U.S. have it much better than the average person in Grand Cayman. Get away from the tourist spots and drive around the island to see the real Grand Cayman. While poverty in Grand Cayman is a FAR cry from alot of other caribbean islands, it still exists. Is poverty a problem for tourists? Probably not if you stay in your little part of Grand Cayman. Just like anywhere else where there are more than two people- you have to beware and be cautious. To be fair though, I have to admit that the people are friendly, and when we went last year it was one of the best vacations we've been lucky enough to experience. Just take care all-
Jul 6th, 1999, 01:59 PM
Cindy T.
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I too am a little confused at some of the previous responses to this post. I definitely would not say that Grand Cayman is the most beautiful carribean island I have ever seen. While it is true that the standard of living is higher than that of most other islands and poverty is not the prevailing theme, although it does exist, Grand Cayman seemed too "Americanized" for my taste. The beaches are truly beautiful and the water crystal clear, but the main boulevard through town looks like any other strip mall in the US! There is an overabundance of US fast food joints and tacky souvenier shops. The place is distinctly lacking in the way of "island charm". However, on a better note, the island is for you if you like great beaches, diving and gourmet cuisine as there are a number of fine (very expensive) restaurants. Our trip there in November '97 was very pleasant, if not authentically carribean, and I would highly reccommend the Westin which is right on the beach and very luxurious. Happy travels!
Jul 15th, 1999, 03:39 PM
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The last two posts are more realistic than other posts. Of course GC is a pleasant fairly well run island and extends a welcoming to its visitors unless you are gay or you arrive by ship at Good Friday or those days the gov't has dsclared to be too religious in nature to allow the crass commercialism
that cruise customers bring. The artificality of pegging the US dollar at 80 cents Cayman bothered me when I lived there, but it did help to overcome the added costs of a 25% duty on imports.
Instead of getting carried away why don't you posters just say that GC is adequate and does have a "Dog City" as well as a Stingray City..wherein dwell the "inferior" Jamaicans who come on short visas to serve the needs of the Caymanian elite.
Jul 15th, 1999, 05:24 PM
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"Inferior Jamaicans"?? Well, I'm sure that is about the only part of the Cayman's that would interest me then.
Best people around and with more manners and class than most.
Apr 3rd, 2001, 02:42 PM
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Hi Mike,

There is very little poverty in the Cayman Islands. Compared to poverty in other Carribean islands, the Caymans are the best place to go. The crime rate is extremely low and social services don't let people go hungry. I would rather live in the Caymans than any large city in the usa when it comes to safety. I've been traveling to the Caymans since 1975 and love it.

Apr 3rd, 2001, 04:19 PM
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There are some rundown residential areas away from the tourist areas, but much of that is attitude. In some of those homes that have a junk car in the yard, you will find cable tv, a computer & a respectable bank account. Same thing in my neighborhood here in the states --- folks who don't keep the outside of their homes up as we would like. Doesn't necessarily mean they're poor, but their priorities on how best to utilize their time are definitely not geared toward property upkeep.
Yes, there is poverty on GC but it is so very minimal & in no way can begin to be compared to what you'll see in Belize or even Barbados. And yes, the poorest are the Jamaicans who come in to do the work that the average Caymanian considers beneath themself, yet resents the Jamaican for taking a job from a Caymanian. That's what we witness, anyway. Go figure.

As for Jamaicans being inferior? They are willing to take a low paying job as a maid or construction worker, away from your home, in a country where many resent your prescence, in order to send money to your family in Jamaica (where you could probably make more if you were willing to participate in the drug trade) makes you inferior, then God bless you. There are bad apples in any group, but overall I'd say the Jamaicans on Grand Cayman are a fine group of people, many unassuming, hard working folks & others outgoing & congenial with the most beautiful smiles you'll ever see.

You will consider it a physically beautiful island if you realize that beauty is mostly underwater or at the water's edge. It's in no way exotic but sometimes I prefer a less authentic Caribbean flavor in favor of cleanliness, safety & efficency. Grand Cayman has a very efficient & modern infrastructure.

Apr 3rd, 2001, 04:36 PM
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Sorry I messed up that long sentence about Jamaicans on Cayman, but I think my meaning is clear.

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