Does anyone go anyplace but St. John ?

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Does anyone go anyplace but St. John ?

There always seems to be a plethora of posts on here about St. John. Granted, I've never been, but based on all the posts I am assuming the place is over-run w/Fodorites !!! Please tell me you give other places a chance & that it has not become over-run w/Fodorites like those places that Rick Steves touts(& becomes over-run w/Rick Stevians).
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We've been going to the Caribbean for 4 decades, every other year or so (sometimes a bit longer bet trips) We've visited more than a dozen islands, quite a few more than once. St John is the one island we go back to more than any other-- half a dozen times or more. I know a number of folks who've never accessed Fodors at all, but who feel the same way abt St John. The reason we like it best is not bec it's "best." (Who knows what that means.) For OUR druthers, it happens to win hands down. MAIN thing for us is fine snorkeling, right off the beach, with lots of different places to go (i.e. not just one or two good spots, but pretty much the whole island). Another thing that we like is handsome scenery and nice beaches. St John is truly handsome, not boring flat like so many of the other islands. On the OTHER hand, we have not been to a couple of the islands that I'd really like to see, e.g. Anguilla and St Barts. those are supposed to be at least as handsome in their way as St John. BUT: for our purposes, it's not worth the trip simply because the snorkeling is inferior or pretty much non-existent. I doubt that St J is overrun with Fodorites. It's "over-run" (if that's the right word) with folks who love great snorkeling and handsome surroundings and not overly expensive food (like Anguilla and St Barts).
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hey SAn,
did you see my post - How many islands have you visited? I suspect St. John isn't the only island Fodor folk are visiting
But you're right about the plethora of posts right now on St. John though.It seems that these things go in waves. Sometimes the posts are all about Puerto Rico...other times all about St. Lucia...etc.
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You are exactly right.I sometimes see a plethora of posts for the Bahamas,Jamaica,Grand Cayman etc. etc. it is St John's turn now.

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First off you have to recognize that the majority of questions posted on this forum fall into 2 basic categories - 1) Never been to the Caribbean, here's what I want, where should I go? and 2) Now that you've help me choose my island where should I stay?

The reason St. John gets a lot of recommendations on this board (and probably othersin response to those questions is the island fits the requirements most newcomers to the forum have on their "wish list" - namely: very nice uncrowded (almost white sand) beaches, very good to excellent off-beach snorkeling, clear calm tourquoise blue water, relatively lush foliage, some very good restaurants, and a range of accomodations/resorts to fit most budgets. In short it's an ideal island for both the Caribbean neophite as well as the seasoned vet which is why the island gets lots of recomendations.

While St. John is a popular destination as JAGirl says if you check the thread she started a while back you'll see many of us Fodorites regularily travel to lots of other islands.
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St. John is also the favorite island of many regular posters right now, so naturally it will be more prominent.

When I first started reading these boards a few years ago, Anguilla was the talk of the town. It seemed like you couldn't ask for advice on anything in the Caribbean without being directed to Anguilla.

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We happen to be the exception to the rule. We stayed on St. Thomas with a day trip to St. John and really wasn't impressed enough to go back. I can see how many love it and recommend it so often because it being so laid back. We prefer more livey Islands that offer AI properties with plenty of things to see and do and great nightlife, so our pick would be Mexico or Aruba. For a laid back beach vacation with a great beach, clear water and excellant snorkeling we would return to Grand Cayman.
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Sure we do know places other than St. John though it is high on my list as well (6-7 visits in 20 years). Why not list the 4 most important activities/accomodations in order of priority, time of year, with or without kids, size (<100 rooms or >100 rooms) and maximum price with or without MAP. Also, indicate whether it should be limited to the Caribbean/Bahamas vs. Central America, for example. Then, I and others may be able to help you.
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Don't get me wrong, doesn't bother me if everyone goes to St. John, then they won't be on Saba or Montserrat where I will be...the question was 'tongue in cheek', btw, for those of you who felt compelled to try & give me a serious answer. For that, I appreciate the effort(s).
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