Favorite off beach snorkel spot???

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ANY beach in Bonaire!
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Great information, thanks.
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Any updates to this thread?

DH and I are considering one of the Virgin Islands for next spring break. Sounds like St. John's has good beach snorkeling.

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My favorite snorkel spot is a short walk from my house, just off the beach on Gallows Bay. It's a sunken old city wall dating back to the 17th century and it's great fun to find ancient relics there, not to mention seeing the fabulous marine life that has made the old wall a present day home.
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Wow, Is this thread still going strong? Bonaire is my fav (Plaza Resort Bonaire).

Just got back from Roatan, Honduras (one of the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras)-- have to say, it is a close close second to Bonaire. Many people would argue that it is better than Bonaire.

Went back to GC last year first time since Ivan and was disappointed in our fav spot & snorkeling in general on the island. To be fair -- it was an extremely windy week, was in March (we usually take our trips in Jan/Feb) and the waves etc were very high so I did not even try to make it to the reef in our fav spot. Hubby did & he said it was pretty sandy.

I'm not saying snorkeling on GC was bad - I'm just saying it was not what it used to be.
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We have been all over the Carribean (St John, St Bath, Bahamas, Mexico, St Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, Puerto Rico, St Thomas, Jost Van Dyke, Tortolla, Virgin Gorda, etc.) and my favorite two are both in st john. #1 Waterlemon Cay for starfish, coral, tropical fish, and turtles. #2 Little Lameshure for tropical fish, bright coral, turtles and seclusion. Enjoy!
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ANYWHERE in Little Cayman...in places, the "Cayman Wall" begins at 20 feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great view snorkling!
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Hey i2,
Did Little Cayman get the damage that Grand Cayman did (sand on the reef, etc?)
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Have snorkeled St John, St thomas, St Croix all the BVI islands (Anegada, Cooper, Peter, Jost Van Dyke, Guana, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Norman, The Dogs, Salt) Mexico Akumal, Cabo, and Isla Mujeres, Cozemal. Maui, Oahu, Grand Caymen, some Greek islands, Puerto Rico (mainland), Roatan, Belize, Great Barrier reef, Port Douglas Aust., St Martin, Costa Rica (Nicoya area).

Best off shore Snorkeling is......
St John #1 Waterlemon for Turtles, star fish, rays, coral. (By the way just got back last week and noticed coral coming back all over the BVI's and St John.) #2 Cooper Island BVI off beach by hotel around that little island #3 My new favorite place Salt Pond - St John
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We like St. John best of all. Bonaire's nice too but most of the snorkeling is fairly deep water 40'.
On St. John some of our standard favorites:
Caneel Beach,
Denis Bay,
Oppenhiemer (sp)
Francis Bay,
Cinnamon Cay at Cinnamon Beach
Waterlemon Salt Bond.

Some not so frequented (IMHO):
Reef Bay - Can be rough entry
Chocolate Hole - To the right and around the point.
Haulover - My favorite
Rainbow Beach
Turner Bay - The point

Just go and have fun!!!! We're back 08/22 - 08/30!!
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I know it's not in the Caribbean, but Red Reef Park in FL is the best I have ever seen.
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We have two islands. Bonaire and Virgin Gorda. Bonaire easily has the most of beach snorkel spots but Virgin Gorda has a very unique area around the baths that is hard to beat. We went there three times in week. There are large boulders that offer unique and varied views and wildlife. If you go to the public beach at spring bay park you can snorkle over to the bath and around to the beach on the other side. Very nice. We have pictures of the virgin Gorda snorkeling at
And pictures of the Bonaire stuff at
We also did a night snorkel in bonaire with Renee. I hate to admit it but our snorkel pictures were better than most the dive ones we saw from there.
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We just got back from Grenada. We are avid snorkelers. The only spot is near the aquarium restaurant. Grenada is not a great snorkel destination. Our first visit to the Grenadines. We spent 2 days on Carriacou. We stayed at the Green Roof Inn. Very quaint place. The cleaning lady/ Conceirge/ information desk person was very helpful. I liked the tiny museum in town, well worth the nominal admission price Very quiet island. Until 3 in the morning when the roosters and goats hold a yodeling contest. Holy Cow! By the third night I was used to it. You definitely have the beaches to yourself. I was confounded by the lack of a good hotel zone map. So I made one. You wonít find one on the island either. We have a full trip report with pictures and map of hotels and restaurants at http://www.dave-lori-home.com/grenad...indies_map.htm The Nutmeg factory on Grenada proper was like stepping back in time. One electric motor to crack the nuts and that was it. Everything else was done by hand. When they say organic there they arenít kidding. The organic dark chocolate is great and cheap. If you like dark chocolate buy several bars they wonít be around along. Lori liked the friendly attitudes of the people. I liked just exploring. We stayed at Blue Horizon on Grenada and walked to the beach every day. About a 5 minute walk. Nice pool at Blue Horizon when you just want to hang out and read.
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We stayed at Mango Bay resort on BVI Virgin Gorda. It compared very favorably to Bonaire on snorkeling. Bonaire has the definite hands down largest volume of beaches to snorkel off of. Virgin Gorda has the most unique spot at Spring Bay park. It is right next to the Baths but away from the crowd. You swim amongst very large partially submerged boulders teaming with fish. Very neat and great for photos. You can see ours at http://www.dave-lori-home.com/virgin...ish_virgin.htm for Virgin Gorda and http://www.dave-lori-home.com/dave%2...%20bonaire.htm For Bonaire.
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Hands down, Cokie Beach on St. Thomas. It's right next to their aquarium. Have snorkeled in Bermuda and on St. John.
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We enjoy Grand Cayman with a stop at Stingray City. It is kind of a baby pool/petting zoo, but we enjoy it.
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I meant to say COKI beach in St. Thomas. My husband thinks it's Church's Bay in Bermuda. Thanks to everyone else who posted for the ideas!
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